Ako? Ikaw!

Posted in Manuel Buencamino by uniffors on the December 11th, 2014

Heard a joke at a friend’s b-day party last night and it reminded me of how Maligno is handling the controversy about his thievery.

    “Husband waits for his wife to snore and then gets up and goes downstairs to the maid’s room.

    Wife wakes up, notices the husband is not beside her in bed. She gets up and rushes to the maid’s room. She catches her husband and the maid going at it. She screams, starts beating her husband. “Walanghiya ka! Huling-huli kita! Mga bastos, para kayong mga hayop!”

    The husband gets off the maid, calmly puts on his trousers not saying a word, and quietly heads back to the masters bedroom. The wife follows him up the stairs, still screaming and beating him non-stop.

    The husband still cool, calm, and collected reaches the room, goes back to bed, pulls the blanket to his chin, and tries to go back to sleep. But he can’t because the wife continues with her tirade.

    All of a sudden, the husband sits up, grabs his wife by the shoulder, shakes her and slaps her and shouts, “Tangina, matulog ka na nga. Binabangungot ka na naman!”

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Guess who will draft a new constitution

Posted in Manuel Buencamino by uniffors on the December 11th, 2014

HOLY SHIT! Noranians along with Peping and Tingting Cojuangco will draft our new constitution!

Below is a bulletin from Bayanko, the group pushing for charter change, ousting Pres. Aquino, and putting in place a transition government called the National Transformation Council or something ike that:

    “Today, December 10, 2014, a historic day, Bayanko Founder Carmen Pedrosa, TUCP President Ernesto Herrera, head of the biggest labor union in the Philippines with 4 million members, and TUCP Vice-President Ruben Torres signed the partnership agreement to achieve constitutional reform.

    “Bayanko will be signing similar partnership agreements with federations of women, universities, and farmers in the days ahead.

    “With millions of Noranian followers of Nora Aunor, the 4-million Trade Union Congress of the Philippines, and the federatiions of women, students and farmers, Bayanko is bringing them all together to form a grand rainbow coalition for constitutional reform numbering between 20 to 30 million Filipinos. All the leaders of this multi-sectoral coalition will be asked to participate in the drafting of a new Constitution, together with inputs from Bayanko members.

    “Bayanko also expects two of the biggest businessmen in the country who support constitutional reform to join its cause. In President Aquino’s family, Peping and Tingting Cojuangco already expressed their sympathy. Also some congressmen and mayors. God bless them all.With millions of Noranian followers of Nora Aunor, the 4-million Trade Union Congress of the Philippines, and the federatiions of women, students and farmers, Bayanko is bringing them all together to form a grand rainbow coalition for constitutional reform numbering between 20 to 30 million Filipinos. All the leaders of this multi-sectoral coalition will be asked to participate in the drafting of a new Constitution, together with inputs from Bayanko members. God bless them all.”

I hope they know how to use Spell-check.

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Traditional versus new politics

Posted in Manuel Buencamino by uniffors on the December 9th, 2014

Binay mastered the game of patronage politics but it was in a locality with a low population and a very high tax base. He has deluded himself into thinking he can handle the transition from the local stage to the larger national stage despite the fact that as president he will have to govern a huge population with a low tax base.

He will not have as many carrots to play gift-giver if he becomes president . So the only way he can continue his patron style of leadership, should he become president, is by wielding the stick. It is inevitable because Binay knows no other way to govern except by handing out carrots or wielding the stick.

Binay has never empowered his constituents because, just like every other patron and warlord politician, he is threatened by an empowered constituency. He will never share power, never involve his constituents in decisions that affect their lives, because doing so would erode his power over them.

Contrast Binay to Jesse Robredo when he was mayor of Naga. Contrast Binay to Rep. Leni Robredo.

The Robredos are the new politicians who believe that drawing and harnessing the positive energies of an empowered constituency is the way to achieve real progress.

