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Got this in my in-box. Don’t know where the sender got it from but it’s a good one.


And from Jesus’ General


Oh no! The ingratitude!

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A friend commented that Orly Mercado, newly appointed ambassador to China, has a striking resemblance to Miriam Santiago. I can see it if I mentally “photoshop” the hair and lipstick. Anyway, that’s not what made me say “Oh no!”, although Orly might.


It’s her statement to the press that got me.

    “I would have to resign [as senator] because the term [of an ICJ judge] will begin by about the first week of January and I would miss about one year of my term. So if that happens, I hope that the electorate will forgive me.”

So far so good. And yes we will forgive you if you resign. Anytime and for no reason at all would be good.

But then she added,

    “If I don’t make it, then I’ll probably run for president of the Philippines. That is just to put terror in the heart of my enemies.”

I know it will be fun to follow her around but our campaign season is too long. Miriam can get old pretty fast.

I hope she gets the ICJ post. At least we won’t have to live with her by ourselves anymore.

But on a more serious note.


    Arroyo: ‘Keep US carrier outside RP territorial waters’
    To avoid issues over nuke weapons

    By Maila Ager
    First Posted 14:43:00 06/27/2008

    NEW YORK CITY — To avoid any issues — legal or otherwise — over nuclear weapons, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has ordered that an American aircraft carrier sent to the country to help victims of typhoon “Frank” (international codename: Fengshen) be kept outside Philippine territorial waters.

    Earlier this week, after meeting Arroyo in the White House, US President George W. Bush ordered the USS Ronald Reagan and its battle group to assist with relief and rehabilitation efforts for the victims of Frank.

    However, Senator Rodolfo Biazon warned that it could be a violation of the law to allow the aircraft carrier inside the country’s territory if it was carrying nuclear weapons.

    At a meeting with the Filipino community here, Arroyo enumerated the assistance the US government has extended.

    Then she added: “Kaya lang nabasa ko sa news, may taga-ating nagbatikos na naman. Sabi may nuclear weapons daw ang aircraft carrier, kaya bawal raw pumunta sa Pilipinas [But I read in the news, someone back home has been criticizing again. He said that the aircraft carrier has nuclear weapons and it is therefore prohibited from going to the Philippines].”

    “Kaya tuloy, para iwasan na lang ang intriga, mananatili na lang ito [aircraft carrier] sa dulo ng territorial waters ng Pilipinas tapos papasok-palabas yung mga tutulong. [Therefore, just to avoid intrigue, it will just stay at the edges of Philippine territorial waters with those delivering aid going back and forth],” she said, even as she complained, “Pinahirapan pa natin sila sa pagtutulong [We are giving them a hard time helping us].”

Well girl you’re the president not Biazon. He is just a senator. You’re the one who can and did issue the order to prohibit the nuclear powered aircraft carrier from delivering bottled water not him. Why are you blaming the guy for raising a legitimate warning?

Nukes are banned in this country, But hey the US has a “don’t deny, don’t admit” policy with regards to nukes on their warships and planes so you have wiggle room.

Why are you giving Generous George a hard time? Now everytime he thinks of Burma he will be reminded of you.

Cheap-shot blogger

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The blogger is cheap.

This is his cheap shot:

    Meanwhile the CPP NPA NDF cell and the leftist ideologues inside the biggest tabloid in the country are working overtime to complain about “US military presence” in the form of the USS Ronald Reagan, which is assisting in rescue and recovery operations at the capsized MV Princess of the Stars. In this connection, there is also the utter gracelessness of the blogger at Uniffors.

In his usual cheap way, the blogger, Dean Jorge Bocobo, who baptized himself as “Rizalist”, insinuated that I was criticizing the helping hand of Bush by connecting me to “the CPP NPA NDF cell and the leftist ideologues inside the biggest tabloid in the country.”

But my post makes no mention of Bush sending an aircraft carrier to the typhoon stricken areas.

The post, from my newspaper column in the Business Mirror, was on Gloria Arroyo’s lack of pakikiramay.

The two cartoons, one on Gloria’s sidewalk news conference and the other, quoting Bush verbatim, didn’t even hint at a nuclear warship delivering water bottles to typhoon victims. The cartoons were there to highlight the utter uselessness, insensitivity, and waste of resources of Gloria’s trip.

