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Subject: Recently confirmed ambassadors

Foreign Secretary Alberto G. Romulo at a press briefing this week spoke of the “outstanding qualities” of the recently confirmed ambassadors but what struck us is that he skirted the issue of those who were nominated by him in violation of the policy against assigning envoys abroad when they have only two years of active service left.

Secforaf Lives Up to Low Expectations, Again

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This item is part of a longer story in today’s Philippine Star –

“Foreign Affairs Secretary Alberto Romulo defended the appointment of “retirable” ambassadors who passed the grilling of the Commission on Appointments (CA) last week.

In a press briefing, Romulo defended his decision to nominate the 11 ambassadors led by Foreign Affairs Undersecretary for Policy Sonia Brady, who has been confirmed as the country’s new envoy to China, saying they represent the highest and most outstanding qualities of diplomats.” (more…)


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Garcillano never left the country. That is the story that Malacanan plans to tell through Garci.

The purpose ? It will break the link between Garci’s disappearance and Malacanan.

DFA officials will be ordered to say that they never received a written reply from the Singapore government regarding Garci’s entry into that city-state. In addition, DFA officials will have to admit that they made an official report to Congress based on a verbal, hence unofficial, reply from the Singapore government.

As far as Malacanang is concerned, Gloria Arroyo’s political survival is more important than Usec Franklin Ebdalin’s reputation. It will be recalled that it was Ebdalin who was sent to Rep. Gilbert Remulla to confirm Garci’s entry to Singapore. (See our letter to Secforaf Romulo)

Malacanang is gambling on the fact that, absent documentary evidence, the charge that Garci escaped from the Philippines will be put into question and render the opposition vulnerable to accusations that the whole story about Garci’s escape was another destabilization plot. That will allow Garci to muddle the issue of Gloria’s cheating without having to answer the question of who facilitated his escape.

For this storyline to succeed, several ingredients are required:

    1. The Singapore government will have to cooperate by remaining passive. In other words, unless the Philippine government asks for an official written response they will remain silent and uninvolved in our internal affairs.

    2. DFA will not produce any written communications from the either the Singapore government or the Philippine Embassy in Singapore.

    3. Garci will be able to deliver a credible account of where he was hiding for the last five months.

Arroyo Brings Back Garci

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We told you so. Like we mentioned in our last post, ” We believe Garci will resurface soon. We know where Garci went after he left Singapore. We know he passed through several countries where we have embassies. We also know where he is right now.”.

Well, Garcillano is back in the country. In their evening newscast, ABS-CBN broke the news about Garcillano’s return.

Ricky Carandang of ABS-CBN had an exclusive interview with Garcillano’s wife somewhere in Mindanao. In the interview, Mrs.Garcillano claimed (more…)

Newsbreak Expose

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The latest edition of the investigative bi-monthly, Newsbreak, treats its readers to startling new facts about the last election. It reports the involvement of Gloria Arroyo’s brother, Buboy, in the tapping of Garci’s cellphone. It reveals the existence of hitherto unknown groups who played crucial roles in the cheating operations.

The Newsbreak report is a must-read. Just click on the links to access the stories.


CA confirms 11 ambassadors, 10 foreign service officers

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From Inquirer breaking news –

THE COMMISSION on Appointments confirmed on Wednesday the appointment of 11 ambassadors and 10 careerforeign service officers of the Department of Foreign Affairs.
Confirmed at the plenary session of the CA were: Ambassadors Jose del Rosario to Jordan and Palestine Republic; Linglingay Lacanlale to Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, and Slovak Republic; Jaime Yambao to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kyrgyz Republic, Kazakjstan, and Tajikistan;
Sonia Brady to China, North Korea, and Mongolia; Bahnarim Guinomla to Turkey, Georgia, and Azerbaijan; Norberto Basilio to Bangladesh; Al Francis Bichara to Lebanon; Susan Castrence to South Korea; Victoriano Lecaros to Malaysia; Jose Zaide to France; and Ramoncito Marino to Palau.

A Letter from Concerned Career Officers

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We are reprinting here, as a separate post, a letter from concerned career officers so that discussions on DFA’s internal affairs do not leak into other issues. (more…)

Subject: Open letter to Foreign Secretary Romulo from UNIFFORS

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Dear Mr. Secretary, 

After the resignation of the Hyatt 10 last July, you remained as the most senior official in Mrs. Arroyo’s cabinet. You also towered over the holdovers and your boss in terms of wisdom, integrity and reputation not only because you had stayed faithful up to that point to the proud Romulo tradition in public life but also because of your apparently genuine desire to serve our country.    (more…)

Twisted Sister

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Twisted Sister
Manuel Buencamino / Yellow Pad / Business World

In Paul Hoffman’s portrait of the math genius, Paul Erdos, there is a passage about a controversy on Euclidean geometry that made me reflect on the probable logic behind Mrs. Arroyo’s cover-up of cheating in the 2004 elections. (more…)

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