Talagang walang hiya si Villar

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Philippine Star columnist Billy Esposo turns his wrecking ball on more myths. He cites public records to shatter Villar’s favorite “once-poor” claims.

Here are excerpts from Esposo’s Chairwrecker column today READ HERE IN FULL:

Poor is relative

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Billy Esposo who writes a regular column in Philippine Star decided to check out Loren Legarda’s story that she, like Villar, was “once poor.”

Esposo shares his findings in his Mar. 25, 2010 The Chairwrecker column:

The Court, The Spokesman, and The Queen of Pulp Fiction

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The Court, The Spokesman, and The Queen of Pulp Fiction
Dispatches from the Enchanted Kingdom/Business Mirror

“The Supreme Court is always right even when it is wrong.”
– Rep. Rodolfo “Rodito” Albano III

I was depressed by the Supreme Court’s decision upholding Gloria Arroyo’s power to appoint the next chief justice. No, not because they did what everyone expected they would but because it’s sad when nine associate justices of the highest court in the land cannot even comprehend a simple sentence. But I’m glad I’m not a lawyer because if I were and I had to file a case before the Court my first thought would be how to dumb down my sentences. Secondly, I would also have to consider very seriously how much I will spend on paper because I will have to use the very large fonts used in children’s books so as not to make those nine idiots uncomfortable.

As if a comprehension-challenged Court were not enough to spoil one’s entire week, newly appointed deputy spokesman Charito Planas (more…)

DND thinks undersecretary misunderstood his mandate

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Here is a report by Ellen Tordesillas about an undersecretary for internal affairs in the Department of National Defense, Retired Vice Admiral Ariston V. Delos Reyes, who was fired. READ FULL REPORT HERE

Apparently, the fired undersecretary thought his job was to clean up the AFP/DND. His employer, on the other hand, believes clean-up is a synonym for white-wash. That’s the crux of the problem: one man’s antonym is another man’s synonym.

Below are excerpts from a letter the Vice Adm. Delos Reyes sent to his colleagues in the military.

The sad consequence of aging

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Arthritis, a disease affecting joints, comes with age. It’s sad, very sad, when you really think about it.


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Hitler pissed off!

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What’s next?

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The Comelec is thinking about banning posters of Ninoy and Cory Aquino during the campaign period. (READ REPORT HERE)

Comelec spokesman James Jimenez said posters of Ninoy and Cory Aquino hanging around Manila can be associated with the campaign of their only son, Liberal Party presidential bandidate Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III.

“People associate Ninoy and Cory with Noynoy’s campaign,” Jimenez told ABS-CBN News.

On Monday, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) pulled out some of the banners of the Aquino couple in Manila.

The Comelec, meanwhile, denied that it authorized the pullout of the Aquino posters. Jimenez said they have yet to decide on the issue within the week.

Next you know the Comelec will cover Ninoy’s monument in Ayala Avenue, change the name of NAIA to “X”, take the P500 bill out of circulation, and remove the color yellow from the flag.

It’s part of the “anybody but Noynoy” game plan of Gloria and Mike Arroyo. Expect every legal and dirty trick in the book to be used against Noynoy. And, if God forbid, Noynoy wins anyway, then don’t be surprised if Gloria and Mike’s minions in the Legislature, the Supreme Court, and the AFP do everything in their power to block Noynoy’s reforms.

The Arroyo cabal will fight to the last breath the return of idealism and hope because their kind can only survive, and thrive, in the dark world of cynicism.

Blinded by greed

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Villar’s Vision

By Mario M. Galang/Yellow Pad/Business World

For just four months since November 1, 2009, presidential bet Manuel Villar is reported to have spent P1.3 billion for political ads alone. The amount almost matches what four other leading aspirants have spent over the same period, added together. That’s a huge amount by any measure just to put his campaign message across, project an image, get the voters to recall his name, and more.

Villar has used the PhP1.3 billion largely for TV and radio ads, which lend themselves to easy monitoring. Over and above this are other expenditures that will bloat the total to an amount no one will ever know exactly what.

Trusted Arroyo gofers running with Villarroyo

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A reader in Ellen Tordesillas’ blog pointed out that Atty. Antonio Mariano Almeda, former chief of staff of Mikey Arroyo, is running for Congress in Caloocan City under the Nacionalista Party.

Manny Villarroyo also endorsed the candidacy of Jocjoc Bolante, a close associate of Mikey’s father.

Just a coincidence?

And read this report on Karen Davila’s interview with Cynthis Villarroyo. Cynthia Villar for Gibo if husband not running


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Never give a sucker an even break.—W.C. Fields

I was telling my wife about a scam where someone hacks into your e-mail account and uses your identity to swindle money from your contacts.

“How?” she asked.

“With a sob story that ends with a request for an emergency loan,” I replied.

“Terrible,” she said.

“I got one recently,” I said. “And it was signed in my name.”

“Duh,” she remarked.

“I know,” I replied. “But I was so moved by the letter I immediately lent money to myself.”

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