Pidals missing, thanks to Jun Lozada

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Atty. Jose Pidal did not come home with his wife. The Inquirer reported he was in Europe with his brother, also named Jose Pidal.

Congressman Pidal told the Inquirer he and Atty. Pidal were in Switzerland for “bonding and personal reasons.”

Malicious minds concluded immediately that the Pidal brothers were checking on their bonds, hopefully not notes invested in sub-prime funds.

The Pidal brothers will come home soon because Jun Lozada is not going to testify on the ZTE-NBN deal anymore.

Lozada is the reason why the Pidals stayed away. If Lozada had testified and dropped a bombshell even bigger than “BACK OFF!” and “Putanginang Abalos yan sinabi pa kay Mike na may $70 million siya ….”, the Pidals would have stayed away until the whole thing blew over, no matter how long it took.

If Lozada had testified, what would the Palace have done to kill the story?

Ponzi lives!

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My column in Business Mirror is about Ponzi being bailed out time and again by the US government and the US Federal Reserve.


Ponzi lives!
by Manuel Buencamino

The US Federal Reserve announced a three-quarters of a percentage point rate cut on its benchmark-interest rate.

An asset manager from a Philippine bank echoed the ecstatic reaction of the global financial markets:

“This will slow down the bear. This Fed action sends the signal that it will do all it can to help financial markets and avoid a recession. It is a good signal for markets considering an imminent US recession. The rate cut will encourage lending, lift economic activity and encourage funds to seek higher yields,” she said.

The banker’s remark reminded me that I first heard about an impending global financial crisis a year ago, during a disastrous round of golf with an American friend who used to work with one of the financial institutions hardest hit by the subprime catastrophe.

Hitler’s spawns unmasked

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Those who want to restrain press freedom and lift restrictions on the police powers of the State will not like this essay by Patricia Evangelista. She trashes what all of Hitler’s spawns hold near and dear to their hearts.

Don’t lose your balance

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Manuel L Quezon III reminds us to keep our balance: “The substitution of “circles of influence” for “belonging to a movement” is actually healthy, I think; but only to the extent that a desire for individual independence isn’t overcome by a parochial obsession with “circles of influence.”

A Hospital Horror Story

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We recieved this story via e-mail.

The Story of Jessie Bass
25 December 1953 – 17 November 2007

Mid morning of 16 November 2007, complaining of stomach pains, Jesus (Jessie) V. Bass (53) walked into the St. Luke’s Medical Center so he can get the best possible health care.

Jessie was attended to and examined by Dr. Edgardo M. Bondoc who diagnosed him for acute appendicitis. Nonetheless, Dr.Bondoc did not refer Jessie, nor called the attention of any surgeon. In fact, Dr. Bondoc advised Jessie to go home and be an out-patient.

“Don’t mess with my innuendos,” said Rikki

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Palace factotum Ricardo Saludo issued a statement warning the public to ”Beware of false headlines”

He said the Inquirer “wrongly attributed” to him a statement in a story headlined, “Palace: Media conducting trial by publicity against PNP”

New cell phone

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This cell phone is fantastic.

The X factor

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I was getting my hair trimmed this afternoon when I overheard a serious three way conversation…

“I wanted to become a model but I didn’t go for it because I felt I was too short,” said one.

“You know you don’t have to be beautiful, tall, and slim to become a model,” said the other.

“Oo nga,” interjected the manicurista, “basta you have the “x” factor, you can become a model.”

“I have a customer who runs an agency and he says that’s what he looks for,” she added.

I’ve been thinking about it all day, this “x” factor thing. It used to be called “IT”. But what the hell is “X” factor or “IT” that, despite its enormous power and everyone’s seeming ability to recognize or sense when it’s there, it remains undefined?

Did I miss the swimsuit competition?

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Today is the first time I watched any of those US presidential primary debates. I saw Clinton, Obama, and Edwards. The debate was sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus. Okay naman, the candidates more or less talked about their plans giving viewers an insight on the way they think, how they approach problems.

But here’s the thing. Wolf Blitzer of CNN moderated it. Now I don’t know about you but I think Blitzer is not only an idiot but he is also typical of those journalists who gave a free pass to Bush crying “wolf!” over Saddam and Iraq. Maybe that’s because he is an idiot rather than a paid hack like Bill O’Riley or Chris Matthews and those folks at Fox News and the major networks.

Anyway, Wolf, as moderator, had the last question of the day. To put his question in the proper context, the debate was held at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Wolf began,

“We are completely out of time, but we have time for one final question that I’d like to ask all three of you to respond and, if possible, within one minute or less, and it’s an important question on this important day…”

One minute or less, how important could it have been, Wolf?

To continue, Wolf asked his important question –

“…And, Senator Edwards, let me start with you. If Dr. Martin Luther King were alive today, unfortunately, he’s not, but if he were alive today, why do you think he would or why should he endorse you?”

What the fuck is that?

Did I tune in late and miss the swimsuit competition?

God bless America.

Katie Couric jazzes it up

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Patriotboy exposes how US media stokes the flames of war. (Hit the replay button after first run-through for uninterrupted viewing.)

Meanwhile it really is too early to say if one of these five people is going to represent his/her party because a day is a long time in politics but here are profiles of the top three Republican contenders and the two leading Democrats.

From Salon Mark Benjamin reports on McCain and how he has done a makeover of his record on the Iraq War. READ HERE

From the New Yorker Henrik Hertzberg does a piece on the religion side of Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney. (READ HERE) while George Packer does one on Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama. (READ HERE)

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