Contrast Naga constituents with those of Makati and then decide whom you would prefer as a leader – someone who listens or someone who tells you to shut up and follow because only he knows what is good for you.

And we are not yet talking about honesty. Walang bahid si Leni. She not only has the smarts and the experience to make democratic governance work, she also has her heart in the right place and her moral compass pointed firmly in the right direction.

Leni Robredo is the one. She is the rational choice.

She is the capable, honest, and progressive leader that can complete the transition from failed state under an old, corrupt, and discredited archaic system of governance to a modern successful prosperous and democratic state.

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As it is

Posted in Manuel Buencamino by uniffors on the December 9th, 2014

At the height of Typhoon Ruby, China posted in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website its position paper on the lack of jurisdiction of the UN Arbitral Tribunal under the UNCLOS. It is a 27- page paper that basically reiterates its claims on the territory and its basis for rejecting UNCLOS jurisdiction.

So this is where it stands:

Our fate is in the hands of the UN. We have bound ourselves to the UN’s decision.

China’s fate is in its hands. It refused to accept UNCLOS jurisdiction and so is not bound by any decision it reaches.

So if we lose then that’s it for us. However if we win then we still have the problem of enforcing the UNCLOS decision.

But China, win or lose at UNCLOS, can continue doing what it is doing.

Don’t you wish we had a massive nuclear arsenal with which to make our point?

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She’s the One!

Posted in Manuel Buencamino by uniffors on the December 6th, 2014

Uruguay’s Jose Mujica became famous for driving around in an old VW beetle even after he became president. The next president of the Philippines, REP LENI ROBREDO, goes on her weekly trip to her congressional district in Camarines Sur as an ordinary passenger in a provincial bus. No alalays, no bodyguards, no wang-wang. She’s the one! Share so that the people may know that there ia a great alternative to Binay and the current crop of presidential wannabes.

lenirobredoRep. Leni Gerona Robredo waiting for a bus at the Shell gasoline station in Magallanes

    Yes, that is definitely me. Taken by Keisha del Castillo at the Magallanes Shell Station as I was waiting for my bus last night. Keisha brought me there from McKinley Hill in Taguig after I delivered my Freedom Speech for FNF. Definitely my worst angle but can’t resist posting. Nakakatawa lang. Parang nag alsa -balutan at naglayas ang drama

From Leni Gerona Robredo’s Facebook Timeline

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Asking the right question re: EDCA

Posted in Manuel Buencamino by uniffors on the December 3rd, 2014

Why does the argument for or against EDCA have to turn on simplistic questions like Sen. Miriam Santiago’s “What will the US do if a Chinese ship fires at a Philippine ship in the West Philippine Sea?”

First, we don’t know what the US will do. But it is doubtful that the US will risk WWIII by getting directly involved in someone else’s fight unless that fight clearly and directly threatens its own national interest and security.

If one were to look at how the US acted when Israel was under serious attack from Egypt and Syria, one will see that the US never sent troops. It went all out to support Israel with arms, intelligence etc but not with troops.

All nations are expected to shed their own blood defending what is theirs. That is the bottom line, that is as it should be.

It is ridiculous to expect others to shed their blood defending our territory. Assistance from friends is welcome but a defense strategy should not rely on it alone.

All we can and should expect from our allies is that they help prepare us with training, weapons, etc for self-defense . The rest is up to us.

The government website states clearly what EDCA is designed to promote:

• Interoperability
• Capacity building towards AFP modernization
• Strengthening AFP for external defense
• Maritime security
• Maritime domain awareness
• Humanitarian assistance and disaster response (HADR)
(Read:Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (FAQ))

And that’s what an intelligent debate on EDCA and similar military alliances should focus on.

The question sensible people should ask is: Is EDCA doing or going to do what it is designed to do?” and not “will the US shed its blood to defend our territory?”

