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“I have great faith in God’s will. I believe that I am here now because that is the plan of God for me and for us.” – Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (March, 2006)

Yesterday, my favorite hacker e-mailed to me several posts that he downloaded from Gloria Arroyo’s restricted facebook account. The posts are from Nov. 15, 2011, the day of her aborted escape, up to early morning Sunday the 27th. I do not guarantee the authenticity of the posts. You be the judge.

    (Nov. 15, 2011)

    6:00 A.M. (La Vista) Very good morning! Today is the day that my Rene (Corona) will issue the Temporary Restraining Order on Leila de Lima’s Watch-list order on me and my husband. Woo-woo!

    7:30 A.M. (La Vista) Atty. Topacio called to confirm na plantsado na ang lahat. Eight justices will vote in my favor later today. Yey! I can leave for Singapore this afternoon. Hasta la vista, losers!

    10:00 P.M. (St. Luke’s Medical Center) OMG, what the hell happened?

    (Nov.18, 2011)

    7:30 P.M. (SLMC) Plantsado na ang lahat? Puñeta! I was arrested an hour ago. Tomorrow they’re going to book me and take my mug shots. I’m going to cut off Atty. Topacio’s atrophied testicles right now!

    (Nov.19, 2011)

    5:30 A.M. (SLMC) I couldn’t sleep. I stayed up all night wondering why Mike disappeared when the police came to arrest me last night. This morning he told me he did not run away, he left the room because he could not bear to watch the love of his life get arrested. How sweet naman…and so fragile, my Mike. Oy, that’s Mike Arroyo mga chismoso!

    (Nov. 23, 2011)

    8:45 P.M. (SLMC) Why did Midas (Marquez) lie about the TRO? Nabisto tuloy ang plano ko! I wanted to kill him but Mike showed me that incident with the microphones on You Tube. It went viral pala! Pobrecito tambien that Midas. What an awkward way to come out of the closet. Mike and I shared a good laugh na lang.

    (Nov. 25, 2011)

    5:00 P.M. (SLMC) Nobody noticed the leather pants I wore for that flight to Singapore until Jenny Ortuoste of Standard Today wrote about it in her column.

    “Why if she is so sick, was she wearing skinny leather pants and platforms (shoes) when they tried to flee that night? Do you know how hard it is to get into leather pants, especially the skinny kind, when you’re well and healthy, let alone so ill that you’re wearing a halo vest that drastically limits mobility and your condition ostensibly so bad that you have to go abroad for medical attention? It makes you wonder if her mobility is all that compromised,” she wrote.

    I’ll have her fired. Merry Christmas, Jenny.

    (Nov. 26, 2011)

    2:00 A.M. (SLMC) I can’t sleep. I’m still bothered by what happened at the airport. Whose idea was it to make me wear a halo-vest? I would look kawawa daw. I would win the public’s sympathy and make Noynoy look mean daw. Puñeta! The halo-vest made me look like Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs!

    11:30 P.M. (SLMC) A lot of people think I will seek political asylum if I’m allowed to leave. Morons! Political asylum is for penniless political refugees and deposed dictators with frozen bank accounts. Hello, my bank accounts are not frozen. I can buy all of Portugal and half of Spain if I want to… they will welcome my deposits with open arms… they will fight for the privilege of giving me permanent resident status… Hay naku I can go on all night but my nurse just told me I need to get some sleep. Okay, good night, sweet dreams everyone.

    (Nov. 27, 2011)

    3:30 A.M. (SLMC) I can’t sleep. It’s been nine days since my arrest, how much longer will I have to wait before my Rene sets me free? Spokesman ko lang yan dati, noh.

The Supreme Court: Eight ball and trump card

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“Even if GMA is knocked down, they (justices) will put her back up and they will give her the decision.” – rewording Juan Manuel Marquez’ reaction to losing to the Pacman

    Behind the eight ball is a phrase from the game of pool. It describes a position where the ball you want to pocket is blocked by the eight ball. For example: the Aquino administration is behind the eight ball because eight Supreme Court justices are obstructing justice by misinterpreting the Constitution and creating new rights for the Arroyos.

