Vatican in a bind

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The Vatican is in a bind over Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi and sex scandals involving minors…

Full story here.

Good news for career diplomats?

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This could be good news for career diplomats.

I say ‘could be’ because it’s not clear if the new Secforaf is thinking only in terms of future political ambassadors. (more…)

The Anti-Christ?

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Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales is 100 percent sure his church will be able to block the RH Bill.

He said,

    “Believe me, whatever they do, there is no chance that the Catholic Church would lose because Jesus Christ always wins.”

What if the RH Bill is enacted into law? Does that mean Jesus Christ is for it after all? And if Jesus Christ is for it, does that mean that the Vatican and Cardinal Rosales are anti-Christ?

Just asking….

Games nations play

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A Filipino blogger based in China shares his insight on the controversy between Taiwan’s President Ma Ying-jao and the Aquino administration.

Sun Chengjun’s post in Propinoy, “The deportation debacle and Philippines-Taiwan-China relations” explains the overreaction of Taiwan officials to the deportation of Taiwanese residents facing criminal charges in China.

    For Taiwan, the effect would be more on the ruling party – KMT led by incumbent President Ma Ying-jeo. President Ma who is up for re-election next year is on hot seat as the issue of One-China policy is again brought to the fore of Taiwanese politics. Opposition parties are accusing President Ma of abandoning KMT’s original principles and becoming a pro-Mainland China leader by reacting weakly to the deportation issue and to the Philippines invocation of the One-China policy. Taiwan opposition parties assailed Ma as misrepresenting Taiwan’s sovereign entity as an independent country from the Mainland.

In the same post, he explains the ramifications of the deportation for China:

    For China, this deportation debacle is a win-win situation. First, the deportation issue would be an important precedent in enforcing the One-China policy. Second, albeit symbolically, it would make its claim stronger that Taiwan as a renegade province. Third, China’s strategic plan to establish a robust economic, political, and military relationship with the Philippines would go to a new level with Manila appearing to ally more itself with Beijing.

We will be a pawn in the game of nations until we become a player. That means we have to create millions of jobs at home. Unfortunately, that will take years, if not decades, to happen. And that’s assuming we know how to do it and luck smiles on us.

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It’s for your own good?

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“If you see a man approaching you with the obvious intent of doing you good, you should run for your life.” – Henry David Thoreau

I stopped riding bikes many years ago, when crash helmets were still optional, so I was surprised when Sen. Bong Revilla said that a barangay in Taguig City was “going against the law” when it passed a resolution banning crash helmets following a crime spree by helmet wearing bikers. The senator had authored the law mandating crash helmets for all motorcycle riders.

I’m not going to take sides in that debate. My concern is with the law that mandates crash helmets. Why is there such a law? (more…)

An evening in Utrecht

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An evening in Utrecht or What happened before JoMao found out about Binay’s visit to China and wrote a skit about it

(inspired by a post in the official CPP blog)


lie back and enjoy it

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Today’s Senate hearing, the one that was originally supposed to look into the Garcia plea bargain but was transformed by Jinggoy Estrada into an expose of corruption in the upper echelons of the AFP, reminded me of the Subic rape case.

Garcia and company couldn’t resist raping the AFP budget like Daniel Smith and friends couldn’t resist taking liberties with the passed-out “Nicole”. And Garcia, like Smith, will get away with it.

Daniel Smith was set-free after he paid off Nicole. Garcia got his plea-bargain in exchange for returning part of his loot.

Nation, next time just lie back and enjoy it because raising a fuss is just going to get you raped again. This time by the prosecutor who was supposed to go after your rapist in the first place.

He’s done gone

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The Department of Foreign Affairs will have a new secretary very soon. Maybe by next week.

Palace sources told me Secforaf Romulo has been lobbying for his retention, even asking minions of a powerful religious figure to intercede on his behalf, but the president will not change his mind.

Palace sources told me the president might not even appoint him perm rep to the UN. What did Romulo do that pissed off the president?

I wonder if Romulo wil now start to criticize the president just like Rigoberto Tiglao who kept his peace when he thought the president, through the intercession of Romulo, would allow him to stay on as ambassador to Greece but turned into a vociferous critic when the president accepted his resignation.

Anyway, stick a fork in Romulo; he’s done. He can apply for a job as shadow Secforaf in Norberto Gonzales’ shadow cabinet.

Will the Senate convict Gutierrez?

Posted in Manuel Buencamino by uniffors on the February 16th, 2011

The pro-impeachment forces in the House will likely get the 1/3 vote needed to impeach Ombudsgirl Merci Gutierrez.

Gutierrez has better prospects in the Senate because a 2/3 vote is required to convict her.

But even before the trial begins, the pro-Gutierrez cabal will ask: (more…)

Looks vs money

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“Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone.”—Dorothy Parker

I spilled a steaming hot cup of coffee on my lap because of the headline, “Pinays prefer ugly rich husbands.” Now I’m laid up waiting for the burns to heal. But the good news is I found time to reflect on the Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey that prompted the headline. (more…)

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