What was he thinking?!?

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The head of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, Dionisio Santiago, went to Tacloban City to sign a memorandum of agreement with non-governmental organizations who were supporting the PDEA’s campaign against illegal drugs.

At the press conference after the signing, Santiago told reporters that the PDEA plants drugs on suspects.

We sometimes do this although this is against the rule of law. Definitely we only apply this matter to some cases, like a subject who is publicly known to be peddling drugs but always escapes arrest. This is when we enter the picture.

But PDEA operatives make sure that they (known drug traffickers) won’t know that we put planted evidence. We are doing this because we want to neutralize big personalities engaged in the illegal drug trade which destroys the future of the youth.

This is a remedy that we sometimes undertake so that we can put to rest some people. Kesa naman patayin natin e di plantingan na lang natin para mabilanggo. Alam niyo to kill a cat there are so many ways, pero hindi naming gagawing very obvious ang planting. (Rather than killing them let’s just plant evidence so they go to jail. You know to kill a cat there are so many ways, but we won’t make very obvious the planting.)

Santiago’s regional director, Gil Pabilona, then told the press that more than 200 drug cases filed by the PDEA in Region VIII have led to convictions.

“Whoopee!” said the Region VIII defense lawyers club. “Santiago just shot himself in the foot. He admitted his agency plants drugs on suspects. That means each and every one of those 200 drug cases his regional director talked about now carries reasonable doubt.”

“Furthermore, all future drug cases his agency will prosecute will also become suspect. He just made his agency inutile,” cheered the defense lawyers.

“Too clever for his own good, Santiago is,” said Yoda.


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Winston Garcia bought Meralco shares with GSIS money. As the trustee of GSIS members’ contributions, he is supposed to do everything he can to safeguard that investment As a Meralco director he owes not only GSIS members but all Meralco shareholders not to engage in behavior that will have negative effects on the company’s share value.

Meralco’s share price dropped like a rock when Garcia threw his tantrum. It is now selling at 60 from a high of 80. Now some people will say those are only paper losses and Meralco shares will rebound once the stockholder war ends. That’s possible. But paper loss for Garcia is real loss for anybody who bought Meralco a month ago and now has to sell his stock because he needs the money.

Can someone in that position sue Garcia for causing him financial injury?

I hope so.

McClellan flips

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Scott McClellan, former Bush Press Secretary, spills the beans in a soon-to-be-released tell-all book “What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington’s Culture of Deception”

McClellan, according to Mike Allen of politico.com, revealed :

President Bush “veered terribly off course,” was not “open and forthright on Iraq,” and took a “permanent campaign approach” to governing at the expense of candor and competence.

McClellan charges that Bush relied on “propaganda” to sell the war.

• He says the White House press corps was too easy on the administration during the run-up to the war.

• He admits that some of his own assertions from the briefing room podium turned out to be “badly misguided.” 

• The longtime Bush loyalist also suggests that two top aides held a secret West Wing meeting to get their story straight about the CIA leak case at a time when federal prosecutors were after them — and McClellan was continuing to defend them despite mounting evidence they had not given him all the facts.

• McClellan asserts that the aides — Karl Rove, the president’s senior adviser, and I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, the vice president’s chief of staff — “had at best misled” him about their role in the disclosure of former CIA operative Valerie Plame’s identity.

Any chance this asshole will do a McClellan?
Well, millions in annual salary and perks at the Monetary Board can lull most people into silence. Maybe after his term ends?

Boca Raton

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Hillary Clinton reneges on a pledge.


Boca Raton

“What one must lose in order to win is sometimes not worth the price of playing.”—The Rude Pundit

Hillary Clinton said she would stay in the Democratic Party’s presidential primaries all the way to the end. There’s nothing wrong with that. It ain’t over till it’s over, and her supporters expect her to put up a good fight. Unfortunately, she’s fighting dirty in order to win.

After losing heavily in North Carolina and narrowly winning Indiana, Hillary claimed the two elections showed Obama did not have the support of “working, hard-working Americans, white Americans.” The Rude Pundit decoded that language for anyone too dense to understand its meaning.

He wrote: “Clinton’s final appeal for the Democratic nomination is this: ‘America is a racist nation. While there’s a lot of black people who will vote for me, there’s way more white people who won’t vote for Obama because they think he’s a Muslim nigger.’”

But putting aside her not-so-subtle appeal to racism—which, unfortunately, is still normal in any American electoral contest involving a white and a nonwhite—the big foul committed by Hillary is trying to change the rules of the game after she pledged to abide by them.

This week at the CBCP

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The CBCP website reported that Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines Public Affairs Committee head Bishop Deogracias Iñiguez urged former Speaker Jose De Venecia to testify on the ZTE case.

“He should really tell all everything he knows about the deal to prove if something anomalous was really committed,” Iniguez said.

Meanwhile in Ozamiz City, the CBCP reported that Archbishop Jesus Dosado was in a tizzy over short skirts.

Dosado criticized the inappropriate attire of the youth during Mass. He called on his congregation to do away with miniskirts, short pants, fitting blouses during Church activities.

The prelate encouraged women to wear the traditional veils during Mass.

JDV promised the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee that if he shows up to testify he will dress appropriately.

“It’s alright ma, I’m only bleeding…”

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In Monday’s Yellow Pad (Business World), AER’s Rene Raya notes the effect of hard times on education and health.

Filipino families and government spending less on

by Rene Raya

How does one cope when income drops, when food and
fuel prices go up, and when there is no money left to
send the children to school? The latest Family Income
and Expenditure Survey (FIES 2006) suggests that for
poor Filipino households, coping meant spending more
on alcohol and tobacco. Well, at least the poor were
creative enough to find happy moments amidst difficult
times. In comparison, the non-poor were more prudent
but maybe less happy, although the FIES does not come
out with any index on happiness or misery. 