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Every picture tells a story or Binay’s birthday message

Posted in Manuel Buencamino by uniffors on the November 11th, 2014

I was surprised by the reaction of Sen. Trillanes to VP Binay backing out of their debate.

    “Nakakahiya na doon pa niya ginawa (ang announcement) sa headquarters ng Marines . Kasi ang mga Marines hindi umaatras e. So dapat e bawiin ng Marines ang uniporme niya (It is embarrassing that he made the announcement at the Marines headquarters. The Marines never back out [of a fight]. I think the Marines should take the uniform back).”

Trillanes missed the subliminal message of Binay’s birthday celebration in Marine Headquarters.

bday marines

Binay’s message to the entire country is “I will bring the Marines into the fight if you force the issue.”

The Marines are the Joker in Binay’s deck of cards. He has kept that card close to his chest, that’s why not many people are aware of how tight he is with them.

Why would Binay celebrate his 72nd birthday at Marine Headquarters? Is it because he is a colonel in the Philippine Navy Reserve Force? If so then is it his tradition to celebrate his birthday with the Marines?

Why did Binay choose the Marine Headqurters as the venue to announce his withdrawal? Would Binay make such a controversial announcement in front of a crowd that he was not sure was sympathetic to him?

Trillanes was a lieutenant in the Navy but it was Binay who was wearing a Team Navy t-shirt. It was Binay in the walkathon, the calesthenics, and the boodle fight. This morning’s activity was Binay’s way of telling the entire country that it is he and not Trillanes who has the support of the Marines.

Binay is running out of room. He knows that one of these days someone will challenge his spurious claim of immunity. If the Supreme Court rules that he has no immunity he will have subpoenas raining down on him followed by warrants of arrest. That’s when his ties with the Marines will come handy.

And so today’s show was to tell everyone that whoever wants to arrest him will have to go through his Marine barricade first.

Every picture tells a story.
Happy birthday to me – VP Jojo Binay.

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Of what use is the truth if it is hidden from everybody?

Posted in Manuel Buencamino by uniffors on the November 10th, 2014

Fr. Edu Gariguez has spoken. Why do Bishop Pabillo and the other church reps who attended the meeting with Binay continue to remain silent?

Last Oct 27, the CBCP news website reported:

    “Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo, who chairs the CBCP Committee on Public Affairs, met seven whistleblowers for about three hours at the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines’ (CBCP) main headquarters in Intramuros.”

Pabillo explained why he met with the whistleblowers:

    “We want to know their point… because we are searching for truth. We just asked them to be honest because we will support the truth. We learned many things, but we still need to verify them because it’s to take allegations without proof,” said Pabillo after the meeting.

After hearing about the meeting with the whistleblowers, Binay asked Pabillo for a chance invited to air his side. “We also urge him to tell the truth for us to verify the allegations against him,” Pabillo said.

He wrote to the bishop:

    “I learned that the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines is willing to open its doors and hear my side on the corruption allegations hurled against me and my family. It would be an honor to meet with you and other members of the CBCP and the Church. I am grateful for the opportunity to clear my family’s name and put an end to this tired issue.”

And so last November 4, Binay, dressed in a Boy Scout uniform, went to the Archbishop’s Palace in Intramuros to explain his side to Pabillo and a dozen other people. The meeting took some two and a half hours.

Everyone wanted to know what transpired in the meeting. Unfortunately everyone who attended the meeting remained tight-lipped. And so the public remained in the dark until Nov 8 when one participant finally gave the public an inkling of what happened.

Fr Edu Gariguez, executive secretary of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines’ (CBCP) National Secretariat for Social Action, Justice and Peace (Nassa), said,

    “I don’t believe him, his explanations were unconvincing and I’m scared at the thought of him becoming President.”

Gariguez added,

    “I don’t want to call for Aquino’s resignation because Binay will replace him. And that’s even worse, it’s scary. With all the anomalies happening …. The situation with P-Noy is that he’s very inefficient. If Binay replaces him, it would be more than just a matter of efficiency. It will be a combination of past administrations like Joseph Estrada who is popular, at the same time Imeldific like the Marcoses … with houses as big as a palace.”

