“How To Master Political Spin” by MAV

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MAV posted this in the comment section of our post on Oliver Pulido’s Impeach me complaint. It’s worth reading.

“How To Master Political Spin”


Spin doctors are people that put a particular “spin” on what has been said–often, with little concern for its truth. The real concern is whether or not people believe the spin. Sometimes the spin on a message is more important than the message itself.


Exactly one month later…

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Last Tuesday, Gloria Arroyo went all-out for the Cyber Ed project.

“We should not stop investments and infrastructure projects all because of criticisms. I have instructed the China Projects Oversight Panel under Secretary Favila to make sure that there would be no obstructions in the implementation of the cyber education that stands to benefit millions of students all over the country.”

The universal reaction to her latest last hurrah was captured by Sen. Chiz Escudero:

“If the ZTE deal which costs P15 billion was scrapped, how much more the CEP which costs more than P25 billion? If the ZTE went through questionable processes, it follows that the CEP went through the same dubious routes.”

Our cartoonist Philip Gilmore saw it coming last September 11, at the APEC Summit….


Scenes from the Manila Hotel

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The new NEDA chief whispers….

And JDV feels the heat…


Lies, bullshit or spin?

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Lies, bullshit or spin?

‘On Bullshit” is an essay on deception by Harry Frankfurter, a retired Princeton University philosophy professor. It helped me see through the stories peddled by the ZTE plunder gang.

Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, summarizes Frankfurter’s work:

“In the essay, Frankfurter sketches a theory of bullshit, defining the concept and analyzing its applications.

“In particular, Frankfurter contrasts bullshitting and lying; where the liar deliberately makes false claims, the bullshitter is simply uninterested in the truth. Rather, bullshitters aim primarily to impress and persuade their audiences.

“Whereas the liar needs to know the truth the better to conceal it, the bullshitter, interested solely in advancing his own agenda, has no use for the truth.

“By virtue of this, Frankfurt claims, ‘bullshit is a greater enemy of the truth than lies are.’”


Here’s a statement Frankfurter would call bullshit:

“When we learned of an alleged bribery attempt in connection with the broadband projects, we instructed that the matter be discreetly investigated,” Mrs. Arroyo said.

Here’s why Mrs. Arroyo’s claim is bullshit:

At the Senate ZTE hearing, the administration representatives present were asked if any of them were questioned by anybody regarding the ZTE deal or if they even heard about the probe Mrs. Arroyo was talking about. To a man, they answered “No.”

Here’s more bullshit:

Oliver Pulido’s Impeachme complaint

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The wheels wouldn’t turn so they tried to grease them.

I went to the Batasan to listen to Rep. Crispin Beltran reveal the name of the Malacanan operative who offered him a bribe in exchange for his endorsement of Oliver Pulido’s three-page impeachme complaint against Gloria Arroyo.

Beltran was interpellated by a Kampi congressman who denied that the party had anything to do with the bribe offer even though Francis Ver, the briber scorned, is deputy secretary general of Kampi.

The purpose of the Kampi congressman’s interpellation was to inject the possibility that Francis Ver was acting without the knowledge of higher ups.

But that begged the question : Was Ver offering million peso bribes out of his own pocket?

Nabisto kasi, ahas pala

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Joker insists he was wronged.

Here’s the rule he’s invoking:

“Sec. 11. Executive Session and Public Hearing

(1) If the Committee believes that the interrogation of a witness in a public hearing might endanger national security, it may, motu proprio or upon motion of any interested party, conduct its inquiry in an executive session for the purpose of determining the necessity or advisability of conducting such interrogation thereafter in public hearing;

(2) Attendance at executive sessions shall be limited to members of the Committee, its staff, other Members of the Senate, and other persons whose presence is requested or allowed by the Chairman; and

(3) Testimony taken or material presented in an executive session, or any summary thereof, shall not be made public, in whole or in part, unless authorized by the Committee.” (END)

The four senators leaked that si Joker ay kasabwat sa pagpigil kay Neri magsalita. They revealed he obstructed testimony in an executive session.