I think I know what got Rizalist’s goat. It’s these two paragraphs:

    In Washington, the only meeting that you cannot pass off to a cabinet member is your tete a tete with lameduck George. That’s nothing but a photo-op. What lasting commitment can you get from him who will be gone by January?
    You don’t have to go to the Pentagon. Gilbert Teodoro can meet with his counterpart to discuss defense reform even though it’s a waste of time because he will be talking to a lame duck secretary.

DJ, I know you are not “despicable” as AdB called you. You are just depressed. So please get some help. Or at least take some medication.

I’m sure you are aware that one of the most imprtant weapons used by the US in Bush’s “global war of terror” are anti-depressants for its forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. (See Time Magazine).

Don’t ask me why fighting for democracy is so depressing.

But you can avail yourself of US military anti-depressants since you are a keyboard warrior, a message multiplier, an essential ingredient of any war.

Don’t despair DJ. Just think Vietnam. We never imagined that war would end. But it did. These war will end too, with employees of Blackwater and Halliburton hanging on the rails of helicopters as they scramble out of the Green Zone and Kabul.

Meanwhile, take a pill or two. Chase it down with beer or tequila. I guarantee it will make you feel like you’re winning something.

The Kings of Crass (UPDATED)

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    “The visit of the President has been scheduled and when the President left, the situation as far as the typhoon is concerned, was still in its development stage. THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME WE HAD A STORM IN THE PHILIPPINES” – Eduardo Ermita


    “Well, the President’s trip was long scheduled. The storm called Frank had no scheduled arrival.”- Prospero Nograles

(UPDATE) Who says nobody cancels planned trips?

Supremo, a commenter in Manolo Quezon’s blog, sets the record straight.

    supremo Says:
    June 26th, 2008 at 9:38 am
    ‘The Armenian government let in foreign aid workers to help with the recovery in the earthquake’s aftermath, and this was one of the first cases when rescue and relief workers from other countries were allowed to take part in relief works in the Soviet Union. Mikhail Gorbachev, on a visit to the United States, cut his trip short and went directly to Armenia to visit the quake-affected areas.’
    supremo Says:
    June 26th, 2008 at 9:39 am
    supremo Says:
    June 26th, 2008 at 9:42 am
    ‘Ms. Tosayaporn Nitya, an official from the Prime Minister’s Spokesman Bureau confirmed with Xinhua that the Thai prime minister decided to cancel the trip to China Tuesday morning, as he does not want to bother the Chinese government which will be busy with handling disaster relief work after a 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit Sichuan Province on Monday in southwestern China and caused vibration throughout many other provinces in the country and even beyond its border, leaving nearly 10,000 people dead by now.’
    supremo Says:
    June 26th, 2008 at 9:59 am
    ‘TAIPEI, Taiwan — President Ma Ying-jeou has canceled a plan to participate in this year’s Dragon Boat races, bowing to mounting pressure that he stop having fun in festive events while people in central and southern Taiwan have been hit hard by heavy rains and flooding.’


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The woman holding a press conference at a sidewalk in front of the Willard Hotel in Washington, DC.

She just doesn’t get it. My column today for Business Mirror is an attempt tp slap some sense into her,


    Dear Queenie,

    Do you have any idea what “makiramay” means?

    Makiramay means you care. It means you share the pain of those who lost their family, their friends, and their property in the recent typhoon.

    Makiramay is not your Press Secretary announcing, “The President is so concerned about the situation there. Immediately upon arriving here in San Francisco, she convened the NDCC to be able to be personally informed of the situation there.”

    You need to be HERE not THERE. You need to be in the calamity areas handing out relief goods and offering comfort to the typhoon victims not in the comfort of your suite at the Fairmont Hotel barking out orders and bawling out the coast guard chief.

    What is so important about your trip that you cannot cancel it to be with your suffering people?

    From San Franciso you flew to Fresno to thank expats for their help over the years. You went to the Community Regional Medical Center to tell the Filipino medical practitioners, “Bumisita ako ngayon para ipaalam sa inyo na ipinagmamalaki namin ang ating mga medical practitioners dito sa Amerika.”

    And then, as an added treat, according to your press secretary’s website, “Some 600 Filipino-Americans witnessed the President’s conduct of a video conference with the National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) where President Arroyo showed that despite her being out of the Philippines to foster diplomatic relations with its most important ally, she remains focused and on top of the situation back home.”

    Your president at work?