Gariguez also said Binay submitted to Pabillo a paper called, “The Truth about the Senate Blue Ribbon Subcommittee Hearing.”

But the paper was not enough for Gariguez who insisted that Binay should face the Senate.

    “He thinks he’s being persecuted, but if he believes that what he’s saying is true, the more that he should go (to the Senate) to defend himself. If you have the truth you have nothing to fear, the truth will set you free.”

Gariguez also dismissed the debate between Binay and Trillanes as not the proper forum for Binay to defend himself,

    “The debate between Binay and Sen. (Antonio) Trillanes will be a competition of who argues better. But in the Senate where he can defend himself point by point, it will be the people who will judge if he’s telling the truth.”

So that’s what Fr. Gariguez had to say.

Now, what do Bishop Pabillo and the other prelates have to say about the meeting with Binay? Do they believe Binay or not? Do they endorse or disagree with the statements of Fr. Gariguez?

Pabillo and the church reps who attended the meeting with Binay must speak. Now.

And before Pabillo and company justify their silence by quoting Binay spokesman JV Bautista’s take on the role of the Church in public affairs, they should be reminded that it was the chair of the CBCP’s Committee on Public Affairs who said he invited both the whistleblowers and Binay because “we are searching for the truth.”

Of what use is the truth if it is kept hidden from everybody?

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A co-president?

Posted in Manuel Buencamino by uniffors on the November 10th, 2014
    “Why should he stoop down sa level ni Trillanes? He has an office na kailangang i-uphold,” Sen. Nancy Binay

One thing Binay succeeded in doing: he made the public, the media, and Congress believe that the vice presidency is actually a position of power, like it was some kind of a co-presidency, despite the fact that the vice president has no official powers and duties under the Constitution; that the vice presidency is higher than Congress within the scheme of things.

But fire Binay from the cabinet and what does he have besides a Coconut Palace and P200M to maintain an office whose sole purpose is to wait for the president to resign, die, become impeached, or incapacitated?

Come to think of it, why does anybody who has no official functions under the Constitution enjoy immunity, a mega-million pesos Coconut Palace as official residence, and a P200M a year official budget?

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The ultimate retirement package

Posted in Manuel Buencamino by uniffors on the November 10th, 2014

The ultimate “pang retirement natin ito” package is yet to come.

It has been said that the presidency is Binay’s get out of jail card. That’s true in a way and that’s why he is pulling out all the stops to make sure he becomes president.

But the presidency is not the only get out of jail card for the rich politician and Binay is more than rich. He can afford to pay all the justice he needs for as long as he lives.

So why is he so obsessed with winning the presidency?

Because Binay is about making money and he is going for the motherload, the deal of all deals, the one that would put real meat on his motto: “pang retirement natin ito.”

As president he will have the power to sell our West Philippine Sea claims to China. Gloria Arroyo tried to do it but her sale could never be finalized because she never took the step to file a case against China. She played the short con, “keep me happy and I won’t file a case against you.”

Well, China plays the long game so they went along and cut mutually beneficial deals with Gloria. It did not solve the problem of claims but it allowed China to keep kicking the ball forward waiting for the propituous moment.

Remember how China buttered up to Pres. Aquino when he first came to power? Unfortunately Aquino filed The Case. A strong one at that. And China was forced to state that it did not recognize the court’s jurisdiction over the case. China knows its position does not fly with the international community, specially Asean. It realizes that it needs a better solution.

Binay looms as the answer to China’s problem. He is the one who will sell out the Philippine claim once and for all.

He will lose the case, he will file a half-hearted appeal, and then he will say we must respect the rule of law. It will be perfectly legal and the international community will have to recognize it.

Consider it banked. Billions and gazillions. The utimate retirement package.

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