(UPDATE) Chairman Absurdo orders a recount

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The evidence of fraud was so overwhelming, Abalos had to act….


Our friend from the South, Patsada Karajaw, blogs the absurdity of Abalos.

(UPDATE) And Ricky Carandang says there are still unanswered questions regarding those ERs in Lanao del Sur. Read it and Atty. Lacierda’s comments HERE

Islam and Democracy

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Manuel L. Quezon III writes this timely piece on the propensity of some to blame Islam for the perennial failure of elections in Mindanao.

Quezon says, and rightly so, that Islam preaches and practices democracy; it is the trapos of Mindanao who do not. To believe otherwise, he wrote, “is a slander against Mindanaoans and Islam.”


Islamic democracy
By Manuel L. Quezon III

There was a fascinating account in Mindanews last Tuesday about a proposal by Archbishop Orlando Quevedo to establish a kind of Electoral College system in Muslim Mindanao — and some reactions to the proposal. Quevedo said that based on his observations in Muslim Mindanao since the 1960s, “there is a distinct traditional political structure — with possible cultural and, perhaps, religious elements — at work in how leaders are elected.” Traditional leaders in the community, he said, decide for the community: their status ensures acceptance of their decisions as the will of the whole.

Mindanews reported that Quevedo shared his observations following the claim by Norie Unas that Team Unity’s 12-0 sweep in Maguindanao province was the product of the Islamic tradition of Shura (consultations). Allegations of fraud have engulfed not only Maguindanao but also the provinces of Basilan, Sulu, Tawi-tawi, Shariff Kabunsuan and Lanao del Sur and Marawi City, which make up the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM). Some Muslim leaders have denounced the allegations as a manifestation of the lack of understanding of Muslim culture, made worse by the traditional distrust, even contempt, Filipino Christians have for their Muslim fellow citizens.

The biases are certainly there. You only have to recall the effort of the late Max Soliven to deny the Muslims a prayer room in Greenhills (an effort loudly, and effectively, opposed in turn not only by Muslims but also by Christians who were upset by Soliven’s campaign) to confirm these. But certainly it is wrong to think that the problems spring from a culture of electoral fraud that is unique to Mindanao and, somehow, uniquely Islamic. To think so would be slander against Mindanaoans and Islam.


Sarmiento returns, Defensor bows out

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You know something is wrong with the picture when Mike Defensor starts to look more respectable than Rene Sarmiento, wouldn’t you agree?


(UPDATE) Tonypet Chihuahua to Gloria’s rescue!

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Manuel L. Quezon III’s article in the Arab News explains why if there’s smoke, it comes from Team Unity’s collective ass.

Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire
Manuel L. Quezon III

There is a reason many crimes take place under cover of darkness: Most people tend to be if not good, then decent, and law-abiding. There is a reason election controversies end up focusing on provinces in Muslim Mindanao: These places are shrouded in a kind of political darkness. And it has less to do with the culture of Filipino Muslims as a whole, and everything to do with the culture of their leaders — and the relationship they’ve built with their Christian counterparts in the national government.


Interview with the Queen

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Manuel Buencamino talks with the Queen about the recent election

Dispatches from the Enchanted Kingdom

Manuel Buencamino

Interview with the Queen

The effective means of controlling the presidency lies not in law but in politics. For the American president rules by influence; and the withdrawal of consent, by Congress, by the press, by public opinion, can bring any president down.

— Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. in “The Imperial Presidency”

‘Your Majesty, how do you feel about Team Unity’s (TU’s) humiliating defeat?”

“The national elections are just starting their count, but in the congressional and local elections, the victory of the overwhelming majority of candidates sympathetic to the administration shows a vote for political stability and economic reform.”

“The counting is almost over, Your Majesty.”

“On the contrary, [Commission on Elections or Comelec head Benjamin] Abalos says there are still five million votes to count.”


Rene Sarmiento, poor guy.

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He consulted some people before he accepted his nomination to the Comelec. They warned him that he was being used to deodorize, not clean up, the Comelec.