    A total of 198,545 Ilongos are in 58 evacuation centers in Iloilo City, 353,000 were displaced in the rest of the province, 33,000 families suffered the same fate in Eastern Visayas, and over 700 hundred dead in a boat accident. And you’re in Fresno, California posing for pictures.

    In Washington, the only meeting that you cannot pass off to a cabinet member is your tete a tete with lameduck George. That’s nothing but a photo-op. What lasting commitment can you get from him who will be gone by January?

    It would be nice to personally thank Bush and the US Senate for the Veterans Bill but there’s a calamity back home. They will understand.

    You don’t have to go to the Pentagon. Gilbert Teodoro can meet with his counterpart to discuss defense reform even though it’s a waste of time because he will be talking to a lame duck secretary.

    There is no meeting in Washington that you cannot cancel.

    As for New York, do you really have to personally wine and dine those UN permanent representatives to get their vote for Miriam Santiago? What do you think the people of Iloilo will appreciate more, your presence in their province or you campaigning in New York for their province-mate?

    You have been compared to Marcos countless times. It’s unfair to the late dictator and his family. Marunong makiramay ang mga Marcos in times of calamity.

    Imelda Marcos and her children, even at the height of a typhoon, would always be at the scene giving aid and comfort to the victims. You always arrive late.

    I remember when Milenyo hit the country, the first photo to appear in the papers was you, in your cute little rainwear, inspecting the fallen trees in Malacanan while hundreds of thousands of victims in the Bicol region and Southern Luzon were waiting for some relief. And you wonder why you are the most disliked president this country ever had? You care more for the trees in your garden.

    I have seen Imelda Marcos shed tears as she embraced victims of calamities. Her tears were real. I have seen you in similar situations; you looked uncomfortable and your discomfort was real.

    MAKIRAMAY KA! It’s not enough that you show the people you are micromanaging the situation. Managing is not caring; it’s a job. Victims need to know someone cares.

    I know you don’t give a shit about your people but I know you love living in Malacanan. So cut your trip short before the people finally decide to cut your stay short.

    Your loyal subject,

And this is the first thing Bush told her… (Thanks to EQ for the tip.)


“She’s so concerned”

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    “The President is so concerned about the situation there. Immediately upon arriving here in San Francisco, she convened the NDCC to be able to be personally informed of the situation there.” – Press Secretary Jess Dureza


    “There’s no talk about cutting short the trip… she will be hands-on there,” said Press Secretary Jesus Dureza
    “She’s on top of the situation even though she’s not physically here,” he said.

Being Pro-Business is Good

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This is the second part of the essay Filomeno S. Sta.Ana III wrote for Business World’s Yellow Pad last Monday.

    Being Pro-Business is Good

    by Filomeno S. Sta. Ana III

    In the article titled Populism and Being Anti-Business (BusinessWorld, 16 June 2008), I said that Gloria Arroyo’s populism, while pandering to the masses, is ultimately anti-poor as well as anti-business. It is a brand of populism that weakens macroeconomic fundamentals and productivity and therefore harms the whole nation.

    Her being anti-business is politically partisan, and the economic consequence of this antagonism is damaging.

    In her spite toward business community members who oppose or criticize her, she has unleashed the State’s instruments to intimidate or demolish them. Corporations of businessmen sympathetic to or active in the anti-Arroyo movement are subject to tax harassment, threat of takeover, and arbitrary change of rules. Even the apolitical segment of business is hurt by corruption, cronyism, and the State’s arbitrariness in undermining contracts and reversing policies.

    Being anti-business is part and parcel of Arroyo’s hostile governance that has exacted huge economic costs, especially in terms of foregone investments and jobs. The current consumer-led growth could have attracted or generated a much bigger amount of investments, if we only had a business-friendly regime. Foreign direct investments (FDI) in the Philippines, for example, pale in comparison to communist Vietnam’s FDI flows. Vietnam gets three times as much FDI as the Philippines. 

    The flipside of being anti-business— being pro-business— can be the catalyst to propel the country towards rapid and sustained growth. India’s success story illustrates this.


What not to wear in Bohol

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A relative sent me this photo. It’s a sign posted at a Catholic church in Bohol reminding church goers about inappropriate wear. Take note of the illustration at the bottom right.


And here’s Bush in Iowa.

