Leni Robredo for President 2016. Competent, decent, people-centered government.

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Leni Robredo for President 2016. Competent, decent, people-centered.


Leni Robredo is the one and only for 2016

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Nobody’s perfect

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Missteps undermined the message of the President’s speech at the Necrological Service for the fallen SAF personnel.

Misstep 1 :
He failed to take responsibility for the tragedy. It was his responsibility as Commander in Chief. Period. So take responsibility and then order a Board of Inquiry to look at the incident from start to finish, find where lapses, if any, occurred, and learn from mistakes.

Misstep 2 :
He failed to emphatize. A national tragedy overrides any previous commitments, even a scheduled State Visit. Drop everything. Period. Meet your fallen soldiers at the airport and spend a few hours with each and every grieving family. Nothing is more important for those families and the nation at that point.

Had he taken responsibility and shared in the grief of the families, the nation would have been more receptive to his crucial message: that we must not allow grief to overwhelm us and anger to blind us in our quest for peace.

Well, nobody’s perfect.

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On the President’s speech at necrological service for the dead SAF heroes

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It’s difficult to be a leader at this time. The people are drowning in sorrow, seething with anger and filled with rage. Does a leader make a speech that will add more tears? Should he fan the fury? Or does he lead and remind us that we have to pick ourselves up and do what needs doing?

Maybe he could have written a better speech so that in speaking of his personal tragedy, his initial negative reactions to it and pointing to the positive way out, his message would not have been misunderstood and gotten negative reactions like lack of sincerity, campaign speech etc.

I reread the speech. Granted, he could have said it better but his message is important:

    We need sobriety, and yes, to distance ourselves a little, if we are going to do what needs to be done for peace. The alternative of reacting in blind rage, unstated but implied in his speech, is unending war and a policy of genocide.
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On the President’s Address to the Nation re: SAF massacre

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The SAF had a capture and extraction plan. The President, after weighing the risks involved, gave his go signal because he won’t be paralyzed by fear of failure.

But like Mike Tyson said, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.”

Yun na lang sana ang explanation na binigay niya, matatanggap ko na yun kasi alam ko naman na the best laid plans can go awry e ang kaso nag denial mode pa sa executive decision niya, kung anu-ano pa ang pinagsasabi. Extremely disappointed.

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Leni Robredo for President – 2016

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Belief in the capacity of common folk to do what’s right and to do it well – another mark of a great leader. Leni’s empowered constituents fulfill their dream.

leni calabanga

It has been a long cherished dream that Calabanga, the only coastal town in my district, will have its own fishing port. Not only will it help uplift the lives of fishermen in the locality, it will also attract economic activity for the entire municipality.

Because of the relentless efforts of the Barangay Council of Sabang led by Punong Bgy Levi Sta. Ana Sr., that dream is now becoming a reality. The National Government, through DOTC and PFDA, budgeted P100M for the construction of a fish port in Bgy. Sabang, complete with an ice plant and cold storage facilities.

This afternoon, I found the chance to step out of Papa’s wake for an hour to visit the site and consult with the barangay officials and some municipal officials on the developments of the project. Hopefully, everything will be fully operational by the end of this year. – Cong Leni Robredo

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Rabbits Redux

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Rabbits Redux

(Manila) Sen. Tito Sotto, father of four and still smarting from the Pope’s comment about rabbits, was at the Papal Nunciature’s gate in Taft Ave. this morning holding up a placard saying, “Je suis une personne très religieuse, je ne suis pas un lapin”. (I am a very religious person, I am not a rabbit.)

Members of PETA, (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) naked except for artificial rabbit ears on their heads and rabbit feet necklaces hanging over their breasts, were also at the Nunciature holding up signs protesting the Pope’s conejophobic remarks and showing solidarity with rabbits, “Je suis lapin”; and “Lapins ne sont pas obsédés sexuels”.(“I am rabbit”; “Rabbits are not sex maniacs”)

Members of Bayan led by their Secretary General Renato Reyes and Rep Neri Colmenares were also at the Nunciature protesting and chanting “Ibagsak! Ibagsak!” for no reason whatsoever.

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Pope Francis, Rabbits, and Sen Tito Sotto

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Senator Vicente Sotto III does not believe that Pope Francis said people should not have to breed like rabbits in order to be good Catholics.

    “Somebody invented it. Somebody invented the statement. Nasaan ang soundbite? Nasaan ang video? It’s out of character for him to say that.” He added, “I’m a very religious person.”

Eto po, Kagalanggalang na Senador, ang excerpt sa transcript ng presscon ng Pope sa eroplano papauwi sa Roma.

    “That example I mentioned shortly before about that woman who was expecting her eighth (child) and already had seven who were born with caesareans. That is an irresponsibility (That woman might say) ‘no but I trust in god’ But God gives you methods to be responsible. Some think that, excuse me if i use that word, that in order to be good Catholics we have to be like rabbits. No. Responsible parenthood! This is clear and that is why in the church there are marriage groups, there are experts in this matter, there are pastors, one can seek and i know so many, many ways out that are licit and that have helped this. you did well to ask me this.”

“Transcript? Anong gagawin ko sa transcript, para sa nagbabasa lang ‘yan! Gusto ko soundbite o video!” the senator said, I imagined.

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Pathetic little turd

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One man who resented both the praise and the criticism portions
of the President’s welcome speech to the Pope was KIT TATAD, a man on the wrong side of history both during martial law and the years after that.

In an op-ed for a newspaper owned by an Arroyo pr man, Tatad quoted a portion of the President’s speech on Vatican II and then commented –

    “It took Aquino a lot of cheek to throw “liberation theology” in the face of the visiting Pope long after the errors of this “theology” have been formally condemned by the Church. “

No shit, Sherlock.

Well, there’s a new sheriff in the Vatican and his name is Francis and last August he opened the way “to a quick beatification for Oscar Romero, saying there are no more doctrinal problems blocking the process for the slain Salvadoran archbishop who is one of the heroes of the liberation theology movement in Latin America.”


And the new sheriff added,

    “What I would like is that they clarify when there’s a martyrdom for hatred of the faith – for confessing the faith – as well as for doing the work for the other that Jesus commands.”


Here’s a Diana Ross song for Tatad:

    Do you know where you’re going to
    Do you like the things that life is showing you
    Where are you going to
    Do you know?

    Do you get
    What you’re hoping for
    When you look behind you
    There’s no open doors
    What are you hoping for
    Do you know?

    Once we were standing still in time
    Chasing the fantasies
    That filled our minds
    You knew how I loved you
    But my spirit was free
    Laughin’ at the questions
    That you once asked of me

    Now looking back at all we’ve planned
    We let so many dreams just slip through our hands
    Why must we wait so long before we see
    How sad the answers to those questions can be

And so it goes for him. Pathetic little man.

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Rupert Murdoch vs JK Rowlings

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