Misplaced fear

Posted in Manuel Buencamino by uniffors on the April 10th, 2014

The Manila Standard Today reported that the opposition United Nationalist Alliance was concerned about the administration’s purchase of high tech spying equipment for the military’s intelligence upgrade program.

    “At first it seemed like part of the AFP’s intelligence upgrading, but what bothered us is that it will be used to spy on civilians, particularly critics of the administration,” said UNA spokesman Rep. Toby Tiangco.

He added

    “We can only assume that the purpose of spying and monitoring the opposition is political. Someone in Malacanang would want to engage in political espionage to gain some advantage. We are again being taken for a ride right in front of our noses.” He recalled the Hello Garci scandal in which a conversation between then President Gloria Arroyo and an elections commissioner was illegally recorded and disseminated.

    “It’s like we are back in those times, except now, even the children of the administration critics are being monitored.”

GAGO! COA (Commission on Audit) ang katukan ninyong mga magnanakaw, hindi yung high-tech intel equipment na gagamitin ng military laban sa mga threats to national security…kung sabagay yun pagnanakaw ay threat to national security din naman.

Sige na nga matakot kayo. Hanggang 2016 lang naman ang takot kasi papasok na si Binay…kung seswertihin kayong mga hunghang.

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