Maguindanao Massacre solved by Malacanang!

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The Palace cleared the Ampatuans of any involvement in the Maguindanao Massacre.

“It was a mass suicide,” said Malacanan investigators.

Gloria Arroyo was relieved.

So was Miguel Zubiri.

A Palace spokesman reminded the public that Gloria Arroyo remained focused on the economy.

But seriously the brutal cold-blooded murderers must have been deranged. And maybe they were…who runs some of the biggest shabu labs in the country?

By the way the Comelec will say that this is not election-related violence because none of the victims were candidates, they did not file COCs yet.

Where are the plarforms?

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My Business Mirror column for Wednesday, Nov 25, is an extension of my recent post on the political platforms of the presidential candidates of 2010 Update on Platforms.

Where are the platforms?

Dispatches from the Enchanted Kingdom/Business Mirror
Wednesday, 25 NOVEMBER 2009

“Anything important is never left to the vote of the people. We only get to vote on some man; we never get to vote on what he is to do.”—Will Rogers

None of the presidential candidates have presented a platform, except Nicky Perlas. But he can’t get anyone to take his candidacy seriously.

The apparent absence of platforms led the Inquirer’s Manolo Quezon to write “Hi’s and Hellos in Three Stages.”

Maguindanao massacre (UPDATED)

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“No effort will be spared to bring justice to the victims and hold the perpetrators accountable to the full limit of the law,” President Arroyo.

Pictured below is ARMM Governor Datu Zaldy Ampatuan with Speaker Prospero Nograles and Presidential legal adviser Raul Gonzales at last week’s PaLaKa convention at the PICC.

Good Frodo and Evil Gollum

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Manuel Quezon of PDI cites the Lord of the Rings to put into context the decision of Noynoy Aquino to include Ralph Recto in the senatorial slate of the Liberal Party. Self-righteousness, more often than not, stands in the way of reform.

The Long View
Good Frodo and Evil Gollum
By Manuel L. Quezon III
Philippine Daily Inquirer

IN book two of “The Fellowship of the Ring,” Celeborn, elven co-ruler of Lothlórien, speaks directly to the readers as much as to the Fellowship when he counsels, “Do not despise the lore that has come down from distant years; for oft it may chance that old wives keep in memory word of things that once were needful for the wise to know.”

Chances are you’ve read or watched “The Lord of the Rings,” Tolkien’s saga in three volumes of how a reluctant hero is tasked with destroying a Ring of Power as a squabbling alliance of Hobbits, humans, dwarves and elves backs him up and fights titanic battles against the evil Sauron and his gruesome dark hordes. The epic is about Good and Evil, and how individuals can be one or the other, or even both, depending on the circumstances.

Mon Tulfo, heterosexual?

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Ramon Tulfo, newspaper columnist, supports the Comelec decision on Ladlad


The Commission on Elections (Comelec) is right about rejecting the application of a group composed of lesbians and gays to become a party-list group.

Had the poll body approved the application of Ang Ladlad, baka tinamaan ng kidlat (lightning would have struck) its commissioners.

Kidding aside, gender should never be an issue in politics.

If there are many gays and lesbians in our midst, fine!
We should respect their rights. But they should not also go around town proclaiming their preferences as if it was a badge of honor.

There is nothing honorable or normal about same-sex marriage or union, which Ang Ladlad is trying to promote.

Gays and lesbians should be happy society tolerates them. They should not abuse society’s doting attitude towards them.

A lot of gays tolerate heteros . They also say, “if there are many heteros in our midst, fine!”

Homosexuals don’t mind that some men prefer women to men. They respect the rights of heteros. But at the same time heteros should not go around proclaiming their preference as if it were a badge of honor.

I often wonder why some heteros feel threatened by gays. They act manly or overly ladylike as the case may be. It’s as if they are trying to repress something, as if they have to keep reminding, no, proving, to themselves they are heteros.

I went to an all boys school and grew up in an atmosphere of homophobia. But one grows out of homophobia very easily once one becomes secure in his sexuality.

But there are people like Mon Tulfo and Nicodemo Ferrer who continue to struggle with homophobia way past the age when they should have figured out if they were hetero, homo, or bisexual. Pathetic insecure terrified homophobes whistling in the dark.