But seriously, when families experience a drop in real
income, spend less on education and health care, but
increase spending on alcohol and tobacco, then one can
say that times are indeed harsh. 


Ang sarap ng Buhay

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Here’s an interesting bit of news from our contacts at the Batasan.

The Velardes, eight of them, are going to Japan via Hongkong on the 26th of this month. They will stay in Japan until June 7 and then head for the United States.

It’s a private trip so it should be none of our business EXCEPT Mike Velarde’s son, Hon. Rene M. Velarde, who sits as partylist representative for Mike Velarde’s Buhay Party, wrote the Department of Foreign Affairs the following seemingly innocuous letter:

This humble representation would like to request for protocol assistance to be extended to the following members of my family: Mariano Z. Velarde, Mariano Michael M. Velarde, Melissa Velarde, Iago Manuel Velarde, Avelina M. Velarde, Franklin Velarde, Inno Miguel Velarde, Ignacio Mariano Velarde.

He then gives their flight details and ends his letter with

Any assistance given shall be greatly appreciated.
Thank you very much

This is how it will go:

The DFA will send the congressman’s communication to all the posts concerned. The posts, in turn, will send a protocol officer to the airport to meet and greet the delegation. If the airport is not very strict then the protocol officer will meet them at the tube, escort them through immigration and customs, help wheel out their baggage, and offer to provide transportation from airport to wherever they are billeted. The ambassador or consul general may even offer a vehicle or two, if he has any, for their use. He may even host a lunch or dinner for them or give them an Embassy reception.

This kind of protocol is SOP for all official delegations.

Did Malacanan or the Batasan send eight members of the Velarde family on an official mission to Japan and the US?

Or is this just another case of a family using one of their own to get preferential treatment?

In fairness to the Velardes, this type of request is common. It’s just too bad that we got hold of their letter. So we’re not picking on the Velardes.

We’re merely using this event to highlight the fact that many of our servants behave like masters. They expect preferential treatment not only for themselves but for their families as well.

We have an elected monarchy.

What we want are public servants exemplified by Crispin Beltran. He served without asking or taking anything in return. His colleagues were shocked that he lived simply and died poor.

Our servants have become our masters, the swine have taken over the farm and we are the lechon. That’s all.

Pissing on a grave

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Raul Gonzalez, that hemmorhoid on the nation’s ass, paid tribute to the late Crispin Beltran.

He wrote:

The tragic death of Rep. Crispin Beltran, “Ka Bel” to his friends in the militant movement, should, of course, be mourned, because whatever our differences in our approach to government, I have no doubt that Ka Bel was a Filipino who loved his country.

He could not understand why Ka Bel never took advantage of his position to become a rich men:

I am convinced Ka Bel was not a rich man, but I am wondering why his net worth is only P50,000 after being a congressman for three terms.

Then he unzipped his pants, whipped out his atrophied penis and dripped his fetid urine on a true patriot:

Even just for his salary and allowances as member of the House, I am sure he could have lived comfortably. Unless, of course, it is true that as a party-list representative, so much of his income is being turned over to the Anakpawis organization, which, in turn, probably supports some other movements beyond Congress.

Raul Gonzalez ended his tribute with:

At any rate, I have not heard of any report of scandalous behavior or of any act of corruption against the late Representative Beltran. May he rest in peace

Blithely dismissing the fact that he just pissed on Beltran.

I just found a better use for Mayor Fernando’s pink sidewalk urinals: as headstone for Raul Gonzalez’s grave. He will never run out of visitors.

Every picture tells a story

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My column in today’s issue of Business Mirror


What’s going on?

“Something is happening here, but you don’t know what it is, do you, Mr. Jones?” —Bob Dylan

Lost in the controversy surrounding photographs showing the Arroyo couple enjoying a round of golf with ZTE officials is a British High Court decision to reverse a lower-court ruling that secretly filming “a man in his swimming trunks at a swimming pool” violated the 2003 Sexual Offenses Act.

At issue was whether or not “man breasts” or “moobs” constituted private parts, as contemplated in the law.

Lord Justice Anthony Hughes said, “The intention of Parliament was to mean female breasts and not an exposed male chest. The former are still private—amongst 21st century bathers—the second is not.”

Thus the Lord Justice ruled, “This act [2003 Sexual Offenses Act] didn’t mean to refer to the male chest but only to female breasts, it follows that the judge’s directions on the meaning of breasts were erroneous.”

The Agence France-Presse summed it up as the failure of the judge in the initial case to properly explain “the difference between breasts and chest.”

And that brings us to Gloria Arroyo and her minions, who want the public to believe that the Shenzen photos are just “chest” pictures despite the fact that, as Sunday’s Philippine Daily Inquirer editorial correctly pointed out, the camera-hungry Mrs. Arroyo uncharacteristically and purposely kept away her usual retinue of paparazzi and chroniclers.

A true patriot departs

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Anakpawis Rep. Crispin Beltran has been diagnosed as “brain dead” at the Far Eastern University hospital in Quezon City after falling from the roof of his home in Barangay Muzon Tuesday morning.


Crispin Beltran is a true “anak pawis.” A former labor leader who was elected to Congress as a party list representative, Beltran never strayed from his mission to uplift the less fortunate among us. He made his Batasan colleagues uncomfortable with his honesty, humility and disdain for the trappings of power. He was detained for over a year by the Arroyo regime on trumped-up charges because he refused to compromise his principles and sell-out his constituents.

Beltran is a hero. He fought the good fight honestly, selflessly, and fearlessly.

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