Ronald Singson is a victim

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Rep Ronald Singson pleaded guilty to smuggling cocaine into Hongkong.

He told the judge,

    “I apologise to the people of Hong Kong. This was a very big mistake and in the process, I have ruined my name and reputation, embarrassing my family and causing pain to my girlfriend.”

    “I’ve never been more remorseful in my life. This is just the beginning of my problems. Not knowing my fate back home has cause me a great deal of pain.”

    “I ask you to find it in your heart to… sentence me with leniency. There’s nothing more I want than to go on with my life.”

I sympathize with Singson. He didn’t steal, he didn’t hurt anybody. He went to Hongkong to attend an Usher concert and he brought along his favorite party drug. I know it is illegal but is it wrong?

For as long as alcohol is legal and doctors are allowed to prescribe anti-depressants, sleeping pills, pep pills, and all sorts of drugs that are bottom-line mood enhancers, I find no legitimate reason why some drugs should be illegal and some not.

Singson is a victim of wrong headedness, of a system that says, “We decide how and what adults can or cannot consume in the pursuit of happiness, we define and decide what should and should not make you happy. Because we can.”

Gringo wants a gun for everybody

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I have never suspected Sen. Gringo Honasan of intelligence. After reading the story below I’m sure any and all suspicions you may have had that he has any brains will vanish forever.

    Honasan: Phl not ready for a ‘gunless society’
    By Perseus Echeminada (The Philippine Star) Updated January 30, 2011 12:00 AM Comments (24)

    MANILA, Philippines – Sen. Gregorio Honasan yesterday said the Philippines is not yet ready to be a “gunless society” because the government is still unable to ensure the safety of the citizens from lawless elements. “A gunless society can only exist if the government can protect the citizens,” he said in a news forum in Quezon City. (more…)

Hearing within a hearing

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It was supposed to be a hearing on the Garcia plea bargain and it was, until Sen. Jinggoy Estrada took over the interpellation of resource persons and made Angelo Reyes the star attraction.
Jinggoy wheeled in a surprise witness to testify about the military’s pabaon system. (more…)

For the record

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“If by six o’clock this morning you haven’t given us the resignation letter, we will storm the gates of Malacañang!
’—Mike Arroyo, husband of Gloria Macapagal, to President Joseph Estrada’s Cabinet secretary

Reacting to Gov. Chavit Singson’s allegation that Gloria Arroyo used him and others to oust President Joseph Estrada, Gloria’s horn blower, Mrs. Elena Bautista-Horn, said, “[Arroyo] did not seek the presidency in Edsa 2. It was, in fact, only thrust upon her by virtue of the legal and natural constitutional succession.”

I don’t have to straighten Mrs. Horn’s trumpet. Billy Esposo and the Arroyo couple can do that for me. (more…)

Why blame Hollywood?

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Is it really Hollywood’s fault?

According to Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales, it is.

    Cardinal hits Hollywood hedonism
    By Philip Tubeza
    Philippine Daily Inquirer

    Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales on Saturday faulted America’s Tinseltown (more…)

Self-inflicted or a hoax?

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A few days after the Maguindanao massacre I reported that Malacanang, then under occupation by Gloria Arroyo, would claim that the victims committed mass suicide.

That’s almost exactly what Ampatuan’s lawyer claimed in yesterday’s court hearing.

“Could they have done this to themselves?” asked defense counsel Andres Manuel during his cross-examination of the PNP medico legal officer.

    MANILA, Philippines—Ampatuan lawyers tried to discredit the autopsy findings on 12 Maguindanao massacre victims for the second straight day, with one even bizarrely suggesting that the victims had bludgeoned themselves or that one of the female corpses was defiled by a necrophiliac.

    “Could it be possible that a victim was already dead before getting these alleged gunshot wounds?” asked Andres Manuel.

    “It could have been a heart ailment, asthma, appendicitis, or a seizure or epilepsy?” he added.

    “Could they have done this to themselves?”

    “What if someone was playing a hoax?”

Well, if the prosecutors were from the Ombudsman’s office and the judge was from the Sandigan then I would not be surprised if they found the defense lawyer’s theory logical and believable. And I’m pretty sure the Amaptuan’s will be allowed to plea bargain to a lesser offense like littering and excavation wothout a permit. And God forbid that someone questions the deal vefore the Supreme Court.

Explaining the inexplicable

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    “He [Garcia] tried to explain the sources of that fund… (more…)
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Porsche and Le Cirque

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The difference between Noynoy’s Porsche and GMA’s Le Cirque dinner is the Porsche came out of Noynoy’s wallet while the Le Cirque dinner came out of yours.

Charter change again

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Charter change? Sure except I don’t believe in a constitutional commission because its members will be appointed. And I don’t believe in a constituent assembly because I don’t trust the members of Congress. And I’m against a constitutional convention because I don’t believe that the people who elected our Congress will be able to choose delegates wisely. So what method is left? Sure I’m for charter change, as soon as there is an acceptable way to do it.

It’s protective custody, stupid

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Poor Ka Bart was captured while he was paying his mistress a nocturnal visit. But never fear Joma is near…..

    Man does not control his own fate. The women in his life do that for him.—Groucho Marx

    Jose Maria Sison, the Grand Poobah of the Communist Party of the Philippines, the National Democratic Front, the New People’s Army (NPA), the party-list groups and anything else you can shake a hammer and sickle at, insists that captured NPA Southern Tagalog commander Tirso “Ka Bart” Alcantara should be released from military custody immediately because (more…)

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