Too many experts

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UPDATE: From the blog Remembrance of things awry comes news that Beijing did not like Donald Tsang calling Aquino.

    “A curious, but probably correct, thing was that there was a negative reaction in Beijing to the news that Hong Kong’s Donald Tsang had called President Aquino of the Philippines about the hostage crisis. Beijing considered it as a breach of state protocol regarding international relations: Beijing strongly felt that Tsang did not have the prerogative to do that because Beijing reserved that privilege for itself.”

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Too many experts

    “Too bad that all the people who know how to run the country are busy driving taxicabs and cutting hair.” – George Burns

    I agreed with most of the expert opinion regarding the Luneta tragedy but I disagreed with two in particular: criticism of the Palace aide who screened the call of Hongkong chief executive Donald Tsang and criticism of the negotiators for not giving in to Capt. Mendoza’s demands.

weirdest take on the Luneta tragedy

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    Heroism in our time
    FROM A DISTANCE By Carmen N. Pedrosa (The Philippine Star)

    Apropos my column on “More than a tragedy” some Charter change advocates called to say I should have spelled out the reforms needed so that Monday’s disastrous fiasco might not have happened. There are other reforms. What is clear is we have a system that gave rise to the incompetence. Indeed, in the personality based presidential system that we have, the election and appointment of incompetents is an expected hazard.

    It would not be so if we had a party-based parliamentary government. The choice of a leader will depend on his ability to see the program through if the party is to remain in office. Even before he assumes office he is already under scrutiny for capability by his peers. He is a first among equals, not a popularity figure.

There are no bungled hostage situations in countries that have a parliamentary system. Their leaders do not mess up because their selection system is fool-proof. Wow.

woulda, coulda, shoulda

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Everybody is now an expert in hostage situations. They’re all over blogs, social networking sites, and mainstream media.

Woulda, coulda, shoulda sums up what those morning-after quarterbacks are saying about Monday’s tragedy. And it’s the same refrain I heard after the attack on WTC, the hostage-taking in Russia, the assault on the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas and a whole host of incidents that did not have a happy ending.

Woulda, coulda, shoulda is not for those who only know what they saw on TV. That was only a part of the entire thing. Viewers did not see what went on behind the scenes, what went on in the bus etc. etc. There are so many things to be looked into before anyone can say woulda, coulda, shoulda.

Authorities must do a post-game analysis so that mistakes made are not repeated. Monday’s incident is not the first nor will it be the last.

In situations like last Monday’s, the public needs to be assured that authorities know what they are doing so that even if things turn out badly there will be no loss of confidence in the capability of law enforcers.

No one can predict the outcome of a hostage situation so authorities have to look like they are ready for anything. Recall the Entebbe hijacking and the Israeli rescue operation. Some hostages were saved and others were killed but because the operation looked very efficient, the public focused on the hostages saved instead of those killed and the rescue was deemed a success.

Last Monday, unfortunately, it looked like the cops didn’t know what they were doing. And so experts mushroomed and the blame game became the most popular sport in town.

On Rear Adm. Feliciano Angue

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Changing the topic
Written by Manuel Buencamino / Business Mirror / Dispatches from the Enchanted Kingdom

“Where there’s smoke, there are mirrors.”

On July 30 President Aquino signed Executive Order 1 creating the Truth Commission. Maj. Gen. Juancho Sabban, Marines commandant, immediately declared that his men would testify about cheating in the 2004 elections.

Col. Angel Querubin, the highly decorated soldier charged with trying to overthrow Gloria Arroyo, welcomed the good news. “The statement of General Sabban, that the Marines will cooperate, will snowball….”

All of a sudden Rear Adm. Feliciano Angue, former head of the National Capital Region (NCR) Command, came out of the cold to reveal that a “group of politicians” offered him money and rank to cheat for them in the 2004 elections. (more…)

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The unhysterical side of the issue

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Depicting Luisita
By Rina Jimenez-David
Philippine Daily Inquirer

“PLEASE DON’T ask me to defend Hacienda Luisita,” was the late President Cory Aquino’s tart retort in an interview with her shortly after she assumed office. At that time, the “Stock Distribution Option” or SDO had just become the most controversial provision of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP). Critics alleged the alternative of distributing stocks of ownership in the company instead of distributing land in a plantation was created precisely to benefit the President’s family which owned Hacienda Luisita.

Actually, there was a point to President Cory’s assertion. Hacienda Luisita and the SDO had enough defenders, and anything she said would have been construed as self-interest and interference. (more…)

The Wrong Suit

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    The Wrong Suit

    “I have an agreement with the houseflies. The flies don’t practice law and I don’t walk on the ceiling.” – Groucho Marx

    “Gloria Arroyo’s House allies asked the Supreme Court to nullify Pres. Aquino’s executive order creating the Truth Commission.”

    “Why, don’t they want to know the truth?”

    “That’s not the point. (more…)

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Hacienda Luisita Incorporated

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I have purposely stayed away from commenting on the Hacienda Luisita Incorporated issue because I am not a stockholder of that corporation. But since everyone seems to think they are experts on an issue that does not concern them directly then I’m not going to be left behind.

The overwhelming majority of HLI stockholders voted for the latest plan. The overhowling minority represented by Christian Monsod, his wife, and Joma’s party list groups now say the will of the majority should be disregarded for this or that reason.

Well, I think the only correct solution for all is for those opposed to the deal to buy out HLI and then distribute the land to the farmers, whether they like it or not, at gunpoint if necessary. Call it the Utrecht-Dasmarinas Village Initiative.

Divorce is a humane option

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Two female legislators filed a “Divorce Bill”. The bill will make divorce a humane option for couples who do not want to stay married.

Demolitions ‘R’ Us

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Business Mirror / Dispatches from the Enchanted Kingdom

Anybody who is going to fight corruption in this country or anywhere else is really going to run into serious opposition.—Cerge Remonde, former Press Secretary of Gloria Arroyo

Public Works Secretary Rogelio Singson is an honest man. That makes him very unpopular. (more…)

Whodafuck is this angry woman talking about?

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You probably know Carmen Pedrosa, the mother Veronica Pedrow-za of Al Jazeera and a fanatic charter change advocate who was connected with the People’s Initiative for Charter Change the massive write-in effort that the Supreme Court called deceptive, misleading, and a gigantic fraud on the people.


Pedrosa, for some reason or another, had a grudge against Cory Aquino. But since Cory is dead Predosa’s anger has carried over to Noynoy Aquino and to anyone she perceives as supportive of him.

Her Philippine Star column today, “A test of President Noynoy’s good governance” is typical; she hides all her spite and venom behind high-mindedness. (more…)

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