Which Catholics is he speaking for?

Posted in Manuel Buencamino by uniffors on the April 7th, 2014

Francisco Tatad, a columnist in the Manila Standard Today, warned Pres. Aquino and the Supreme Court about a Catholic revolt should the RH Law be declared constitutional.

    “He (Aquino) cannot afford to believe that Filipino Catholics, being unarmed, law-abiding and non-violent, are easily imposed upon, and will take anything from his government…The RH issue is not a simple constitutional issue. It does not simply involve the basic human rights. It involves the life of the soul and the salvation of faithful Filipinos…we cannot allow to lose our souls to the devil (the Supreme Court?) masquerading as friend and protector of the Aquino government. Some of us will want to defy the power of the devil and die as martyrs, if need be, in the only cause that gives us a chance to fight for something much bigger than ourselves.”


Seems like Tatad did not notice the legislative majority that passed the RH bill, the president who signed the bill into law, and the majority of Filipinos who support the law are Catholics.

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