Bishops on wheels

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The Philippines Charity Sweepstakes Office is looking into allegations that Gloria “La Patrona de Los Obispos” Arroyo used its funds to reward her most ardent devotees.

Asked for comment, one bishop from the once thriving Obispado de Malacanang tweeted back, “We are very upset. We are not accustomed to anyone poking into our assets.”

Can a leopard change its spots?

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A public relations man and a lawyer are alike in that determining right or wrong is not their concern. A lawyer deals with questions of law and a PR man with image. That’s why there will always be a lawyer to defend the most despicable monsters imaginable and a PR man to apply make-up. Because everyone has a right to due process and a corollary right to look good.

A problem, however, arises when a lawyer becomes the judge in a case he is arguing. Due process becomes a farce. Similarly, the integrity of information is endangered when a PR man becomes a journalist. Because his reports could very well be just a commissioned tapestry of carefully selected facts and dressed-up lies. Who can say for sure? (more…)

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Ratings history from Cory to PNoy

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Critics of the Court

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“We will not let the pursuit of the perfect stand in the way of achievable goals.” – Barack Obama

    I thought everybody welcomed the Supreme Court’s decision to allow live coverage of the Ampatuan trial so I was surprised to read that some people were not happy with certain conditions that came with the ruling. (more…)

Don’t get your ass caught in the door, lady!

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The architect of the Garcia plea-bargain was served with a three-month preventive suspension order signed by Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa.

Special Prosecutor Wendell Barreras-Sulit was charged with graft and betrayal of public trust for failing to pursue the plunder charge against Gen. Garcia “with utmost responsibility, integrity and professional competence” thus causing “undue injury to the government and gave unwarranted benefits to Garcia through manifest partiality, evident bad faith and gross inexcusable negligence.”

Malacanang said that Sulit dropped the case “by ignoring and abandoning evidence favorable to the interest of the government and presenting evidence adverse to its cause.” In addition, she also “knowingly and willfully” violated rules and jurisprudence when she agreed to the plea bargain.

Sulit had no comment for the media on the her suspension. She did jot down a marginal note on the suspension order: “received under protest subject to outcome of my petition in the Supreme Court and in view of the pendency thereof.”

I guess that means she’s going to tough it out.

Good luck! Don’t get your ass caught in the door, lady!

Jeepneys and the English Language

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The mother lode of wayward metaphors was columnist Teodoro Benigno. One of his golden nuggets was “the Indians circled their wagons.” Unfortunately, the Benigno mine shut down permanently several years ago. I’ll have to pan for mixed metaphors from now on. But I won’t because prospecting is too much work. I’d rather wait for metaphorical nuggets to fall on my lap. Now before you deride me for being a devotee of Juan Tamad, let me say a few words in defense of Tamadism. (more…)

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I miss the good old days…


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Who’s telling the truth?

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Butch Del Castillo of the Business Mirror debunks the claim of Dante Ang of Manila Times that DOTC secretary Jose De Jesus was fired not resigned.

Posted below is the reply of De Jesus to Dante Ang. It answers Ang’s allegations point by point.

Caveat: I cannot confirm the veracity of the letter below until Ang publishes it in the Manila Times or Mr. De Jesus himself says he wrote it. Anyway the columns of the two opinion writers are also posted below so you be the judge.

    Dear Dr. Ang:

    This refers to your article which appeared in the 7 June 2011 issue of the Manila Times.

    First of all, you must know that I have voluntarily resigned as DOTC secretary, and the first person to know that is our President Benigno S. Aquino III. Second, my meeting with him was occasioned by my request to see him. I was not “summoned,” as your article said. That was last Monday, 30 May 2011, at 1:30 p.m. (not 10 a.m.) at the Premier Guest House, when I handed my letter of resignation. The exchange between the President and myself was subdued, both of us knowing that we have come a long way, dating back to when I worked for the President’s mother, the late former President Corazon Aquino. Subsequent statements of the President about my “sudden resignation” and his expression of surprise confirm what has been obvious to the vast majority of people, a fact your article sorely missed which insisted, against all evidence, that I was “fired.”