    The rule of law has been redesigned by a cabal of eight lawyers in black gowns and their spokesman, Midas Marquez. Marquez introduced a new dimension to due process: that an announcement on TV or a text message to media about a Supreme Court decision is as good as handing a physical copy of the decision to the parties concerned.

    Not only that, Marquez also elevated himself to the rank of Associate Justice when he took it upon himself to interpret the Court’s judicial issuance and announced on TV that the TRO on Gloria Arroyo’s Watchlist Order was “in full force and effect” when in fact the Court voted 7-6 “finding that there was no compliance with the second condition of the TRO (temporary restraining order).”

    As Justice Lourdes Sereno noted in her dissenting opinion, “it was the understanding of a majority that the TRO is “suspended pending compliance” with our earlier Resolution. The operational ineffectivity of the TRO is implied—for it is a basic principle that the failure of petitioners to comply with one of the conditions in the Resolution dated 15 November 2011 is a jurisdictional defect that suspends, at the least, the effectivity of the TRO. Therefore, the TRO, until faithful compliance with the terms thereof, is legally ineffective.” Unfortunately that’s not the way the rule of law is observed under the Coronarroyo Court.

    The rule of law is the second highest principle in popular democracies. Majority rule is number one; it trumps the rule of law. Trump is a term from the game of bridge. It refers to “a playing card of the suit chosen to rank above the others.” The winning card in bridge is called the trump card, using it ends a “trick” or single round of play. Thus a loyal majority in the Supreme Court is the trump card that can win the trick for the Arroyos.

    Trump can also refer to Donald the self-proclaimed billionaire or the tower in Manhattan where Gen. Carlos Garcia bought a condominium unit with funds that he never declared in his statement of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN).

    All government employees must file a SALN and make it available for public scrutiny but the justices of the Supreme Court exempted themselves from making their SALNs public because they can. The Court also excused itself from giving a public accounting of the Judiciary Development Fund (JDF), the mega piggy bank where the Supreme Court keeps all the fees charged for all transactions with all the courts in the land. Again because it can.

    The Court can practice exceptionalism because it is supreme on all matters concerning the Constitution and the law. It is right even when it is patently wrong; it can sabotage the Constitution through willful misinterpretation, and it has the power to cite for contempt anybody who dares cross it.

    Ours is a government of laws interpreted by 15 lawyers dressed in black frocks. That makes the Supreme Court infallible like the Pope. The only difference is the Pope’s infallibility comes from heaven while the Court’s comes from below. As far as the Court is concerned, numbers determine what is right and what is wrong and some numbers weigh more than others. Eight can outweigh any number, including 90 million Filipinos, if the eight are Supreme Court justices loyal to the Arroyos.

    The Supreme Court will remain as the eight ball for President Aquino and the trump card for the Arroyos unless those justices who invoke the rule of law to undermine the rule of law are impeached. Unfortunately, impeachment is a political numbers game where the side with more money to spread around wins. That is the kind of politics we have in this country, a country where morality is routinely sacrificed on the altar of legality, where substance gives way to form, and where money trumps both majority rule and the rule of law.

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Sa sariling mantika

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I’ve been following the Senate investigation of the DBP-Philex-Roberto Ongpin- Rey David deal. I find it very confusing actually. But the other day a helpful friend explained the transaction to me.

She said, “Imagine you are listening to them talking on the phone.”

    Mr. B: Hello R, I’m in the market for Philex shares and I heard the DBP is holding quite a few of them, would you consider selling them?

    Mr. R: As long as I will earn a profit, why not? Are you interested in buying my shares?

    Mr. B: Yes I am interested

    Mr. R: Ok, what’s your offer?

    Mr. B: P12.75

    Mr. R: Sold! I bought Philex for less than half that price so I’m doubling DBP’s money if I sell them to you.

    Mr B: Great! I’ll send my lawyers to do the paperwork.

