Charm Offensive

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Gloria Arroyo announced she was going on a “charm offensive”. I guess it’s supposed to correct the people’s impression of her. Well, at this point, “charm offensive” is an oxymoron.

I would never use charm and Gloria in the same sentence. Offensive and Gloria, dehpeeneetly and as close together as possible.

As to her most vocal spokes-something Gary Olivar, all I can say is he makes the late Cerge Remonde look good.

What does “any” mean?

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The Comelec’s second division dismissed the disqualification case filde by Rep. Riza Hontiveros against Gloria Arroyo.

In her petition, Hontiveros said that Mrs. Arroyo, as an incumbent president, violated Article VII Section 4 of the Constitution which reads: “The President shall not be eligible for any reelection. No person who has succeeded as President and has served as such for more than four years shall be qualified for election to the same office at any time.”

But the Comelec second division ruled that there was no constitutional provision barring President Arroyo from running in the May polls.

“If it is in the intention of the Constitutional Commission to ban the President from running for any future elective position, it could have so worded the pertinent constitutional provision in an unequivocal manner,” it said in its resolution.

If it was meant as such, the poll body said that the provision would have been worded as: “The President shall not be eligible for any reelection to the same position and for election to any other elective position.”

Obviously, the Comelec’s second division does not know the meaning of any.



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The revolution is over Part 2

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Jan 26, 2010 the Inquirer REPORTED that Nacionalista Party guest candidate Satur Ocampo advised Money Villar to face the music.

“Our call for good governance and transparency would be put in question. It is possible that those in our group we convinced to support him might have doubts,” Our advice, which we coursed through Minority Leader Ronnie Zamora, is to tell him to face the issue in the Senate. Don’t avoid the issue, and don’t explain to the media, but to the Senate,” Ocampo said at the regular press conference of the House minority Monday

Jan 27, 2010 Satur suddenly made an about-face. BAYAN MUNA website reported Ocampo’a turnaround:

“If yesterday’s proceedings were any indication, it appears that the electoral fever has totally engulfed the Senate and any discussion on the C-5 controversy will be tainted,” said Ocampo.

I now understand Sen. Villar’s misgivings about the Senate proceedings. Considering that he’s up against presidential candidates and supporters of other presidential bets, the end-result will be doubtful. Maybe there is wisdom in staying away from such a proceedings.

Our alliance with Sen. Villar and Sen. Legarda remains strong. It is based on a platform of change, good governance, foreign policy, human rights and peace. We continue to support them in their bid for the top posts of the land.”

Maybe in the future the left should drop change and good governance when they speak of the platform he shares with Villar. After the election, if Villar succeeds in buying his way to Malacanan, the left will realize why human rights and peace are impossible under a corrupt president.

I cannot believe that after reading the Enrile report Satur and Maza are still with Villar. What happened to them?

Maybe they are simply good soldiers following orders from the Party, but don’t they know by now that Lenin’s democratic centralism inevitably ends up as centralized “democracy”?

Talagang the revolution is over. Pati ang party line ng Nacionalista Party ni Villar sinunod na rin ng kaliwa.

BONUS The interactive map says it all. CLICK HERE click on the arrow on the lower right hand corner of the map to see how the original plan was revised so that the road would pass through even more Villar properties.

Manny’s Enchanted Kingdom

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Manny’s Enchanted Kingdom
Written by Manuel Buencamino / Dispatches from the Enchanted Kingdom / Business Mirror

Slander is the revenge of the coward, and dissimulation his defense.—Samuel Johnson

A friend sent me a text that said, “GMA plundered when she became president. Manny Villar is only a candidate but he already took a cash advance.”

I called her up, demanding an explanation.

The way of a coward

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Sen. Manny Villar will only defend himself in the Senate if he is sure he has the votes to win an acquittal. Otherwise he will stay away. He will defend himself in the media where money talks.

Ganyan ang duwag. Gagawa ng kabalbalan tapos tatakbo.

The 85 page Senate report on Villar

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Now I know why Sen Manny Villar is moving heaven and earth to prevent the committee report from being discussed in the Plenary.

You can read the Senate report on the ethics complaint against Sen, Manny Villar CLICK HERE

If after reading it, you still entertain doubts about the culpability of Villar, you may want your head examined.

As for me I will say, without an iota of doubt, that indeed Villar used his position to have C5 realigned para kumita siya ng limpak-limpak na salapi.

Tit for tat

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What now Makabayan, hindi pa kayo hihiwalay kay Villar?

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Itong si Teo S. Marasigan, maka kaliwang blogger doon sa Kapirasong Kritika, ay nanggalaiti noong binatikos ko ang pagsuporta ng kaliwa kay Manny Villar at Loren Legarda.

Doon kasi sa aking blog post, The End of History, noong nakaraang Disyembre 15, 2009 sinabi ko na “the revolution is over.”

Paano naman eh nakipagtalik sila sa isang maduming negosyanteng pulitiko na ang modus operandi ay gamitin ang kanyang puwesto para palawakin ang kanyang negosyo at kayamanan sa pamamagitan ng pagkuha ng financing sa government financial institutions – ito’y mahigpit na ipinagbabawal ng batas – at sa pagpapagawa ng mga kalsada ng tumatawid sa kanyang mga lupain gamit ang pera ng taong bayan. Sa madaling salita, ang kaliwa ay ipinagpalit ang Rebolusyonaryong Daan para sa Daan Hari.


Aba noon nakaraan Disyembre 21 ay binanatan pala ako ni Teo sa kanyang blog.

Sabi niya:

Honesty or corruption?

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Honesty or corruption?

Business Mirror/Dispatches from the Enchanted Kingdom
Wednesday Jan 20, 2010

“What are we in power for?”

A columnist from another paper railed at Sen. Noynoy Aquino for framing the election as a battle between good and evil.

“Obviously, Mr. Aquino and his well-heeled cohorts see themselves as representing the forces of good and want to stir us up to do battle against the evil represented by Mr. Manny Villar and his scruffy followers,” he ranted.

He missed the point. Evil is in the things men do, while Senator Aquino’s battle against evil pits honesty versus corruption, not personalities and social classes against one another.

Let’s see if we can tell the difference between honesty and corruption. (Quoted from the draft report of the Senate Committee of the Whole and former Rep. Joker Arroyo’s privilege speech.)


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Noynoy’s threat

‘So Noynoy digs in, because he knows he is right.’

I DID not think he was capable of such strong words. On Friday, some papers squeezed into print a reaction from Noynoy Aquino about the Doña’s sinister plan to name the next Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Said Aquino: “If elected President, I will not recognize a Chief Justice appointed by the outgoing President, contrary to the constitutional ban on appointments during the wee hours of her presidency and contrary to propriety, delicadeza and precedence.”

Then he added: “Let me forewarn any member of the Supreme Court who shall accept to be Chief Justice by appointment of the outgoing President that not only shall he not be recognized, but he risks even his presence in the court as an associate member.”

Wow! (more…)

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