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September 29 sabi ni Gloria

Relocated families will be sheltered in all available premises within the Palace grounds. Government employees will be asked to make room for our guests, and I myself will move across the river to temporary quarters at bahay pangarap in the PSG compound.

So dinumog ng tao ang Malacanang. HIndi yata nagustuhan ni Gloria ang itsura at amoy nung mga pobre. So inutusan si Esperon na head ngayon ng Presidential Management Staff. long lines irk Arroyo

“Paalisin mo sila!” sabi ng dwende.

“Poh?” ang tanong ng muchacho.

“Basta paalisin mo sila. Bahala ka kung anong sasabihin mo sa kanila!” galit na utos ng dwendeng itim.

“Opoh,” sagot ng alila.

Hinarap niya ang mga pobre at sinabi niya,

“This is a repacking center, meaning we will receive donations, repack them, then send them to evacuation centers where the flood victims are.”

“Ano ka ninyo?” tanong ng madlang nakisilong sa Malacanan,

“Sabi ko repacking center ito, hindi evacuation center kaya kung hindi kayo damit, pagkain, o pera pwede na kayong umalis!”


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Missing in action
Dispatches from the Enchanted Kingdom/Business Mirror

“It is lack of love for ourselves that inhibits our compassion toward others.”

GLORIA ARROYO is often likened to the late Ferdinand Marcos. Indeed, many similarities can be found. But one stark difference between them can be seen during times of calamity.

Marcos and his family were always seen giving aid and comfort to victims, even at the height of typhoons. Gloria Arroyo, on the other hand, does not seem to value being with her people during times of crisis.


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Gloria Arroyo today said that she was going to turn Malacanan into a refugee, relief, and donation center.

As my own small contribution to the common effort, I have ordered Malacanang Palace to be opened to the general public, effective immediately, as a center for relief and rescue operations, the RECEIPT AND DISTRIBUTION OF CHARITABLE DONATIONS and the temporary relocation of families who were displaced or made homeless by the storm.


Mikey’s flood assistance program

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Rep. Mikey Arroyo at Rustans Liquor Section buying supplies for flood victims.

booze Lifted from Ellen Tordesillas

Schumey has a nice essay on Typhoon Kurakot

Half the truth is not enough

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Nyani Quarme, an African/Filipino/Australian photographer, writes a controversial essay on the tendency of mainstream media to tell only half the story.

Half the Truth is Not Enough

by Nyani Quarmyne/Yellow Pad BusinessWorld

Photographer Julie Jacobson recently captured an image of Lance Cpl. Joshua M. Bernard moments after he was fatally wounded by a Taliban rocket-propelled grenade. The photo was shot from a distance, apparently while Jacobson herself was under fire, and is somewhat blurry. Yet it is clear enough to convey the carnage that has been wrought, and the squalid ditch in which the dead man fell. In fact, the blur of motion in the photo serves to focus the viewer’s eye on the part of the image that is sharpest—the stricken soldier’s motionless torso and hauntingly vacant face. The photo also depicts the valor of the slain man’s comrades, who are a blur as they rush to his aid, an element of the story that much of the writing I have seen on the subject fails to note.

Not surprisingly, controversy is raging around the photograph in the US media. How could the Associated Press (AP) release this image? In fact, how could the photographer even shoot such an image? How could the AP and the photographer be so disrespectful of the slain soldier’s family and memory? Don’t they know he was someone with loved ones for whom such an image must cause untold anguish? Even US Secretary of Defense Robert M Gates weighed in to request that the image not be released.

On the other side are those who assert that it is the media’s role to tell the truth, and the truth is that war is ugly and that this is what happens to American soldiers in a war. (more…)

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Mad Dogs

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Cebu congressman Antonio Cuenco revealed that he polled his colleagues on the presidentiables. He said Aquino got 100, Villar 50, and Teodoro 50.

And the dog pound went nuts!

Miriam’s newfound nationalism

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Miriam Santiago is basking in the adulation accorded her by anti-VFA groups after she delivered a fiery speech sponsoring a renegotiation of the controversial treaty. She delivered a well-argued speech covering most, if not all, the arguments used by the five senators who voted against the VFA. (Teofisto Guingona, Raul Roco, Sergio Osmena III, Aquilino Pimentel, and Loren Legarda.)


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The House Appropriations committee approved the DoJ’s budget, including the insertions made by the PCGG and OSG to their budgets.

What are the insertions?

The PCGG and the OSG get 15 percent of whatever they recover from the ill gotten wealth cases against Marcos and his cronies. (10 for PCGG, 5 for OSG)

Incentive daw.

Nakngputang mga ungas na yan! Pinilit ba silang magtrabaho sa PCCG o sa OSG? Nagkakandarapa nga ang mga laman lupang yan na mabigyan sila ng pwesto. Ngayon kailangan nila ng incentive para magtrabaho sila?

I thought about ramming a baseball bat up the ass of PCGG commissioner Rick Abcede, as a warning to PCGG head Camilo Sabio and the other commissioners. And then I realized that Abcede would probably enjoy it.


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Less than a month after his brother was pilloried in the press for acquiring properties abroad, Dato Arroyo acquired a huge chunk of Camarines Sur.

The Senate, excluding Senators Noynoy Aquino, Mar Roxas, Pong Biazon, and Kiko Pangilinan, passed on second reading a Batasan bill that splits the first congressional district of Camarines into two, creating a new congressional district specially for Dato Arroyo.

Rolando Andaya, who had served three consecutive terms in the seat inherited from his father, made the mistake of lending it to Dato in 2007. Now he will get back only half. But he’s grateful Dato didn’t keep it all for himself.

Role models

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My column in Business Mirror for Wednesday, Sept 23, 2009 attempts to answer the question, where did Mikey learn the things he says and does

Good role models
Dispatches from the Enchanted Kingdom

“Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.”—Mark Twain

So what if Rep. Mikey Arroyo said his money came from unspent campaign funds that he did not report in his 2004 and 2007 campaign contributions and expenses statement to the Commission on Elections (Comelec).

So what if he said his wealth came from wedding gifts that he never reported to tax authorities.

So what if Mikey’s Foster City property is still in his wife’s name and not, as he claims, under Beach Way Llc., a limited liability company not registered anywhere.

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