    Mr. R: Okay. By the way and I don’t mean no disrespect but my 50 million shares are worth P660 million.

    Mr. B: No problem, I’m going to pay for those shares with the money you are going to lend me to buy those shares.

    Mr. R: You want me to lend you P660 million so you can buy my shares?

    Mr. B: Of course. We’re both investment bankers you know that’s SOP in our business.

    Mr. R: Okay but I’m still going to need collateral. This is a big loan afterall.

    Mr. O: No problem. I’ll mortgage to you the shares that I’m buying from you.

    Mr. R: You are going to secure your loan with the 50 million Philex shares that you are going to buy with the money I’m going to lend to you?

    Mr. B: Yes. Do you have a problem with that?

    Mr. R: Moi?

“At the Senate hearing Bobby tells the investigating committee that Rey is one of the smartest bankers in the country. He added that a month later he sold the shares to Manny Pangilinan for P21 per share and he paid off the loan immediately. So DBP made money and he made money. There’s no problem, right?” she asked.

“But why do I smell fish?” I replied.

“That’s not fish,” she said. “That’s the smell of someone cooked in his own lard.”

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Justice Sereno scolds Court administrator cum spokesman Midas Marquez

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Remember when Midas Marquez went on TV to announce that the Supreme Court denied the motion for reconsideration of the TRO on the Watchlist Order on Gloria and added that the TRO was in “full force and effect” and Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda said the administration would wait for the hard copy of the resolution rather than rely on the word of Marquez?

It turns out that Lacierda had a good reason to doubt Marquez.

Here’s why:

From the dissenting opinion of Associate Justice Maria Lourdes P.A. Sereno (FULL TEXT HERE)

    C. Effectivity of the TRO

    The majority, by a 7-6 voting, denied the minority’s proposition that a
    resolution be issued including a phrase that the TRO is suspended pending compliance with the second condition of the 15 November 2011 Resolution. The majority argued that such a clarification is unnecessary, because it is clear that the TRO is conditional, and cannot be made use of until compliance has been done. It was therefore the sense of the majority that, as an offshoot of the winning vote that there was failure by petitioners to comply with Condition Number 2, the TRO is implicitly deemed suspended until there is compliance with such condition. Everyone believed that it would be clear to all that a conditional TRO is what it is, conditional.

    Below is the relevant excerpt from the Special Power of Attorney
    dated 15 November 2011, the failed compliance of petitioners with
    Condition Number 2 in our Resolution dated 15 November 2011:

    That I, GLORIA MACAPAGAL ARROYO, of legal age, married, Filipino with residence at 14 Badjao Street, Pansol, Quezon City, do hereby name, constitute and appoint ATTY. FERDINAND TOPACIO, likewise of legal age, Filipino, with office address at Ground floor, Skyway Twin Towers, H. Javier St., Ortigas Center, Pasig, Metro Manila, as my legal representative in the Philippines and to be my true and lawful attorney-in-fact, for my name, place and stead, to do and perform the following acts and things, to wit: Dissenting Opinion 8 G. R. Nos. 199034 and 199046
    1. To sign, verify, and file a written statement;
    2. To make and present to the court an application in
    connection with any proceedings in the suit;
    3. To produce summons or receive documentary evidence;
    4. To make and file compromise or a confession of judgment
    and to refer the case to arbitration;
    5. To deposit and withdraw any money for the purpose of any
    6. To obtain copies of documents and papers; and
    7. Generally to do all other lawful acts necessary for the
    conduct of the said case. (Emphasis supplied.)
    While this opinion was being written, Court Administrator and
    Acting Chief of the Public Information Office (PIO) Atty. Midas Marquez
    informed the press that the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) was
    effective, i.e., “in full force and effect.” Contrary to this interpretation, as
    stated, it was the understanding of a majority that the TRO is “suspended
    pending compliance” with our earlier Resolution.
    The operational ineffectivity of the TRO is implied – for it is a basic principle that the failure of petitioners to comply with one of the conditions in the Resolution dated 15 November 2011 is a jurisdictional defect that suspends, at the least, the effectivity of the TRO. Therefore, the TRO, until faithful compliance with the terms thereof, is legally ineffective. It was a human mistake, understandable on the part of the Clerk of Court, considering the way the TRO was rushed, to have issued the same despite non-compliance by petitioners with one of the strict conditions imposed by the Court. Nevertheless, good faith and all, the legal effect of such non-compliance is the same – petitioners cannot make use thereof for failure to comply faithfully with a condition imposed by this Court for its issuance.

