Raul Gonzalez explains statements on Julia Campbell

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Raul Gonzalez refuses to admit he was wrong to say what he said.

Here’s an excerpt from his latest rationalization:

“I have been maliciously attacked when I said that the late Julia Campbell contributed to her own untimely death. This is what lawyers normally call “contributory negligence.

The facts surrounding her death best illustrate my thesis; one, she was a complete stranger to the area; two, she ventured to walk alone into the desolate mountainside, unaccompanied, without notifying her contacts where she was staying or any of the barangay officials in that remote village where she was going.

These facts point to her overconfidence, on her complete disregard of taking basic safety precautions. A Filipina in the same situation may not elicit a similar criminal reaction from a native, but an attractive Caucasian woman, lugging a backpack which may carry dollars and other valuables, walking alone in those misty mountains, clearly an easy prey, will make a lot of difference…”

So now Filipinos are born predators.

Why so much election-related violence?

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Gloria Arroyo issued this statement today

“I am calling on the Armed Forces to reinforce the police, under Commission on Elections authority, to stop election violence and move forcefully against those using threats and intimidation for partisan ends.

This as I strongly urge candidates of all parties and persuasions to keep tensions at bay and not to test or defy the authorities. Checkpoints must be manned vigilantly 24 by 7 and all unauthorized firearms held.

Cases of election violence must be speedily investigated and cases filed promptly. All identified private armies must be preempted and dismantled.”

Now we understand why there was so much violence preceding the announcement,

Unfair Elections Act of 2007 (INSULTING THE ELECTORATE)

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The Philippine Experience, one of our favorite blogs, writes a new election law READ HERE that legalizes what has become common practice in Enchanted Kingdom elections.

Visit the blog and add any provision you think the law’s sponsor missed.

Militants and Joker

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Filomeno S. Sta. Ana III, in Business World’s Yellow Pad, explains why Bayan Muna could use a new slogan: “Joker muna bago bayan”

Bayan Muna falls

Filomeno S. Sta. Ana III

The Philippine Daily Inquirer’s banner headline on 25April 2007 was: “Bayan Muna rating falls.”

And the lead was: “The militant group Bayan Muna is still poised to retain its three seats in the House of Representatives, but it has lost a whopping 17 percentage points over the past month, according to
results of a nationwide survey that Social Weather Stations conducted from April 14 to April 17.”

The story likewise said that Bayan Muna’s allies—Anakpawis and Gabriela—likewise lost ground.

Asked to explain the plunge, Bayan Muna Representative Teddy Casiño said: “We’re still trying to account [for it] and look at the reason behind the phenomenal drop. Maybe because after Satur was freed, media coverage dipped. That’s probably one of the reasons.”

Gloria Arroyo’s military put a bizarre spin. Lieutenant Colonel Bartolome Bacarro, the military information chief, said: “The alleged involvement of Congressman Ocampo in the brutal slaying of 67 persons found in a mass grave in Inopacan, Leyte could have swayed people.”

I am willing to bet my one week allowance that Mssrs. Casiño and Bacarro are mistaken. (more…)

Whipping the naughty boy

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Patricia Evangelista gives Raul Gonzalez a well-deserved whipping. READ ORIGINAL HERE.

Mad justice
By Patricia Evangelista

MANILA, Philippines — Edith Sitwell once said that the public will believe anything, so long as it is not founded on truth. Maybe, this is true in a land where truth fluctuates along with the dollar rate. On the rare occasion that someone stumbles on the truth, people kick it to a corner, pick up their spilled umbrellas and rush off to the MRT.

But in a country with very few truths, at least it’s easy to enumerate what’s left. Traffic is terrible. The government is generally corrupt. Chickenjoy will always trump the McChicken meal. And the justice secretary is a moron and a madman, not a few suspect.

Consider the evidence.


The firefighter and the arsonist

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At a yahoogroups site, an apologist for the militants wrote:

“The primary or key criterion the five parties used was: “Their consistent commitment in upholding human rights, especially their consistent denunciation of the extrajudicial killings and massive human rights violations under the Arroyo administration”

Here’s how we see Joker’s commitment to human rights in the context of his joining the TUTA slate.

Joker is a firefighter who fights arson fires all day and then goes to bed with the arsonist.

Naknampucha naman!

