Rectal Rectitude

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I would like to thank Msgr.Achilles Dakay of Cebu and Raul Gonzalez of Enchanted Kingdom for inspiring this article

Rectal rectitude

Cebu’s epitome of rectitude, Monsignor Achilles Dakay, said the rectal scandal, courtesy of the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center, was, at bottom, all about “the homosexual act that was done very badly.”

I had to ask my confessor, “Is the monsignor suggesting he knows a better way to stuff a can of body spray up a rectum?”

Now, I don’t want to be accused of taking the good priest’s words out of context, so here is his statement as reported in another paper:

“We are asking everyone not to forget or to bypass the main issue: The wrong act of a gay with another man,” Dakay said in an interview over the Church-run Radio Veritas. “People are not talking about what happened before the operation—the homosexual act that was done very badly.”

I still can’t tell whether he’s talking about morals or criticizing an insertion technique.

Anyway, something else Dakay said made me wonder about the mental health of his God, for he said, “We should sympathize with them because they were born that way and made that way, but if they did what is prohibited, then that is another thing.”

How much stupid does it take?

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Social Weather Station surveys Jun Lozada’s credibility. HERE

The survey found that about 60 percent of those surveyed believe Lozada. 30 something percent don’t and a little under 10 percent don’t know enough about the issue to be able to make a call.

Another way of reading that survey is 60 percent don’t believe Malacanan’s version and 30 something percent do.

So how much stupid does it take to believe Malacanan’s version of ZTE, the Lozada kidnapping and his aborted liquidation?

Mine is bigger

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Hillary Clinton began talking tough on the eve of the Pennsylvania primary. Scary, loony tough.


On ABC’s “Good Morning America” she sent a message to Iran’s mullahs:

A win-win solution

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I don’t blame John Marzan for complaining

Bayani Fernando, the presidential wannabe dubbed the Pink Fascist by Inquirer columnist Patricia Evagelista, tore down this billboard of Cindy Kurleto because it could be “fatal distraction” to motorists.


Only to replace it with his own billboard, complete with a photo that would, without a doubt, bring on a fatal attack of diarrhea and vomiting.

Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay, concerned about the health of Makati residents and the enormous cost to taxpayers of cleaning up all the shit and vomit caused by the Fernando billboards, acted immediately. He tore down the offensive billboards.

Raise the roof!

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Here’s a thought provoking article by Manuel L. Quezon III. I am a salaried worker so I like it.

The Long View
Rice per minute
By Manuel L. Quezon III

Thads Bentulan caused a stir some years ago with his proposal for what he called Hyperwage, the benefits that would arise from immediately raising salaries tremendously. Recently, he sent me a PowerPoint presentation involving the comparison of rice prices (as of April 20) in three places: Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines. He did an analysis of these prices, from the point of view of domestic helpers and janitors in these countries.

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Earth Day blues

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My article for yesterday’s Business Mirror is an updated version of an article I wrote four years ago for the defunct Today.


Earth Day blues

“Somebody told me how frightening it was how much topsoil we are losing each year, but I told that story around the campfire and nobody got scared.” – Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy

Nobody listens to scientists until it’s too late. Scientists who warned the world’s leaders about unsustainable development were ignored, laughed at and called “tree huggers” until food riots in Haiti, Bangladesh, and Egypt made politicians everywhere take notice.

Teachers Pwet (UPDATED)

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Dear John.

Your reply to our criticism of the Jesuit guidelines for action was to label us Armchair Radicals.

You wrote,

“Buencamino and Sta. Ana have committed the old crime known in the free-spirited Sixties as libel by label; it will do all of us who take part in the public discourse good if we say so plainly—and call them to account for their intellectual dishonesty…The thrust of the Buencamino and Sta. Ana critique can be summed up neatly enough in the label in its title: “Jesuitic placebo.” Essentially, they criticize the guidelines as an exercise in casuistry, in merely clever double talk.”

Eto yun.

Unang una, libel is committed against a person not a thing.

Our article, Jesuitic Placebo, criticizes the statement of the Jesuits. If after reading our criticism you concluded we were calling the authors of the “guidelines” a bunch of switiks eh that’s because it’s impossible to separate an author from his creation…unless, of course you use switik methods.

To reiterate, Jesuitic Placebo is an apt description of the “guidelines” itself. That was a direct assault on the Jesuit paper. The authors were collateral damage only. On the other hand, the title of your piece “Armchair Radicals,” was a direct assault on us. Our piece was the collateral damage, if at all.

Nga pala, thank you for saying the thrust of our article “summed up neatly enough in the label in its title: “Jesuitic placebo.” Your title didn’t match your piece at all. I couldn’t find any armchair or radical in it. All I found was a good little Ateneo alumni seated safely on his mentor’s lap and calling us names.


Blame it on the heat

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In Business World’s Yellow Pad, Filomeno S. Sta. Ana III, starts out with the weather and ends up with Jose Rizal. An excellent summer read.

Summer Heat and Indolence
Filomeno S. Sta. Ana III

The heat is terrible; it enervates and drives me crazy. I have not been productive lately because of Manila’s hot weather. A temperature of 37 degrees Celsius is no impetus to leave home and proceed to work, much less to attend anti-Gloria activities.

No wonder, some anti-Gloria protesters journeyed to pleasant Baguio. They found an excuse to enjoy Baguio’s refreshing weather: a mobilization at the Supreme Court, which holds session in the summer capital every April.

Gloria benefits from the intense heat, because it saps the energy of the anti- Gloria movement. When the temperature soars to 37 degrees Celsius, even the
fiercest firebrand loses the vitality to pound the pavement and chant slogans.

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After Bush, the Deluge

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There’s something about Republican candidate John Mc Cain that makes me feel a bit uneasy, in the same way that I do when I am in a mall and I see someone who argues with himself fondling an AK-47.

Take this quiz from the New Yorker.

Really?!? I don’t think so..

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Seems like Ombudsgirl Merceditas Gutierrez is going to allow the case against her former boss, Ex Justice Secretary Nani Perez, to proceed.

Gutierrez said,

“After a perspicacious review of the records, the undersigned found nothing that would indicate that there is reason to disturb the earlier findings of the special panel.”

Perspicacious : having a ready insight into and understanding of things.

When Mark Jimenez dropped the bomb on Perez and Perez was forced to resign, Merceditas Gutierrez, then undersecretary of Justice, was named acting secretary. She had a “ready insight and understanding of things” then, right?

Here’s a post from John Marzan dated 14 February, 2006 that suggests the same.


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