    The Court Administrator cum Acting Chief of the PIO is hereby
    advised to be careful not to go beyond his role in such offices, and that he has no authority to interpret any of our judicial issuances, including the present Resolution, a function he never had from the beginning.

    Furthermore, it is hereby clarified that it is mandatory for the Clerk of
    Court to ensure that there is faithful compliance with all the conditions
    imposed in our 15 November 2011 resolution, including our second
    condition, before issuing any certification that the compliance with the TRO has been made, and only then can the TRO become effective.

    Associate Justice

Eh hindi lang pala spokesman ng Supreme Court etong si Marquez, abogado din pala ni Gloria Arroyo. Kaya pala ang kulit-kulit at pinagpipilitan na sundan ng administration yun order ng court based on his press conference. Walang hiya talaga etong si Midas Marquez. Everything Midas touches turns into a golden lie. And he keeps crying about rule of law and threatening Justice Secretary De Lima with contempt. Well, my dear Midas, contempt like respect is earned and in this case you and those fucking Arroyo servants that you fucking serve fucking earned it.

Topacio flicks his forked tongue again

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After a warrant of arrest was served on Gloria Arroyo last Friday, Ferdinand Topacio, the loudmouth-lawyer who promised to cut off his testicle if Gloria Arroyo flees, claimed that his client was too sick to be detained in jail.

    “Since she is still here under guard, then I would assume that her doctors have informed the arresting team that there will be grave danger to her physiognomy if she is moved from the hospital,” he said.

Last Tuesday she was healthy enough to travel to Singapore and then several European countries afterwards.

But what the fuck does Gloria’s physiognomy have to do with anything?

    physiognomy |ˌfizēˈä(g)nəmē|
    noun ( pl. -mies)
    a person’s facial features or expression, esp. when regarded as indicative of character or ethnic origin.
    • the supposed art of judging character from facial characteristics.
    • the general form or appearance of something : the physiognomy of the landscape.

Baluktot na ang dila, baluktot pa ang vocabulary!

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He started it all pala

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The police finally deciphered Ramgen Bautista’s cryptic text message to his sister, Ragelyn. Arrest of the new suspect, Joseph Strada, is expected soon…


Atty. Ferdie meets Soxy and other nightmares

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Whose right to travel?

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Public-relations specialists make flower arrangements of the facts, placing them so that the wilted and less attractive petals are hidden by sturdy blooms – Alan Harrington


    “Nagpapasalamat…kami na nag-offer si Pangulong Aquino na dalhin na lang dito ang doktor at sasagutin daw nila lahat ng gastusin para dito. Will she be selfish and grab the offer? O hayaan na masalbahe ang Konstitusyon na may effect sa taumbayan?…Iisipin na lang ba ang sarili niya, gagaling s’ya, pero sikil naman ang karapatan ng taumbayan?”so said Elena Bautista Horn, the spokesgirl of the never-elected president who occupied Malacañan for nine years.

    I was moved by Elena’s response to President Aquino’s magnanimous offer. Maybe it was because I was listening to lawyers who were arguing the right to travel in broad constitutional strokes. Yeah, I thought if the government can do this to Gloria Arroyo they can also do it to me. And then I remembered that I’m not being investigated for plunder, qualified theft, graft and corruption, malversation and/or illegal use of public funds, electoral sabotage, violation of the Omnibus Election Code and Comelec rules and regulations, and violation of the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials.

