Dr. Doofus listens only to the Silent Majority

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Bunye has two surrogates these days. There’s just too much shit for one asshole to pass. Pictured below is Bunye’s new asshole, Dr. Anthony Golez.page_110.jpg
And this is the shit he shat when he saw the huge crowd at the Interfaith Rally in Ayala Avenue.

“These numbers do not reflect the 80 million Filipinos… [even if] they amassed a million people in one small area, that does not speak [on behalf of] 80 million people. If you go around the country, you would see the anxieties of our kababayans in the provinces that they would want to have a peaceful and stable economy, stable life in the provinces.”

So, if we are to believe Golez, Gloria Arroyo is loved by an overwhelming number of Filipinos!

She should feel safe anywhere in the country except Ayala Avenue where a mere 70,000 gathered in an orgy of hate.

So why the fuck did Gloria the Loved One hole up in Camp Crame while the rally was going on?

She didn’t even feel safe enough to hide in the Palace she is squatting on?

And why Camp Crame and not Camp Aguinaldo? The AFP is better equipped than the PNP to protect her, isn’t it? Maybe Gloria doesn’t trust the AFP?

But it’s not Golez’ idiotic spin that bothers me. It’s that silly haircut and those eyeglasses that I can’t get past.

And Dr. Anthony Doofus wants to be a spin doctor…ngek.

Who’s your daddy? Who’s bitch is she?

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Gloria Arroyo can’t seem to get over Joey Salceda’s description of her as the “luckiest bitch around.” Nagsorry na yun tao but she had to bring it up again during her trip to Davao. Parang female pit bull.

Today’s issue of Philippine Star reported,

GMA says God, not luck, helped her survive crisis
By Edith Regalado
Friday, February 29, 2008
DAVAO CITY – President Arroyo believes in prayer, not in luck.

“I do not believe in luck. I believe in Divine Providence. I know the Lord takes care of me as He takes care of each one of us,” said Mrs. Arroyo, whose administration is struggling to survive yet another crisis.

Albay Gov. Joey Salceda had earlier joked that the President is “the luckiest b**ch around.”

This came after the revelation of Rodolfo Lozada Jr., a Senate witness on the broadband controversy, that Commission on Higher Education Chairman Romulo Neri called the President “evil” during a meeting with two opposition senators last December.

Mrs. Arroyo said she draws strength from prayer as she has to face not only the daunting task of being president but also blows coming from all directions.

“I just do what I think is right. I do my best, I let God take care of the rest,” she said.

And if there is one thing the President says she does when she is at her lowest point, it is to turn to Jesus Christ and his mother Mary.

“It is Jesus or Mama Mary, that is why I always hold the Rosary,” said the President as she faces mounting calls for her resignation.

“I pray that the Lord enlighten them,” she said, referring to those who are urging her to give up the presidency.

Okay so Joey Salceda was wrong. She’s not a lucky bitch. She’s God’s bitch pala.

Dirty Tricks

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Where did the text message that Jun Lozada had another family come from?

Who gives a shit? It has nothing to do with ZTE NBN. It has nothing to do with Lozada’s kidnapping. It doesn’t even diminish the credibility of Lozada’s testimony. The only purpose for spreading that kind of trash is to undermine the support of the religious sector for Lozada.

So who stands to gain if the religious begin to distance themselves from Lozada?

Could it have come from a fat man who’s fucking someone who looks like Bitoy? Could it be from a pygmy who has a reputation for fucking her white-collared help? Could it be from anyone of those muchachos who provide better for their hot mamas?

Is this the way those people from that shithole by the Pasig want to play? Hell, there’s enough dirt in that outhouse to cover the entire country in mud.

ON another matter:

There was a Gloria loyalist mass at Magallanes church this evening.

Manolo Quezon texted me : Did anybody go to the loyalist mass?

My reply: Oo nga pala, We should have gone and taken pictures, Shit sayang!