Mon Tulfo is a martial arts black belt. He is also a quick draw and a sharpshooter. He looks and acts like a real macho man. He is the anti-effeminate.

I wonder how he will react if I were to call him a closet queen.

Will he hit me or will he scratch my eyes out?

Update on the platforms of candidates

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Gibo Teodoro’s platform is done. He’s just waiting for Gloria to approve it.

Chiz Escudero has a platform but he doesn’t know what to do with it now.

Nicky Perlas has a serious platform but he can’t get anyone to take him seriously.

Erap Estrada was supposed to release his platform but he accidentally spilled whisky on it and on Ernie Maceda’s dress.

Noynoy Aquino’s platform was ready. Unfortunately it was burned during the filming of his commercial.

Jamby Madrial thought she had a platform but Joma Sison was only kidding pala.

Bro. Eddie’s and the Kapatiran’s candidate are using similar platforms, written 2009 years ago.

Manny Villar will wait for the others to publish their platforms because “We will say the same things…we will have the SAME PLATFORM. For after all, a platform… dadalawang speechwriters lang iyan tatanungin ka.Anong gusto ninyo, 3-point agenda , 10 point agenda 15 point agenda o 25 point agenda.”

Sorry Sen. Cayetano but there was overpricing

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12 senators signed a resolution clearing Manny Villar of the ethics complaints against him.

Here is what former graft-buster now Villar spokesman Alan Peter Cayetano had to say.

“The accusation was simple – the road was diverted, there’s double insertion, and there was overprice. If you look at all the witnesses, all called by (Sen. Jamby) Madrigal, the BIR said there was no overprice; the DPWH said there were 2 roads, not 1 road; Enrile said there was no double insertion.”

This is the statement of Carmelita Bacod, former revenue district officer in Parañaque, who overpriced Villar’s land.

“There are properties [classified as] commercial regular with values at P20,000 and P10,000 but I chose the P30, 000 because it will mean more collection of capital gains tax for [the government].”

More capital gains tax for the government. Good. More capital gains for Villar. Better. 12 senators clearing Villar of all charges including overpricing. Best.

Whose election frame will dominate?

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Whose election frame will dominate?
Manuel Buencamino / Dispatches from the Enchanted Kingdom/Business Mirror

Slander cannot destroy an honest man—when the flood recedes the rock is there.—Chinese proverb

Pulse Asia just released its latest nationwide survey on the top choices for president. Noynoy Aquino is at 44 percent while Manuel Villar, Francis “Chiz” Escudero and Joseph Estrada are at 19, 13 and 11 percent, respectively. That makes the 2009 election a race for second place.

But that’s only true if honesty and an unblemished reputation remains the horse to ride.

Loren wakes up… again…and again…and again…this time with Villar

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Jamby Madrigal on Loren Legarda voting for a resolution to absolve Villar of ethics complaints that she supported before she decided to run as his vice-president.

I congratulate Mr. Villar for his fantastic lobbying in turning someone like Senator Legarda, who was rabidly against him into his girl Friday. As they say, Manny talks and money talks louder.”

Loren explained, “I am like the bamboo, resilient.”

The resilient one added, “I woke up one day realizing that our platform and aspirations for this country, especially uplifting the poor’s lot in life, converged.”

And this is the fourth time she will wake up and realize it’s time to hop to another political bed proving once again that she’s more resilient than the bamboo.

Ferrer defends his ruling

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Homophobe Comelec commissioner Nicodemo Ferrer added insult to injury when he told reporters that gays are not marginalizd, they are over represented.

“I told them (Ang Ladlad). You are not under-represented — actually you are over-represented in the Lower House and Upper House,”

Naturally, Ferrer weasled out of naming members of both Houses who were lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender.

Ferrer added,

“By their petition, they are seeking to separate themselves from the mainstream, right? But they are also Filipinos. Why look for a vehicle to separate themselves from the mainstream? What’s their purpose?”

What the fuck is the mainstream exactly? And who belongs to it?

Told that the Commission on Human Rights planned to intervene, the homophobe commissioner said,

“Anybody can intervene but we will see first if it (CHR) has a personal interest to be allowed to intervene or are they out to some other purpose or reasons other than a valid purpose,”

Next thing you know Ferrer will accuse CHR commissioner Leila de Lima of being a lesbian.

I bet Ferrer is repressed.

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