Gloria in Forbes list of powerful women

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Gloria was included in the Forbes list of the world’s most powerful women. Naturally, the Palace decided to make a big thing out of it.

Budget secretary Rolando Andaya was quick to point out why Gloria made the list.

In a press briefing, Budget Secretary Rolando Andaya said that President Arroyo’s inclusion in the Forbes list could be traced to her sound economic measures that cushioned the effects of the global economic crisis.

Hmmm… One cannot accept the Palace’s word on anything so I went to the Forbes website and clicked on Gloria Arroyo.

This is what it says about Gloria:


I read it straight, upside down, on its side, and even from a mirror but I couldn’t find any mention of Gloria as a sound economist.

Chorvalu pala ni Mang Rolly!

(The site was down a couple of days. “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded” daw. Well. I don’t have that many visitors so I’m guessing I was spammed.)

Eats meets waste (UPDATED)

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Mikedin Arroyo comes out swinging… Hindi pangkaraniwan tao ang nanay ko! She is entitled!

Eats meets waste
Dispatches from the Enchanted Kingdom

“I ask our people to spend on the basics first before the luxuries so our children will have enough to eat.”—Gloria Arroyo

DEAR Dr. Anthony Golez,

Allow me to congratulate you for placing your president’s behavior in the proper context and for putting her critics in their place. You said it so beautifully I must quote your statement in full.

“The issue at hand cannot be the sincerity of this President’s commitment to uplifting our poor. Whatever monies may have been spent for the appropriately ceremonious conduct of her official trip abroad are but a tiny fraction of the billions of pesos she has committed, and will continue to commit, to the alleviation of hunger and the amelioration of poverty in our country.

“In their frenzy to score media points at the President’s expense, these critics will go so far as to demean and debase the office of the presidency itself, not just its current occupant.

“They would now have us believe that the leader of our nation is somehow not good enough to be hosted in the best hotels, or chauffeured around town, whenever he or she travels abroad as the representative of one of the 15 largest countries in the world.”

You’re absolutely correct; the issue is not about Mrs. Arroyo’s commitment to fighting poverty. It’s about what she’s entitled to as the head of a regime whose survival depends on exported labor and the largesse of rich countries.

Mrs. Arroyo must travel in chartered planes, ride in limousines, stay at the best hotels, and wine and dine at the finest restaurants because we don’t want anybody to think she’s not good enough.

She must always travel with a large entourage because we don’t want anybody to forget that the Philippines is one of the 15 most populous countries in the world.

Dr. Golez, your statement came at the right time. The trash talk about those dinners has gone out of control. Mrs. Arroyo’s critics connected those million-peso meals not only to hunger and poverty but also to the lack of proper equipment for the soldiers fighting bandits in Mindanao.

The latter connection is absurd. Everybody knows that passing on those dinners won’t help our soldiers. Filet mignon does not make good leather for combat boots and lobsters shells can’t be used as body armor.

That said, I would like your take on the comportment of Rep. Danilo Suarez, the host of the $15K dinner at Bobby Van’s Steakhouse in Washington, DC. The Washington Post thought he was a woman.

“…[A]t the conclusion of the meal, an unidentified woman opened a handbag stuffed with cash, counted out bills and paid the $15,000 tab.”

Do you think it was proper for Representative Suarez to dress in drag while he was still in Washington, DC? Shouldn’t he have waited until he got to the Bay Area in California before morphing into Danielle? Do you think he will clobber me with his purse if I continue asking questions?

Before I go, I hope you won’t mind some unsolicited advice.

Your statement, as beautiful as it is, was a bit too long for TV sound bites. Keep it short and sweet. Instead of that long-winded declaration, you could have simply said, “Mrs. Arroyo believes that the Filipino is worth dining for.” Trust me, it conveys the same message.

Hugs and kisses,


Gloria’s change of heart breaks a couple of hearts

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The Professional Heckler has the inside scoop on why Gloria Arroyo decided not to buy an executive jet.

