Ombudsman Goes After Borra

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According to an Inquirer report, HERE ,
“OMBUDSMAN Merceditas Gutierrez has recommended to the House of Representatives the impeachment of elections commissioner Resurreccion Borra for his participation in the voided 1.3-billion peso contract for the automation of the May 2004 elections.”

Why did Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez pick on Borra?


From nuno (sa punso) to Nuncio

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Mrs. Arroyo went berserk over the fact that Bishop Yniguez ignored her pronouncement on the separation of church and state and dared file a complaint for her impeachment. Her Executive Secretary, Eduardo Ermita, said she was reading Deus Carita Est and other church documents, looking for anything that would support her contention that Bishop Yniguez crossed the line. Good luck. HERE

Mrs. Arroyo is missing something here. The fact that Pope Benedict XVII allowed her to kiss his ring without slapping her silly afterwards counts for something but it doesn’t compute to an endorsement of her cheating in the elections, her obstruction of justice, her dismal human rights record, and the prevalence of massive graft and corruption in her administration. And it certainly didn’t merit her appointment as Papal spokeswoman. There is no “somos” between the Pope and Mrs. Arroyo. Not even if she is married to someone who claims descent from St. Theresa of Avila.

Forked Tongue

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Manuel Quezon III weighs in HERE, on the Pope’s alleged endorsement of Gloria Arroyo’s regime.

Forked tongue

By Manuel L. Quezon III
Published on Page A11 of the June 29, 2006 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

CHRISTIANITY means turning the other cheek. So when the Palace slaps the Pope, he has to grin and bear it. The President claims the Pope, through her, wants Catholic bishops to cease and desist from commenting on issues such as Charter change. The Pope, she says, looks dimly upon ecclesiastical comments or participation in political issues.


“Don’t lock your doors!” says theft syndicate spokesman

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Mrs. Arroyo should make sure that her spokesmen only speak when they are sitting on her lap. That’s the only time ventriloquist’s dummies can speak.

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Nograles : Hole in his Head or Palm Outstretched?

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If House Majority Leader Prospero Nograles were both ignorant and stupid, one can give him the benefit of the doubt for criticizing Bishop Deogracias Yniguez’s participation in the move to impeach Gloria Arroyo. One might even grant that he has a hole in his head.

But Nograles is neither ignorant nor stupid. He is clever, “wais” as they say in the vernacular.

He, like most of Arroyo’s cohorts, believes that the public is stupid and ignorant so he makes statements like:


Cored Vision

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Manuel Buencamino measures Arroyo against her vision of 2001.

Cored Vision

by Manuel Buencamino. In Business Mirror, Page A-6, 28 June 2006

Five years ago, Gloria Arroyo delivered her first State of the Nation Address (SONA). She outlined her presidency’s guiding vision by telling the story of three little paper boats she retrieved from the Pasig.


CBCP reacts to Arroyo’s false claim

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The CBCP exposes Arroyo’s spurious claim. Read HERE The Bishops are not going to allow a politician to interpret Deus Caritas Est for them.

In Manolo Quezon’s blog, Read HERE, Mrs. Arroyo’s false interpretation of Deus Caritas Est.

Below is what the encyclical really says.


It’s more than spin, it’s bullshit

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Gloria Arroyo had a one on one meeting with the Pope. Only the two of them know what they talked about. But, as is customary in those types of meetings, the participants inform the public about what transpired between them. So here’s the Pope’s version of the meeting followed by Gloria’s.


Double hits from the OIC

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First, the OIC Secretary General told the OIC 33rd Session of Foreign Ministers that the final peace agreement between the GRP and the MNLF did not bring real peace in Mindanao. HERE

Second, the GRP bid for OIC observer status was turned down again. HERE Secforaf Romulo was allowed to address the plenary and then the plenary decided not to even discuss the GRP application.

Did advance info about these twin rebuffs have anything to do with the cancellation of Arroyo’s trip to Libya? And what happened to all those promises by Saudi Arabia to help the GRP with its application for OIC observer status?

Either the Saudis were lying to Gloria or she was lying to us. Of course Gloria was lying to us. The Saudis own the OIC.

Macalintal’s surprise

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Manuel Queson III writes on the mischief of an unsrupulous lawyer.HERE

Macalintal’s motto is taken from the Mafia lawyer’s handbook, “If you know your client is guilty then build your defense around procedure.”

And for good measure – buy the jury.


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