Missing Beemer?

Posted in Manuel Buencamino by uniffors on the February 11th, 2011

Luxury car manufacturers like BMW and Mercedes loan vehicles to Heads of State as a way to promote their brand’s prestige car image.

BMW lent a 7 Series high security sedan to Gloria Arroyo. You can see the Beemer serving as back-up in this 2007 video of GMA’s convoy. Remember the car now?

From what I’ve heard, Beemer Germany was not very pleased with the relegation of their top-of-the-line model to a back-up role. So they wanted their loaner back. Except no one seems to know where it is.

It was not in the Palace when PNoy moved in. And one thing for sure is it’s not with the Dominguez carjack gang.

So was it shipped back to Germany or is it sitting in someone’s garage?

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Bishop’s lament explained

Posted in Brownman's Posts by uniffors on the February 11th, 2011

Remember how Manila Archbishop Rosales went ape-shit and blamed Hollywood for everything wrong with the world?

Watch this clip from Steve Harvey’s, Family Feud. The question is “what gets passed around?”

Praise he can do without (UPDATED)

Posted in Manuel Buencamino by uniffors on the February 9th, 2011

Patricia Daza, spokeswoman of the late Angelo Reyes, should learn to be more careful.

In an interview with Noli De Castro on TV Patrol, she incriminated Reyes with her praise.

Excerpts from the interview:

    Noli de Castro (NDC): Magandang gabi, Pat. Nakikiramay kami sa pamilya Reyes.

    Patricia Daza (PD): Maganda gabi, Kabayan.

    NDC: Nagkita tayo together with Secretary Reyes noon dito sa ABS-CBN at medyo napapansin ko hindi ganoon ang kanyang itsura noong kami’y magkasama sa Gabinete. At iyon ay hindi pa lumalabas ang isyu ni Rabusa kundi iyon pa lang may mambabatas na isinasangkot siya sa kaso ni General Garcia. Lagi kayong magkasama, inaalalayan mo siya Pat, ano ba ang sinasabi niya sa ‘yo, siya ba ay may hinanakit talaga?

    PD: Ang sinasabi lang niya parati sa akin, kasi ang sinasabi ko parati kay sir, ‘sir, kamusta kayo? Okay lang ba kayo?’ ‘Okay lang tayo, okay lang tayo, Pat. Huwag kang mag-alala, okay lang tayo.’ ‘Ganyan talaga,’ sabi niya, ‘hindi tayo nakaupo ngayon. Weather-weather lang talaga iyan.’ He always made light of situation. That’s why it was very shocking when I heard the news.

    Kasi, Kabayan, nandoon ka nga, magkasama tayo sa dressing room mo noong in-interview siya ng TV Patrol. At si Secretary Reyes, to the end, ayaw niya talagang manlaglag.

    Hindi ba sinasabi mo nga sa kanya ‘Angie, magsalita ka na, magsalita ka na’ hindi ba Kabayan? ‘Mahirap, mahirap, Kabayan.’ Sabi niya, ‘Hindi ako ganoon, ayaw ko magsalita. Ayaw ko magsangkot ng ibang tao.’ Tapos sinasabi mo, ‘Angie, dinidikdik ka na.’ Sabi niya ‘Hindi bale na, ako na lang, ako na lang.’ So talagang until the end, he was really a man of honor, gentleman talaga at ayaw niya talaga mangdawit ng tao.

Schumey of The Philippine Experience pointed out a bit of revisionism in the claim that hindi marunong manglaglag si Reyes.

    “hindi siya nang-lalaglag and yet back in ’01, at the height of the calls for a disgraced but popular president to step down, he withdrew his support for the constitutionally elected president. Di ba pan-lalaglag yon?”

Here’s some unsolicited advice for the relatives, friends, and supporters of Reyes:

Ask for a thorough investigation of the allegations against him. It’s the only way to clear his name.

Dear Archbishop Oscar Cruz

Posted in Manuel Buencamino by uniffors on the February 9th, 2011

“A woman is an occasional pleasure but a cigar is always a smoke.”—Marx

    Dear Archbishop Oscar Cruz,

    I read where you said President Aquino is more disobedient than Gloria Arroyo on the issue of birth control. I cannot agree with you more.

    I share your view that the President must put the Vatican’s will over and above the sovereign will of his people; that he needs to be reminded that his mandate came from Heaven and not from voters; (more…)

Angelo Reyes suicide

Posted in Manuel Buencamino by uniffors on the February 8th, 2011

Former Angelo Reyes committed suicide this morning. He shot himself in the chest while visiting his mother’s grave.

Reyes had been at the center of controversy lately, following allegations by Col. Rabusa that he availed of huge amounts of money from a discretionary fund for AFP chiefs.

At first Reyes said he had no recollection of his ‘meetings’ with Rabusa. Later on, he said the allegations against him were not true.

His suicide says it all.

Col. Rabusa links ex Rep Prospero Pichay to pay-offs

Posted in Manuel Buencamino by uniffors on the February 7th, 2011

At today’s Senate blue ribbon committee hearing on corruption in the AFP, Col. Rabusa accused ex Rep Prospero Pichay of receiving P500K whenever he called on the AFP chief Diomedes Villanueva.

Pichay denied Rabusa’s allegation.

“I’ve never visited any chief of staff. I’m very particular with the protocol. If you need something from the chief of staff, ipatawag mo sila hindi yung ikaw ang pupunta sa opisina nila,” he said.

Oo nga naman. Pichay was the chairman of the House Committee on National Defense when the alleged pay-offs happened. Chairman na nga eh siya pa ang pupunta para humingi ng pera?

Pichay added, “Ila-libel ko yan. Idadamay niya tayo e nanahimik na tayo. Irresponsible si Rabusa.”

I agree. Sobra ng panlalait at pangliliit yan kay Pichay. P500K is small-change when you consider that the AFP chief gets P5M a month pocket money.

Ano ba naman yan ginagawang 10 percenter lang ang chairman ng national defense committee?

Konting respeto naman Col. Rabusa. The man you are accusing of receiving occasional P500K pay-offs is not a small-time crook. He was one of the closest associates of Gloria Arroyo, fer crissakes!

Her heart bleeds for the poor

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Just saw in the news that Juana Change did a below the belt vid on PNoy’s Porsche.

Juana Change is sensitive to the plight of the poor so she was outraged by PNoy’s Porsche.

I was outraged that she never caught the irony of crying over poverty and hunger while she ate her way to 400 pounds.

Jeezus, the price of basic commodities goes up every time her stomach rumbles!

A family of four can eat three square meals just on the food stuck between her teeth!

And her heart bleeds for the hungry.

Sorry, I can’t stand bleeding hearts like Juana. Smacks too much of false piety, like GMA receiving holy communion.

Besides she looks like Frank Drilon in drag. Maybe that’s what bothers me more.


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“The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable.”—James A. Garfield

I expected an immediate reaction from Rep. Gloria Arroyo after retired Lt. Col. George Rabusa exposed the humongous pabaon system for the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) top brass. I expected her to say, “What? I trusted my generals, how could they do that to me?” Her silence is telling.

The reaction of former AFP chief of staff Angelo Reyes was just as revealing. (more…)

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