President Arroyo has reportedly dropped plans to purchase a new presidential jet. When she learned that it would cost 1.2 billion pesos, she told her cabinet and allies in Congress, “That’s a lot of money. Ikain na lang natin!”

The entire nation appreciated Gloria’s change of heart, except Rep. Danilo Suarez and Rep. Martin Romualdez.

Asked if it was because they were bothered by the prospect of having to host P1.2B worth of dinners, the two mega-billionaire hosts said they weren’t worried about the expense. They have plenty to cover that.

They were heartbroken over Gloria’s change of heart for other reasons.

Rep. Martin Romualdez said,

” How will I pay for future dinners when Mike Arroyo has not returned my credit card, the one he “borrowed” to pay for the dinner in Le Cirque ?”

Rep. Danny Suarez, the man the Washington Post mistook for a woman, said,

“I already returned the dress and the purse that Medy Poblador lent me for that dinner at Bobby Van’s Steakhouse. What will I wear when Gloria invites me to invite her to dinner?”

Some good news, some a bit weird

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A congressional bicameral conference committee approved the anti-torture bill and Sen. Nene Pimentel said the government can use Manny Pacquiao to end the fighting in Mindanao.

I want my own jet (updated)

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The PDI reported that Gloria Arroyo wants two new executive jets.

Gary Oliver former leftist and now a Gloria butt-boy with the title of presidential economic spokesperson (“person” until he comes out), explained why Gloria neeed two new jets.

At least they are not cannibals

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I picked up the great poster from Manolo Quezon’s blog.

Apparently Gloria and her gang went to two other restaurants in New York, one of which was a steakhouse.

And then came the Washington Post report that the gang went from the White House to a steakhouse in DC. They spent 15K and an unidentified woman paid for it in cash.

(By the way, Obama could have recommended a very good hamburger place,)

So that’s two steak dinners within days of each other. This gang can’t get enough steak!

But, that, in a way, is good.

If they had gone around feasting on baby back ribs or pork chops, it would be cannibalism, swine feasting on pig meat.

Inggit lang kayo!

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‘Inggit lang kayo!’
Dispatches from the Enchanted Kingdom
Business Mirror Aug. 12, 2009

What lack of delicadeza are they talking about?
—Mrs. Cecile Guidote-Alvarez, on being named National Artist for Theater

A smooth face and a high education are not necessary to be a National Artist.
—Magno Carlo J. Caparas, on being named National Artist for Film and Visual Arts

Caligula made his horse a consul. Gloria Arroyo did the mad Roman emperor better. She turned National Artists into horse’s asses.

The unflappable Cerge…

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The continuing saga of Cerge Remonde and the 20K dinner at Le Cirque

It all started when…

Romy Macalintal’s dry hand-job

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PCIJ analyzes Gloria Arroyo’s Statements of Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth in a three-part series. The report tracks 17 years of Gloria’s SALNs.(READ REPORT HERE).

Newsbreak has two related reports. READ HERE and HERE.

Check them out. I’m sure you will conclude Gloria has some explaining to do.

The Palace reacted immediately, through Romulo Macalintal, Gloria’s election lawyer.

Bakit kaya election lawyer ang sumagot doon sa PCIJ report?

Eh sino pa? Sino pa ang makakapagpalusot doon sa dagdag-bawas sa mga SALN ni Gloria?

Miriam is outraged and now Cerge too

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The Daily Tribune headline story, Miriam, bishop ask Gloria to explain lavish NY feast reports the growing outrage over Bonnie and Clyde’s $20K anniversary dinner at Le Cirque.

Outrage built up yesterday over the lavish dinner in an upscale New York restaurant of President Arroyo, First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo and choice members of the recent US visit entourage that racked a bill of P1 million.

Even a staunch ally of Arroyo in the Senate was scandalized by the profligate feast while a Catholic bishop said Malacañang should fully explain the need for Arroyo’s and her entourage’s kingly meal.

Miriam? That’s surprising.


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