Another offensive text from Gloria’s minions

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They have no limits. They will even use the illness of Corazon Aquino to their advantage.

Here’s a text I got from them today:

Let’s try to be true Christians and pray for God’s healing powers to benefit Cory in body and attitude. Might be the Lord’s way to convert us all. In the process unifying Pinoys who will then discard selfishness and bring progress to our country and especially minimize poverty. Please pass.

So I replied:

Cory’s attitude is ok. She has colon cancer. SHE DOES NOT HAVE CANCER OF THE SOUL.

Furthermore, if the Lord really wanted to convert us and unify us and get rid of selfishness so that we can minimize poverty, then He would have spared Cory Aquino and struck Gloria with lightning. Please pass.

Tatlong Pinoy

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An old joke worth retelling.

Three Filipino businessmen were in an Ayala Avenue coffee shop arguing as to what race Adam and Eve were.

Enrique Razon of ICTSI said, “they must be Tisoy as they are so good looking.”

Donald Dee of PCCI said, “they must be Tsinoy as they are so calm even with a snake in their garden.”

Ramon del Rosario of MBC said, “they must be Pinoy as they have no shelter, no clothes, no money, and yet they believe the snake who told them that they are living in paradise!”

The tapes

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This was my column in yesterday’s Business Mirror. There’s probably no need for Enrile to do this now because the Court ruled in favor of cover-ups. Still, the bigger issue of privacy and security of communications remains.

Play them loud

The allegations of Romy Neri, Joey de Venecia, Jun Lozada and Dante Madriaga about the shenanigans surrounding the ZTE-NBN deal are true. That’s why instead of disproving those allegations, the Palace chooses to discredit the whistle blowers. Shoot the messenger, as the old saying goes.

Tapped phone conversations between Benjamin Abalos Sr. and de Venecia and between de Venecia and Lozada were posted on YouTube and played on radio and TV stations prior to the last Senate hearing in order to lay the groundwork for administration stalwart Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile to play tapes of more tapped phone calls.

Senator Enrile knows that possession of illegally tapped phone conversations is a criminal offense, but he says, “I’m willing to face the music.” Pure bravado. He knows he won’t be facing any music. Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez is tone deaf when it involves criminal activity in aid of keeping his patrona in power.

9-6 against checks and balance

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Gloria won. Nine Supreme Court justices decided to expand the coverage of executive privilege to cover criminal activity.

The nine justices are Teresita de Castro, Renato Corona, Presbitero Velasco, Arturo Brion, Leonardo Quisumbing, Antonio Nachura, Dante Tinga,Minita Chico-Nazario, and Ruben Reyes.




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Manuel L. Quezon III explains to Cardinal Vidal what Cardinal Vidal did. He gives the Cardinal a much needed lecture on politics and moral theology, and a refresher course on Cannon Law.

The Long View
The interdiction of a witness
By Manuel L. Quezon III

When Ricardo Cardinal Vidal was recently taken to task for showing partiality to the President, his critics were taken to task in turn. The whole thing has taken a regrettable emotional toll on the Cardinal and his defenders.

Due deference is owed the good Cardinal as the spiritual father of the Cebuanos. But whether president, prince of the church, or pauper, in matters that involve the public good, a democratic citizenry must put the lowest premium on respecting hierarchy. Respect the office, yes; respect the principles the office ought to represent most of all.

What must be paramount is for our spiritual shepherds to realize how they have been co-opted by political wolves.


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In Business World’s Yellow Pad, Filomeno S. Sta. Ana III profiles Gloria the Assumptionista.

New kind of potato

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The official website of the Press Secretary has this interesting story.

In Deep Thought

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Holy Week Reflection

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Here’s my article in Business Mirror.

Holy Week reflection

Since this is Holy Week, I will follow the suggestion of Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez to “also reflect on the state of our nation, which is being torn asunder by selfish politicians and disgruntled elements who eat breakfast, eat lunch and dinner, scheming and plotting by fair means or foul, to topple the administration.”

“They seem to stop at nothing in order to attain their wicked designs. Unfortunately for them, people don’t buy their misplaced intentions,” he wrote.

Maybe he is right.

Into the void

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Ellen Tordesillas’ blog carries a report that Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Rosales “prohibited priests from celebrating today’s “Mass for Truth” at the University of San Carlos which ZTE star witness Rodolfo “Jun” Lozada is scheduled to attend.”

The report said:

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