Said Lashawn Baker of Cedar Rapids, Iowa

    “I really don’t have much of an opinion of his coming. It took him a long time to get to New Orleans and he didn’t help any of those people, so I don’t think he’s going to do anything to help Cedar Rapids now that he’s here.”

Separated at birth

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Manolo Quezon has some interesting thoughts on the Ces Drilon kidnapping

One question that has always been in the back of many minds is the respective roles of the PNP and the AFP in the area of insurgency. Strictly speaking, the PNP should deal with the insurgency because it is, after all, a law and order problem, a police matter. The AFP should focus on our external defense.

I once asked a close friend from the PNP why the AFP is doing police or constabulary work. He said,

    “Eh ayaw lumaban ng mga pulis. Pagsinabi mo may operation laban sa NPA, MILF or ASG biglang nagkakasakit ang mga pulis. Biglang nagkakaroon ng diarrhea epidemic sa kampo, That’s why the whole thing was turned over to the AFP.”

Maybe things are changing. A few months ago, we saw the brave PNP Special Action Force attack the Peninsula Hotel to serve an arrest warrant on about a dozen soldiers. This could be an indication that the PNP is acquiring some intestinal fortitude. The Peninsula Siege was a small step but it was still s step away from the latrine.

I hope the PNP becomes more active in domestic peacekeeping. . It might result in lower crime rates because the pulis will have less time to engage in bank robberies, kidnappings, and protection services for jueteng, drug, smuggling, and illegal logging lords.

Manolo also reprinted the following text circulated yesterday:

    I was at a luncheon mtg w Ed Espiritu. He is an unimpeachable source re Ces Drilon kidnap. He is family, brother of mom of ces. He can’t believe d gall of Loren daw. She got into d picture only after family of Ces paid 5M. That’s when first cameraman was released. They had to pay some more for d release of the Ces and Jimmy. Ces felt she had no choice but to go along w Loren’s script. Loren even directed plane to taxi more to change position so they would be facing camera when dey disembark & she told Ces that she has to emerge from plane first and dat Ces should follow only after 10 mins. And now Loren and Ed Angara want Ces to seek an audience w GMA. Ces knows she’s being used but at d time of her release she felt she had no choice. By d way d family also thinks dat d mayor being held now is guilty. He & Loren were also d ones who negotiated w kidnappers of Arlene de la Cruz w same MO.

The text explains why all of a sudden, wannabe president Loren Legarda, emerged from a jet with the kidnap victims in tow and why, at the press conference after disembarkation, she was seated beside Ces Drilon while the other victims were relegated to the sidelines. All of a sudden she was the hero. Meanwhile, her fellow negotiator is being charged with masterminding the kidnapping.

Steal the show. Take the Oscar for someone else’s performance. Just like Gloria.

As of this post, I am still waiting if the Loren-scripted call of Ces and company on Gloria will happen. If it pushes through then we know that Loren will bed anyone for the presidency.

Talagang separated at birth ang dalawa.

“Wipe out kidnappers”

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“Wipe out kidnappers, Arroyo orders troops” is the headline of a story in the Arroyo crony paper. Manila Standard Today.

The report by Jaime Pilapil begins with:

    PRESIDENT Arroyo yesterday ordered the military and police “to wipe out the Abu Sayyaf once and for all,” following the release of broadcast journalist Cecilia Drilon and two other hostages midnight Tuesday.

I’ve lost count of how many times, over the years, Gloria Arroyo has ordered the AFP and the PNP to wipe out the Abu Sayyaf.

And I’ve also lost count of how many times police and military leadership have responded with words similar to what newly installed AFP chief Alexander Yano said:

    “Punitive actions will be launched against the kidnappers and other terrorists in Sulu. We will use the full might of the government forces in the area to go after them.”

An official who requested anonymity (WHAT AND WHY THE FUCK FOR?) added:

    “Composite elite forces were already deployed in every target that was made available to us. These units are just waiting for the proper time to strike.

    “In the next several hours, ground troops will conduct assaults on these pinpointed locations that could last for several days or weeks. The military is determined to end the Abu Sayyaf in Sulu and in Basilan and anywhere else in Mindanao.”

Days, weeks, years or forever.

The Abus will still be there. They’re getting younger, as young as 12 years old, according to the kidnap victims.

Brave but poorly trained and ill-equipped soldiers led by inept commanders handpicked for their loyalty to Gloria Arroyo will never accomplish anything. That’s the bottom line.


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