And so I apologize for not being a good reporter and attending the mass and taking pictures of Gloria loyalists praying and receiving holy communion. And asking God to kill the ZTE probe and keep Gloria in power until at least 2010.
I wonder what the priest had to say in his homily. I wonder who the priest was!

Has she gone mad?

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Over the past few days there were so many rumors about how Gloria Arroyo would be removed from office without going unconstitutional. This evening, someone told me there were some cabinet members thinking about the option of having Gloria Arroyo declared unfit for office because she suffers from schizophrenia. That’s the reason why she can receive holy communion in one minute and receive a unholy bribe the next minute without skipping a beat.

I hope those cabinet members got the idea of declaring her clinically insane from this article I wrote two years ago.



Unanswerable questions

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Jarius Bondoc, the journalist who broke the ZTE-NBN story, asks a series of unanswerable questions in his column today

Inconsistencies in GMA version
GOTCHA By Jarius Bondoc
Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo says she learned of sleaze in the ZTE deal only the night before the Apr. 21, 2007 signing. Hmm, that’s strange. Sec. Romy Neri swore that Ben Abalos as far back as January had offered him P200 million just to back the deal, and that he reported the bribery at once to her. Joey de Venecia and Jun Lozada somehow corroborated it. Joey testified at the Senate that the P200 million came after he himself had rejected a $10-million offer from Abalos. Lozada said he stopped working on the deal on Jan. 18, and by then he had learned of Neri’s reporting the P200 million to Arroyo. Why, even Abalos somehow confirmed the date in admitting he did golf with Neri sometime then — not on the eve of the signing.

Things I don’t understand

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My column in Business Mirror.

Things I don’t understand

1. Gloria Arroyo told her family and friends, “Ang aking pamilya ay hindi nagne-negosyo sa pamahalaan. [My family does not do business with government.]”

I’m confused. I thought Gloria Arroyo was the wife of Mike, the mother of Mikey, Dato and Luli, and the sister in law of Iggy; does she have another family?

Say that again?

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This is what Gloria Arroyo said in an interview on DZRH radio,

“Nagsumbong sa akin (I was told about the allegations) the night before the signing of the supply contract pero hindi pa naman kasi – that was only one of many signings. So, papaano mo naman maka-cancel the night before, meron kang ibang bansang kausap (How could we cancel it the night before if another country was involved in this deal)?”

Is there any other way to understand what Gloria said?

Toting Bunye, the lap dummy of Gloria Arroyo,said there is.

He said, “The President categorically denies that she admitted the deal is flawed. Ang sinabi niya kinansela ang kontrata nang malaman na may signs of alleged impropriety…Not exactly the day before the signing but before she went to China to witness the signing of the deal.”

Eh di mas masama pa. Bunye just undercut Gloria’s reason for not backing out of the deal,”How could we cancel it the night before if another country was involved in this deal?”

If she had known about the bribery and anomaly earlier, then she had time to back out of the signing, di ba?.

So did Gloria say what she said or did she say what Bunye said she said? Page_17.jpgWhere is Mike Defensor when they need him?

Other news.
Read Jove Francisco’s report on Gloria’s trip to a staged Cavite rally. Read Here

Inutile walk

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Gloria’s goons walked together arm in arm and lubricant tubes in hand to demonstrate their support for the luckiest bitch around.

Lost my dsl connection again.

My Heroes

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Moderate the Greed video

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Neri : “I never called her evil. What I said was,’Gloria wears Prada.”

Meanwhile, back in the Enchanted Kingdom…..

Malacanan downplayed Joey Salceda’s famous remark.

Deputy mouthpiece Lorelei Fajardo said, “We do not wish to further make an issue of the Salceda statement. The governor has explained himself and apologized for the lapse in judgment. It is water under the bridge.”

It’s water under the bitch but Raul Gonzalez won’t let sleeping dogs lie. (I love mixed metaphors.) He wanted Salceda to explain the bitch remark.

Which part of bitch don’t you understand, Raul?

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