Retired Archbishop Cruz strips some people of their humanity

Posted in Manuel Buencamino by uniffors on the August 31st, 2014

Creepy retired Archbishop Oscar Cruz in his weekly column in the haters tabloid, Daily Tribune, annotated some excerpts from an interview with Davao Mayor Duterte.

The Mayor, responding to a question about rumors that the president might seek another term, said,

    “This country is run by elections. If the people decide to elect a son of a bitch, then that is their choice.”

Well, Oscar had to annotate that perfectly populist comment with this:

    “Note: Democracy rooted in human freedom and social justice is an excellent form of government only when the people concerned are responsible as well as decisive in keeping their human dignity and pursuant human rights. Otherwise, they do not deserve such human attributions.”

Now, my dear pro-RH friends, how does it feel to be stripped of your humanity?

Which reminds of a dialogue between two gangsters in an old movie I saw last week.

    “They repealed prohibition because we were making so much money we started killing each other.”

    “Yeah, you’re right. We won’t make the same mistake. Let’s get prohibition back.”

Now put that into the context of the Archbishop Cruz’s crusade to keep jueteng illegal and tell me who is doing whom a favor

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