Knock on wood

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The tandem of Money and GLOren Villarroyo is sinking like a rock. Estrada and Binay have overtaken them. (SEE PULSE ASIA SURVEY HERE)

The Pulse Asia survey shows the downward trend spotted by an BW-SWS survey conducted a week ago. (SEE BW -SWS SURVEY HERE)

Photo lifted from Professional Heckler Captions by Philip Gilmore

Well, short of Noynoy and Mar being caught in a four-way orgy with Mike and Gloria, it looks like Money can kiss his billions goodbye.

But those billions didn’t go to waste, they simply moved from his to other people’s pockets so all in all God is wise. And fair.

And GLOren is not going to be Money’s vice, so Cynthia won’t have to keep a wary eye on her anymore.

And Guido Delgado can go back to hawking DIBIDI-DIBIDI in Money’s third class shopping malls.

Knock on wood.


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Dispatches from the Enchanted Kingdom/Business Mirror

My mentor, Philip Gilmore, loves mixed metaphors, overworked clichés, and glaring redundancies like the one I just wrote. Among his favorites are “The Indians circled their wagons” and “Methamphetamines are in the country but we remain sound asleep.”

Gilmore once told me, “It’s the hallmark of hack pundits, do one for me.”

“I’ll try,” I replied.

Black propaganda about Noynoy Aquino’s mental fitness is a dog that doesn’t hunt, but the paragons of mercantile punditry don’t care. They’re still at it. This time they want Noynoy to address the contents of a fake psychiatric report.

What’s next?

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A desperado will stop at nothing. Money Villarroyo dragged his poor mother, she has always stayed out of the limelight unlike Mommy Dionisia Pacquiao, in front of TV cameras to debunk the expose about his not so humble beginnings. Aling Curing was in tears. I felt sorry for her, she obviously was unaware that her son had oversold his life story. It was a good show until Villarroyo’s sister went on camera and started raving at the media. The angry bitch outburst destroyed the poor mama segment.

Anyway, now that Villarroyo has dragged his mother into the campaign I heard from very reliable sources that Money is now looking for a medium to seance with his dead brother on Live TV. That’s a presscon I wouldn’t miss for all the world.

Credibility versus competence

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Credibility versus competence
Manuel Buencamino / Dispatches from the Enchanted Kingdom / Business Mirror

Between a fellow who is stupid and honest and one who is smart and crooked, I will take the first. I won’t get much out of him, but with that other guy I can’t keep what I’ve got.
—Lewis B. Hershey

Someone who calls himself “thecusponline” captured the essence of the “battle of the frames” between Aquino and Villar. His concise analysis posted on Manuel Quezon III’s blog (www.Quezon.ph) is worth quoting in full: (more…)

The Gordon named Dick (UPDATED)

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And the Dick has really gone over the edge.

In an early morning live interview on ANC’s “Headstart with Karen Davila” Dick the small town mayor, erstwhile freeport manager, and Gloria senator went on a megalomania rant.

He got started when Karen Davila read a viewer’s comment, “Magaling siya, kaya lang hindi mananalo.”

Gordon blew his top, blaming the Filipino and survey firms for his pathetic failure to get voters to take him seriously, (more…)

Cognitive dissonance exposed

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Like I said when the coalition was announced, “the revolution is over.”
Ipinagpalit ng kaliwa ang Rebolusyonrayong Daan para sa Daan Hari.
Ang Rebolusyonaryong Pananaw naging Vista Land.
Ang mga magkalaban sa class war naging classmates.

Anyway, Krupskaya Anonuevo spots more tililings in Villarroyo’s team.

Keeping the Faith

by Krupskaya Añonuevo/Business World/Yellow Pad

I can understand Ara Mina’s sentiment when she says that watching/reading the news can be depressing. Last week, as I read the almost identical articles by Apo Alvarez, Anakbayan chair, and the one on Joma Sison supporting Manny Villar, I felt my blood pressure shoot up and I am not even thirty. (more…)

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Pseudologia fantastica

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Pseudologia fantastica
Dispatches from the Enchanted Kingdom/Business Mirror

I tell ya when I was a kid, all I knew was rejection. My yo-yo, it never came back. —Rodney Dangerfield

I’m tempted to publish what I know are “photoshopped” pictures of Manny Villar with “Money Villarroyo” tattooed on his behind so I can challenge him to prove the photos are fake by dropping his trousers on prime-time news. I’m sure he’ll say, “Why would you ask me to do that when you know the pictures are fake?”

But that’s exactly what he wants Noynoy Aquino to do with the bogus psychiatric report that sources from the Nacionalista Party leaked to ABS-CBN News. He knows the report is bogus but he still insists that Aquino address its fake contents.

Villar’s foray into black propaganda is so crude, pathetic and desperate it reminded me of Mike Tyson biting off the ear of Evander Holyfield. 

Anyway, since Villar raised the issue, we might as well look into his mental health. Is Villar suffering from pseudologia fantastica or pathological lying? (more…)

How Villar built business empire with deceit, corruption: ex-lawyer (updated)

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At long last an investigative journalist scrutinizes how Villar made his money.

How Villar built business empire with deceit, corruption: ex-lawyer

Written by Aries Rufo
Monday, 12 April 2010
First in a 3-part series (more…)

Cool dry weather needed for expanding ballots and temperamental PCOS machines

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Overseas voting in Hongkong was stopped for two hours after PCOS machines in two precincts malfunctioned. (READ FULL STORY HERE)

The Precinct Count Optical Scan machines (PCOS) in the Bayanihan Kennedytown Center did not immediately accept the ballots from two voters in precincts 15 and 16 shortly after the resumption of the voting period at 8 a.m. Sunday.

The inspection of the ballots showed the absence of its stray and ambiguous marks, which could also result to rejection.

So what caused the PCOS machines to reject the ballots?

Letter to a douche-bag

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Leah Navarro’s letter to Alan Peter Cayetano, former crusader against corruption now a back-hoe operator of Money Villarroyo.

The Inquirer ran a story on this. (READ HERE)

Dear Alan Peter,

When I made your acquaintance a few years ago through the Black & White Movement, I said to myself, now here’s a seemingly honorable man. You seemed so sincere, so forthright, and appeared to be God fearing and all about fairness, always looking for justice. (more…)

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