Party-list groups ng mga militante bagsak sa SWS survey

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Bumaba dramatically ang ratings ng mga kaibigan natin na miltante.

Kasi naman, panay ang kampanya nila para kay Joker at Ralph. Ipinagmalaki pa ang endorsement ni Vilma na runningmate ng anak ni Ermita.

So ayun, siguro inakala ng taong bayan kasali na rin sila sa Team Unity Team Arroyo.

Pati ba naman si Kiko Pangilinan isinama sa mga inendorse nila. Madami sigurong Sharonians sa kanilang lapian.

Baka maisip tuloy ni Oliver Lozano na may pag-asa pa silang mga KBL makuha yun remaining 4 slots sa sample ballots ng mga militante. Paano naman endorsement at “willingness to work with party-list groups” lang pala ang criteria ng mga kaliwa.

But in fairness to the miltants, masama naman daw ang methodology ng SWS dito sa huling survey. But that’s neither here nor there.

Kung masama ang methodology, problema yun nang SWS. Hindi yun problema ng taong bayan.

Ang problema ng taong bayan na sumoporta sa mga party-list groups na militante ay papaano nila sasagutin ang tanong:

“Ano ba itong mga militante – Bayan Muna o Joker Muna? ”

Kung sabagay meron naman silang pinagsamahan ng master ng TUTA

The Distracter

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Imagine if there were no Raul Gonzalez to take the public’s attention away from Gloria Arroyo?

While everybody was going apoplectic over his most recent inanities, Gloria Arroyo skipped to China to witness the signing of a grossly overpriced contract between the DOTC and China’s ZET.

ExSec Ermita thought it was hilarious that the public was utterly distracted by the remarks of Gonzalez.

“Why are you taking seriously such statements?” he asked.

Ever notice how the zany comments of Gonzalez get more attention than the subject of his comments?

His remarks on Alston got more mileage than Alston’s indictment. Same thing with the State Dept. Human Rights Report, the US Senate investigation of human rights, the call of IPU to release Beltran and the murder of Campbell.

That’s why Ermita says,

“I don’t see why we should give a gag order for him. Secretary Gonzalez is doing and saying what he thinks he can do and is right under the present political situation and I don’t think there’s a necessity.”

Gloria Arroyo loves Raul Gonzalez. He deflects criticisms that rightfully belong to her. She will never fire him or shut him up.

It’s best to ignore Gonzalez and focus on Arroyo.

The Dirty Dozen

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In Business Mirror Manuel Buencamino blacklists senatorial candidates.

Dispatches from the Enchanted Kingdom:
Manuel Buencamino

The Dirty Dozen

The Black and White Movement (BW) released a black and white list of candidates for local races. They did not include candidates for the Senate because, according to Leah Navarro of BW, publishing such a list was a “no-brainer” and “boring.”

I believe Leah. I know she sees this election as black and white, with no gray areas where a candidate can safely talk out of both sides of his mouth.

In this election, a candidate cannot claim to be for accountability and then run on the ticket of someone hell-bent on destroying oversight mechanisms and the system of checks and balances.

In this election, a candidate cannot be against monkeying with the Constitution and also against impeaching its biggest booster.

It’s one or the other. Either a candidate is against human rights abuses, monkeying with the Constitution, lying, cheating and stealing, or he is not.

BW does not have to endorse 12 candidates.  However, they must blacklist the TUTAS (Team Unity Team Arroyo Slate) if they don’t want their silence to be misconstrued as an endorsement of this or that TUTA candidate.

Anyway, I like Leah so I won’t force her to bore you with a blacklist.  I will.

Here’s my blacklist:


Gringo changes sides again

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Ellen Tordesillas gives the lowdown behind the release of Gringo Honasan.

Here’s an excerpt from her column in Malaya.READ HERE

“Asked about “Hello Garci” tapes and questions about Arroyo’ legitimacy, Honasan, who was a member of FPJ’s campaign team in 2004, said he is no longer sure that Arroyo cheated. “Hindi ako handa sabihin na nandaya si Arroyo. Quiet ako doon until makita ko ang ebidensya. Unfair kay Pangulong Arroyo.”‘

Gringo’s former RAM comrades are correct – “Gringo’s loyalty cannot be bought. It is a short term lease.”

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