The son also rises, but the legacy is his best contract with the people

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Am reprinting below the Business Mirror’s editorial on the occasion of the inaugural of Benigno Simeon Aquino III. I wish I wrote it.


One more bite from the Maggot

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Executive secretary Leandro Mendoza had some scary parting words about his boss

The President spent her last day in office still at work, Mendoza said.

“This is one trait of Mrs. Arroyo that sets her apart from her predecessors,” according to Mendoza.

Tangina, hanggang sa huling araw gumagawa ng katiwalian!

Alex “Maggot” Magno, newspaper columnist and Arroyo butt-shiner, had one more lie to spread before his employer leaves Malacanan for good. (more…)

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I want to serve as vice president

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President elect Noynoy Aquino offered vice president elect Binay four posts in his administration. Binay declined all four saying he wanted to be a working, active vice president.

“In our own research, it’s surprising that the vice-president is really considered as a spare tire. The vice president must be a working, active vice president,” he said.

“Talagang gusto ko patunayan, among other things, na hindi spare tire ang opisina ng pangalawang pangulo. Marami akong tratrabahuhin,” he said in Pilipino.

Binay can’t accept the fact that a vice president has nothing to do except wait for a vacancy at the top.

Vice president Binay is a spare tire, black sidewalls at that.

Doctor’s memoir

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Nice interview on the Fil-am who was the White House doctor to three presidents. CLICK HERE

Nga pala she wrote a memoir called “White House Doctor” that’s why she was interviewed.

Sayang lang hindi niya linason si Dubya at si Cheney.

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Neri’s lament

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Upon indictment for the ZTE-NBN broadband scam Romulo Neri told the press,

“I didn’t expect this, I thought just by being honest and doing the right thing will be ok. Apparently, it’s not good enough. You have to keep watching your back.”

He added,

“No matter how careful how you are, how honest you try to be, it’s hard to keep out of trouble if you’re in government. It’s a warning to anybody who wants to join government.”

The only problem is Neri didn’t try hard enough to resist temptation.

Ironic last words from Gloria’s soldier

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“I am sad because the 36 years I had invested had come to nothing.”

“Remember, you are soldiers of the Constitution and not of anyone else.”

Enjoy your premature retirement General Bangit, you deserve it….your premature retirement, that is.

The big non-issue

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The man with the best job in the country is the vice-president. All he has to do is get up every morning and ask, “How is the president?” – Will Rogers

In between the World Cup matches, the conversation drifted to the issue of vice president-elect Binay getting a job in the Aquino administration. (more…)

June 30 schedule of activities

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My spy slipped me a copy of the proposed schedule of activities on Inauguration Day. I’m very disappointed with what I saw.

The incoming president will pick up Gloria in Malacanang and they will ride together to Quirino Grandstand for the oath-taking.

Upon arrival at Quirino, Gloria will be accorded some sort of departure honors and Aquino will see her off. Then he will take his oath and deliver his inaugural address.

What was left out?

There is no mention of an exorcism ceremony in Malacanang before Aquino moves in.

Also noticeably absent are the names of those who will be in the posse to arrest Gloria.

The Aquinobamarroyo conspiracy theorist

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“You can always trust the information given to you by people who are crazy; they have an access to truth not available through regular channels”—Sheila Ballantyne

Safely ensconced in his adopted country, thousands of miles away from the reach of any libel suits, self-exiled communist leader Jose Maria “Joma” Sison boldly accused a sister of President-elect Benigno S.C. Aquino III of conspiring with Gloria Arroyo and the CIA to cheat in the 2010 elections. I decided to interview the man hiding in the Netherlands.

Be a hero

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From exploitation to an honest and caring leadership is Noynoy’s invitation to heroism. From apathy or fear to constructive and productive citizenship is the invitation to heroism for many among us. From hopelessness and defeatism to sacrifice for a future full of hope for their next generation is the invitation to heroism for the majority of Filipinos. Indeed, the invitation is for us to be the hero we can be, for our faith, for our motherland, for our honor.

Be a hero
By Jose Ma. Montelibano
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 23:30:00 06/10/2010

It is difficult at times to write my article for Fridays when I am traveling abroad. As I begin to write this, Noynoy Aquino and Jojo Binay have just been formally proclaimed by Congress as the incoming president and vice-president of the Republic of the Philippines. It is amazing how the results known by May 11 or almost a month ago are confirmed only now. Many can argue that May 11 set a pattern, not the real score. Well, the pattern reflected the votes for, and the victories of, Noynoy and Jojo, or should I say, “Noy-Bi.”

Destiny. What else can I say after being an involved player from August of 2009? I remember clearly how a non-partisan group called ATM (short for Anong Taya Mo) suddenly shifted to become one of the first volunteer groups for Noynoy. It looked very clear to me that destiny was re-arranging the political dynamics and nominating its own choice for the presidency. The next ten months simply affirmed that destiny was, indeed, in charge.

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