    I hope that if the Supreme Court rules in favor of Gloria’s right to travel, it does not do so believing it is doing us a favor, that it is also safeguarding our constitutional right to travel. Because the circumstances that apply to her do not apply to us. We are not under investigation for any of the crimes she is being charged with. We are not Gloria.

    Consequently, the propaganda about Gloria’s petition for a TRO being about “karapatan ng taong bayan” is crap. The TRO is intended only to facilitate the departure of Gloria, her husband, and their dozens of cohorts out of the grasp of the law before they are arraigned. TRO in their case stands for The Ramona (Bautista) Option.

    But what about the presumption of innocence that Mike Arroyo claims they deserve? I believe in the principle but not in absolute terms. When I see someone sneak up behind a person and shoot him in the back of the head, my presumption of innocence is suspended. When I see someone snatch a handbag and flee, I suspend my presumption of innocence and I shout, “Stop thief!”

    The same goes when I hear Gloria Arroyo on the phone with Virgilio Garcillano. I’m not going to allow a lawyer bamboozle me with an argument that she cannot be charged because the tapped phone call cannot be used in court. I heard what I heard and I shout “Cheater!”

    As far as I’m concerned someone like that is a threat to national security, public safety, and public health. National security because anybody who messes with elections undermines the very essence of our democracy. Public safety because unfettered corruption breeds a climate of impunity where those in power have no qualms about mowing down 58 innocents on a desolate Maguindanao hilltop or murdering a whistle blower like Marlene Garcia-Esperat while she was enjoying dinner with her children. Public health because corruption is not only contagious, it also leads to an epidemic of uncontrolled vomiting and diarrhea.

    The other thing that got me is the protest against President Aquino’s offer to foot the bill for foreign doctors to treat Gloria Arroyo here. The argument goes, “why should public money be spent for her?”

    I’ll tell you why. First, Noynoy Aquino was elected because he promised not only “Daang Matuwid” but also to hold the previous administration to account. Erap Estrada came in second because people believed he would also settle scores with Gloria. The other candidates had very poor showings because they promised everything except justice. To repeat, Aquino’s mandate was to settle accounts. Second, prosecuting the wrongdoers of the previous administration will entail the use of taxpayers’ money. Now if it is all right to use taxpayers’ money to prosecute her, why is it not all right to use taxpayers’ money to make sure she is kept here so that she can be prosecuted?

    The La Vista couple misstates the attempt to bring them to justice when they say, “We never did anything wrong to the Aquinos. That’s why we’re surprised that he’s doing this to us.” They are reducing their legal problems to a matter of personal vendetta when the truth is millions of Filipinos elected Noynoy Aquino to lock up that lying cheating plundering couple and their cohorts. Noynoy is fulfilling his mandate. If that is personal with him then it is also personal for the millions they victimized and who are now demanding justice.

    Finally, there is the criticism that the Aquino administration would not have this problem if it had worked double time to file charges against the Arroyos and their cohorts. I cannot argue against that criticism. The administration must explain to our satisfaction why it has not moved faster.

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Thank you very much loyal servants!

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The Supreme Court voting 8-5 allowed Gloria Arroyo and her cohorts to escape prosecution. High Court OKs Arroyo travel

The Loyal 8 are: Chief Justice Renato Corona, Presbitero Velasco Jr., Arturo Brion, Diosdado Peralta, Lucas Bersamin, Roberto Abad, Martin Villarama, and Jose Perez.

The Patriotic 5 who did not vote in favor of the decision are: Senior Justice Antonio Carpio, Associate Justices Maria Lourdes Sereno, Bienvenido Reyes, Estela Perlas-Bernabe and Jose Mendoza.

The couple from La Vista can now come and go as they please.

Asked for a reaction Justice Secretary Leila De Lima paraphrased Manny Pacqiao’s foe, Juan Manuel Marquez, – “Even if I knock her down the justices will pick her up and give her the decision.”


Snotty Glo

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I thought she was in pain…


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