    On the project called “Communication, Navigation and Surveillance/Air Traffic Management System (CNS/ATM), (more…)

Letter to President Aquino

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Dear Señorito Noy,

I hope you don’t mind that I bring up a matter I find unbearably disturbing—your decision to retain Land Transportation Office chief Virginia Torres at the cost of losing Transportation Secretary Jose de Jesus.

Remember when you traded your old BMW for an almost new Porsche Carrera? Political considerations aside, I thought that was a damn good deal. It demonstrated your business acumen. It revealed a quality that will serve you well when your Public-Private Partnership Program goes on stream. It reinforced my belief that I voted for the right candidate.

And then you made that decision. It made me wonder whether you could really tell quality from junk.

Señorito, Secretary de Jesus was a keeper. He is a Rolls-Royce. You do not exchange a Rolls-Royce for a clunker.

Imagine prospective PPP investors arriving for a look-see. I’m sure you will want to impress them, you will want them to see that they are dealing with a Class-A partner, that the Philippines is a great place for business.

So you invite them to your Palace and give them a tour of the grounds and the garage. You show them the Porsche you got by trading up from a Beemer. They are impressed, as they should be. And then they see a rusty jalopy parked right next to the Porsche. What are you going to say when they ask, where is the Rolls and what is that rust-bucket doing in your garage?

Sus ginoo, Señorito, you have to wise up. There are people out there who don’t like you. And they are awash in cash and devoid of scruples. Don’t help them by supplying them with ammunition to bring you down. A jalopy for a Rolls? Shoot me, please!

Can’t you see that you are in a Joseph Estrada situation? The similarities are eerie. Lakas-Kampi and the Catholic Church are against you. Your vice president is also short, dark, ambitious and a realist in the scary sense of the word. The only difference between your vice president and Estrada is that your veep will not do to you what Estrada’s veep did to him. Binay will simply wait for you to self-destruct; soon, if you don’t wise up.

I remember a conversation with Jun Lozada at a victory party last year. Optimism was really thick that evening. But Lozada told me something that cut through the euphoria, “The true test for Noynoy will be how he will deal with his appointees when they stray from the straight and narrow.”

Señorito, the only obstacle blocking your enemies is the good-versus-evil archetype that stands on the good name of your parents, especially your mother’s. You were given the benefit of the doubt during the campaign. It’s now time to prove yourself worthy of your legacy.

I’ve heard you say many times that everyone must be given due process, most especially your enemies. Well and good. However, giving your appointees the same benefit of the doubt that you give your enemies is not good. Why? Because you campaigned on good governance; you promised daang matuwid.

Your administration will be held to a different standard. That means you are expected to live or die by the smell test and not by the standard of proof beyond reasonable doubt. That means you must demonstrate positive proof of integrity and propriety at all times.

Now be honest, did Virginia Torres pass the smell test or did all her crying and fainting make you forget you had a nose?

Anyway, it’s not too late to correct your mistake. Your executive secretary can still talk Torres into a graceful exit. He can promise her a job with San Jose Builders or the vice president’s office in exchange for her resignation.

I’m sorry for being entremetido. But I voted for you. Not only that, I may have also contributed in some small way to your victory. Remember “Villarroyo”? You’re welcome.

All I’m asking in return is for you to live up to your promise of good governance.

Deeply disappointed but still in the plantation,


De Jesus o La Virginia?

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Transportation and Communications Secretary Jose de Jesus resigned from the cabinet citing personal reasons.

He said he wanted to go back to private life.

Really? Right after drawing up five-years plans and setting deadlines?

Maybe he drew up plans for his successor to implement.

De Jesus resigned because of LTO chief Virginia Torres.

The question then is, why did the president let go of a big gun like De Jesus for a pea shooter like Torres?

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