Another speechless Rizal Day

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Once again, Gloria Arroyo has nothing to say on Rizal Day. The era of speechlessness started the year after her “I will not run again” speech in 2002.

Gloria wants so badly for us to forget that day, she deleted it from the archives of the Office of the Press Secretary’s website. Go HERE and click on the archives for December 2002 and 2003. You will see that entries are okay except for the December 30 2002 entry HERE. It has been changed to December 30 2003 entry.

I checked the whole month of December 2002 and. the other dates check out. So Dec.30, 2002 never existed.

If it’s any consolation, the infamous speech can still be found in the OPS speech archives. But if you wanted to know what else happened on Dec.30 2002, the OPS website is not the place to go.



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The assassination of Benazir Bhutto can serve as a reason for the West, led by Great Britain and the US, to march into Pakistan. It won’t be entirely a pretext this time around. Pakistan is not Iraq. Pakistan has nuclear weapons and they could fall into the “wrong” hands.

As far as the West is concerned, Musharraf has shown an amazing incapability to control the entry of Taliban and al Qaeda elements into his territory. Furthermore, he has been unable to rid his security forces, especially the dreaded intelligance service, of radical elements and sympathizers.

Nuclear weapons is the predicate for intervention. Musharraf must prove he can control his country if he wants to keep charge of his nuclear weapons.

Musharraf will have to crackdown on extremists. That in turn will be exploited by extremists because: one, it will further alienate democracy inclined Pakistanis from the government; two, oppression will make fundamentalist resistance stronger; three, it would be interpreted as a covert entry by the West into Pakistan; four, it adds a new dimension to the Kashmir conflict. (If Pakistan is occupied by the West, does that mean India will have a free hand in Kashmir?)

For the West, Pakistan could be the new battleground in Bush’s global war on terror. The relocation will serve Bush well because the focus will shift from his debacle in Iraq. Also, this time an incursion will be seen as justifiable hence legitimate.

As for Osama, further incursions into Islamic countries by the West is a gift for his cause. An overt entry into Pakistan by the West, justified or not, can be exploited better than an internal crackdown. It will be a great recruitment tool in addition to turning the “them or us” concept into reality and firing up the passions of those already in his army.

Poor Pakistan. It’s national tragedy will be exploited by non-Pakistanis.

A passing thought

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The most accurate description for any statement coming from Mrs. Arroyo’s loyalists is “tongue in cheek”.

That brown spot on the nose is a dead giveaway: “the tongue cannot stray too far from the nose.”

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Why I gave imported bottled water this christmas

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My column in Business Mirror today.
Why I’m giving imported bottled water this Christmas


Last week, an article by Manuel L Quezon III, ‘How Fallows’ Essay Gutted Morale of the Filipinos,” got me to Google the essay that “has had Filipinos reeling from the impact ever since.”

“A Damaged Culture” was the title of the 7000-word essay written by James Fallows 20 years ago. His work was based on two visits to the country. Consequently, some Filipinos thought that allowed them to dismiss his work as “parachute journalism.”

But Fallows’ essay deserved better treatment. The snide reaction to his short but penetrating analysis evaded the issues he raised in the same way that the Arroyo regime dodged the findings of Philip Alston by characterizing him as a parachute human rights rapporteur. “He was here for only 11 days” was the familiar refrain coming from Palace mouthpieces.

Ateneo Sanggunian president replies

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Below is the annotations of the Ateneo Sanggunian president, Karl Vendell M. Santinitigan, to my annotations of his statement on the Manila Peninsula.

ON DECEMBER 25TH, 2007 AT 11:58 PM
Merry Christmas to Uniffors and your readers!
Thank you for the comments. Allow me to share mine (after asterisks):

Merry Christmas to all

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And someone who can’t wait to celebrate Christmas his way

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6th AFGMA Anniversay

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The AFP would have celebrated its 72nd anniversary last December 21 but it couldn’t because the new AFGMA was celebrating its 6th.

The Ateneo University faculty and student council wrote a statement asking the restive AFP to be patient as in three short years they will be able to celebrate their foundation day once again.

“Let’s just wait for the moral crisis in our country to resolve itself” counseled the wise men of the Ateneo.


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Flying high

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This letter from the Ateneo Political Science Organization proves that not all Ateneans are defaulters. It is definitely not like those piss-pants letters written by Ateneans Bambina describes as belonging to the “PusillAnimo Ateneo!” crowd.

A call for change

The events that happened last November 29, 2007 marks an important day in these our modern times. It was an event that has been downplayed as another foiled coup attempt or presented as the Manila Pen siege by different sides, but at the basic sense it stands to be called the Manila Peninsula Standoff: a clash between Senator Trillanes et al and the state’s security forces. A clash that has seen the resounding call for the ouster of the current administration made by the group of Senator Trillanes, the aggressive armed response of the government in neutralizing these dissidents and the highly questionable actions taken by the government with regards to the media and the general populace.

On the actions perpetuated by Senator Trillanes et al, condemnations have sprouted from all over highlighting the inappropriateness and even naivety of the senator and his group in forwarding their agenda. While we can only hypothesize what the true agenda of the senator are and if ever the Manila Pen Standoff is part of a grander scheme to overthrow the government, we are disturbed by the lack of positive discussion on the value of the actions taken by Senator Trillanes and his group.

While debates and the court may continuously weigh and pass judgment on whether the actions by the senator was right or wrong and whether these should be commended or condemned, we must understand the situation not just on the basis of the rule of law and how these dissidents broke it, but on a much broader level: the state of our country where the very guardians and implementers of the rule of law, i.e. the government, has been hounded by strong allegations of lawlessness itself. Focusing on the errors of the methodology distracts us from focusing on the valuable message Senator Trillanes and his group is trying to evoke to us which ultimately is a call for change.

We therefore commend Senator Trillanes et al for their actions. Radical and illegal as they may or are alleged to have been, we see that what the senator has done was an important shattering of the glass. It was a loud clang of the gong of social consciousness, which might have irritated many, but has certainly showed us how silent the greater Filipino majority has become in addressing the varied political issues that abound.

It was just a matter of time

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Still can’t get over the sudden turn-around over the strong peso. It went from bragging to cushioning the impact of a strong peso on OFW remitances and rising prices. (See previous post.)

So here’s an excerpt from, an article I wrote in November 2005 and a cartoon from Philip Gilmore two months later. This our way of telling those who believed Gloria could perform miracles “we told you so.”

In November 2005, Mrs. Gloria Arroyo went to San Juan, Batangas for the “symbolic inauguration of an electric power substation and eight bridges.”

While there, before an audience of poor people, she bragged about the gains of the peso.


Puro kayabangan kasi

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The credit grabbing and chest thumping over the peso as the best performing currency in the region is turning into a real head scratcher.



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