But Rene felt his country was calling him to serve and he couldn’t refuse.

Now he knows what happens to good and decent men who make the mistake of associating with Gloria Arroyo.


He resigned from Task Force Maguindanao pleading ill health.

“Pagod na pagod na ako. In fact I have a fever. If only I am physically able, I could have proceeded to Maguindanao to start the investigation, but I am not Superman to be able to do that,” he said, after conducting the special election in Lanao del Sur where he
“backed up a Comelec officer who was caught lying, in his, and in media’s presence on blank election returns having been illegally taken from the provincial capitol of Lanao del Sur and brought to a hotel in Iligan City.”

Sarmiento can save his ggod name of he resigns not only from the Maguindanao Task Force but from the Comelec as well. And he should tell the public why.

Here’s a good recap from awbholdings

GO bites TUTA?

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When dog bites man it’s not news. But when man bites dog it’s headline news. That’s exactly what’s behind TUTA barker Tonypet Albano’s claim that TUTA was bitten by GO.

Albano said TUTA will file charges against GO.



There’s “BIT” and there’s “BEAT”.

You got BEAT. You got a good bitch-slapping.

And you, Tonypet, remind us of one everytime you come on TV with your Chihuahua-in-heat voice.


What “peaceful” election?

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We recommend
this article written by Sara Soliven De Guzman, the daughter of the late Max Soliven,
one of the staunchest defenders of Gloria Arroyo.

In fairness to Max Soliven, he was like many who came in contact with Gloria Arroyo and who found themselves in a situation similar to that described by historian Lacey Baldwin Smith in his book, “Fools, Martyrs and Traitors.”

Smith recounts Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a Protestant pastor hanged by the Nazis for treason.

He wrote:

“In October of 1941, the year after the Nazi party first emerged as a major force in German politics, Bonhoeffer wrote a friend, ‘I sometimes simply cannot see what is the right thing to do…in the unprecendented situation of our public life in Germany.’ Eleven years later, he (Bonhoeffer) confessed that ‘evil approaches…in so many respectable and seductive disguises’ that ‘the man with a conscience’ becomes ‘nervous and vacillating, till at last he contents himself with a salved, instead of a clear conscience.’”

Sara Soliven knows what is “the right thing to do.” She pulled no punches in this hardhitting piece.


Villabwitre’s treasure trove

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Last week, Kampi chair Ronaldo Puno announced De Venecia was Kampi’s “unanimous candidate for the post of House Speaker.”

He added, “There will be a unified House under [De Venecia’s] leadership.”

Skeptical reporters asked Puno if the party could still change its mind. He replied, “No. This is already definite and final. We’ll support him. That will not change.”

Ignacio Arroyo lent his voice to Puno. He said, De Venecia will “ensure continuity in the House leadership and the continuing support of the House for the programs of the Arroyo administration to battle poverty, raise economic growth and increase the pace of modernization.”

Two days later, Frisco San Juan , Nationalist People’s Coalition chairman said, “The party has a strong coalition with the Lakas-CMD. We reaffirm our commitment to the coalition and to the Speaker to lead the House in initiating wide-ranging reform legislation.”

He added, De Venecia is “undoubtedly the most qualified and the most able” and has “no equal as a consensus builder.”

San Juan, along with NPC stalwarts Mark Cojuangco and Gilberto Duavit, reiterated, “The NPC’s support is firm and unconditional.”

An elated De Venecia said, in addition to Kampi and NPC, he was also supported by LDP-Angara wing, LP-Atienza wing, PDSP led by Norbie Gonzalez, several party-list congressmen and, of course, his own Lakas-CMD. He concluded, “I think we will have about more than 200 congressmen and congresswomen supporting me.”

So it’s smooth sailing for De Venecia.



US State Department official liked what he saw

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Christopher Hill, US Asst. Secretary for Asian and Pacific Affairs, had nothing but praise for the way the recently held elections were conducted.

Well…In that case it’s a fair assessment .

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