It’s always someone else’s fault

Posted in Manuel Buencamino by uniffors on the May 27th, 2014

Why is it that whenever any of those Ejercitos are busted, they always find someone else to blame?

He accused MalacaƱang of being behind his ouster.

    “Pilit po akong inaalis ng Malakanyang sa pwesto dahil hindi ako bahagi ng LP [Liberal Party],” Ejercito said. “Hindi na inirerespeto ng Malakanyang ang rule of law.” HERE

He claimed he should not have been removed from office for overspending during his campaign because he used money donated by strangers.

But the Comelec thought otherwise.

    Comelec records showed Ejercito spent P23.5 million during the campaign, way beyond his authorized campaign limit of P4.5 million or P3 each for 1,525,522 voters.

    Ejercito’s camp denied the charges, saying that “strangers” paid for his TV advertisements.

    Brillantes, however, said Ejercito’s argument does not hold water.

    “Yes, he didn’t pay for it. It was a donation to him. However, the law on campaign finance does not mention the source of the money. What is being discussed here is how much was spent. If a donor donated P1 billion, can you spend that one billion? No. The limitation is still P4.5 million,” he said.

    “Yung binigay sa kanyang TV ads, he accepted it. He should have said: ‘Give me P4.5 million and not P6 million.’”

    Brillantes said at least one contract for Ejercito’s political ads in ABS-CBN was worth P6 million, which already exceeded the spending cap.

    The Comelec chief noted that Ejercito spent or received P23.5 million in political ads alone.

    “Political ads pa lang yun. Hindi naman pwede na hindi siya mangampanya, mag gasolina, magpalabas ng campaign propaganda material,” he said. HERE

    The long and short of it is there is a law capping campaign spending and Gov. ER Ejercito of Laguna went way beyond it. His defense is just blame-tossing…just like Jinggoy’s and Erap’s before them.

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