But Joker wants the public to believe that it’s the four senators who did wrong because his criminal activity is protected by Sec.11 (3)



Why they call him Mister Esperon

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“In the Navy, an officer is called mister instead of his rank if he did something wrong or his superior officer is not satisfied with his performance” – anonymous


Full Statement of the 28 soldiers accused of doing something threatening to Gloria Arroyo’s rule llast February 2006 .

“Never in the history of the Armed Forces of the Philippines has one man and his criminal gang brought so much shame to our beloved organization.

Allegations that this man and a few criminal elements among the ranks of the AFP have allowed themselves to be used to subvert the Constitution and destroy the very essence of democracy have become our collective shame.

Nay, it is our collective shame that we failed to STOP them. The thought of this failure reaffirms our resolve to bring them to justice. That is our covenant with the people and our sworn duty to the Constitution.

We have been repeatedly called by Mr. Esperon as “political destabilizers” in almost every forum that affords him opportunity.

We pose these questions to you Mr. Esperon:

Who cried unabashedly in front of national viewers when his mentor announced that she will not covet the presidency again?

Who stands accused of cheating in the elections in 2004?

Who stands accused of lying?

Who stands accused of stealing votes?

Who was mentioned in the Garci tapes?

Who debased the Armed Forces of the Philippines by being party to cheating, stealing and lying?

Who hides behind EO 464 when given the opportunity to let the truth out?

Who vigorously opposes the Mayuga report from being published?

Who hides behind that little skirt to save his ass?

Who invokes the words `state secret’ like a criminal who invokes the Fifth Amendment when caught?

And since when has a criminal act become a state secret?

Pray tell, Mr. Esperon.


And so they die

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Patricia Evangelista pens another classic on hunam rights. (READ ORIGINAL HERE)

And so they die
By Patricia Evangelista

THERE WAS A KNOCK. When she opened the door, armed men entered the house. One of them was shouting, commanding the others, “Enter!” and to her family, “Lie down!”

“All of us lay down,” said Sonia Santa Rosa in a Human Rights Watch interview. “They pointed guns at our heads–a short firearm. After five minutes they brought my husband to the room of my younger daughter…. They asked him if he was Elmer. My husband did not answer. Then he answered, ‘I am not Elmer. You can even verify, look at my ID.”

“We don’t know who Elmer is. We”ve never heard the name before.”

At the time, she was comforting her four children, all of whom were crying. One of the men told them that they would not be harmed if they followed orders. The armed men searched the house, took with them a laptop, a printer, a bag of her husband’s personal belongings, cash, cell phones, and a samurai knife displayed on the wall.

“My husband was dragged out and all the men left. Knowing that the group had fled, I went outside to get the help of neighbors. I shouted ‘Help! Help!” Many neighbors came here, gathered here, and then we heard nine gunshots, five minutes after my husband was dragged out of the house.”


Selective executive privilege

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Gloria gave Hu Jintao a topdown briefing on the ZTE deal during her latest China trip. Hu seemed satisfied with Gloria’s explanation for cancelling the deal.

Now, why is it that Gloria thinks it’s okay to tell Hu everything and us nothing? Who fucking pays her salary anyway?

Also, isn’t it time to take a closer look at Leandro Mendoza? Like Neri said, I approved the project but I don’t choose the partner, the implementing agency does.

So it’s time for Mendoza to explain why he was talking to Joey De Venecia. I mean if, as the administration claims, Joey was doing something illegal bidding for the NBN project then why the heck did Mendoza even entertain his bid and hold meetings with him? Besides, if Joey was not even listed as an owner of AHI then why was Mendoza talking to him?

Granting for the sake of argument that Mike Arroyo’s version of events is true, why did Mike Arroyo have to step in and remind Joey about the law, shouldn’t Mendoza have done that from the very beginning? Why didn’t he?

These are few of the questions that Mendoza should be made to answer. These are questions he cannot pawn off to his sidekick Formoso.

I want to know if Mendoza is clean.

AFGMA chief Esperon explains

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Ellen Tordesillas just doesn’t buy it. (READ HERE)

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