Every picture tells a story or Binay’s birthday message

Posted in Manuel Buencamino by uniffors on the November 11th, 2014

I was surprised by the reaction of Sen. Trillanes to VP Binay backing out of their debate.

    “Nakakahiya na doon pa niya ginawa (ang announcement) sa headquarters ng Marines . Kasi ang mga Marines hindi umaatras e. So dapat e bawiin ng Marines ang uniporme niya (It is embarrassing that he made the announcement at the Marines headquarters. The Marines never back out [of a fight]. I think the Marines should take the uniform back).”

Trillanes missed the subliminal message of Binay’s birthday celebration in Marine Headquarters.

bday marines

Binay’s message to the entire country is “I will bring the Marines into the fight if you force the issue.”

The Marines are the Joker in Binay’s deck of cards. He has kept that card close to his chest, that’s why not many people are aware of how tight he is with them.

Why would Binay celebrate his 72nd birthday at Marine Headquarters? Is it because he is a colonel in the Philippine Navy Reserve Force? If so then is it his tradition to celebrate his birthday with the Marines?

Why did Binay choose the Marine Headqurters as the venue to announce his withdrawal? Would Binay make such a controversial announcement in front of a crowd that he was not sure was sympathetic to him?

Trillanes was a lieutenant in the Navy but it was Binay who was wearing a Team Navy t-shirt. It was Binay in the walkathon, the calesthenics, and the boodle fight. This morning’s activity was Binay’s way of telling the entire country that it is he and not Trillanes who has the support of the Marines.

Binay is running out of room. He knows that one of these days someone will challenge his spurious claim of immunity. If the Supreme Court rules that he has no immunity he will have subpoenas raining down on him followed by warrants of arrest. That’s when his ties with the Marines will come handy.

And so today’s show was to tell everyone that whoever wants to arrest him will have to go through his Marine barricade first.

Every picture tells a story.
Happy birthday to me – VP Jojo Binay.

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Of what use is the truth if it is hidden from everybody?

Posted in Manuel Buencamino by uniffors on the November 10th, 2014

Fr. Edu Gariguez has spoken. Why do Bishop Pabillo and the other church reps who attended the meeting with Binay continue to remain silent?

Last Oct 27, the CBCP news website reported:

    “Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo, who chairs the CBCP Committee on Public Affairs, met seven whistleblowers for about three hours at the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines’ (CBCP) main headquarters in Intramuros.”

Pabillo explained why he met with the whistleblowers:

    “We want to know their point… because we are searching for truth. We just asked them to be honest because we will support the truth. We learned many things, but we still need to verify them because it’s to take allegations without proof,” said Pabillo after the meeting.

After hearing about the meeting with the whistleblowers, Binay asked Pabillo for a chance invited to air his side. “We also urge him to tell the truth for us to verify the allegations against him,” Pabillo said.

He wrote to the bishop:

    “I learned that the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines is willing to open its doors and hear my side on the corruption allegations hurled against me and my family. It would be an honor to meet with you and other members of the CBCP and the Church. I am grateful for the opportunity to clear my family’s name and put an end to this tired issue.”

And so last November 4, Binay, dressed in a Boy Scout uniform, went to the Archbishop’s Palace in Intramuros to explain his side to Pabillo and a dozen other people. The meeting took some two and a half hours.

Everyone wanted to know what transpired in the meeting. Unfortunately everyone who attended the meeting remained tight-lipped. And so the public remained in the dark until Nov 8 when one participant finally gave the public an inkling of what happened.

Fr Edu Gariguez, executive secretary of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines’ (CBCP) National Secretariat for Social Action, Justice and Peace (Nassa), said,

    “I don’t believe him, his explanations were unconvincing and I’m scared at the thought of him becoming President.”

Gariguez added,

    “I don’t want to call for Aquino’s resignation because Binay will replace him. And that’s even worse, it’s scary. With all the anomalies happening …. The situation with P-Noy is that he’s very inefficient. If Binay replaces him, it would be more than just a matter of efficiency. It will be a combination of past administrations like Joseph Estrada who is popular, at the same time Imeldific like the Marcoses … with houses as big as a palace.”

Gariguez also said Binay submitted to Pabillo a paper called, “The Truth about the Senate Blue Ribbon Subcommittee Hearing.”

But the paper was not enough for Gariguez who insisted that Binay should face the Senate.

    “He thinks he’s being persecuted, but if he believes that what he’s saying is true, the more that he should go (to the Senate) to defend himself. If you have the truth you have nothing to fear, the truth will set you free.”

Gariguez also dismissed the debate between Binay and Trillanes as not the proper forum for Binay to defend himself,

    “The debate between Binay and Sen. (Antonio) Trillanes will be a competition of who argues better. But in the Senate where he can defend himself point by point, it will be the people who will judge if he’s telling the truth.”

So that’s what Fr. Gariguez had to say.

Now, what do Bishop Pabillo and the other prelates have to say about the meeting with Binay? Do they believe Binay or not? Do they endorse or disagree with the statements of Fr. Gariguez?

Pabillo and the church reps who attended the meeting with Binay must speak. Now.

And before Pabillo and company justify their silence by quoting Binay spokesman JV Bautista’s take on the role of the Church in public affairs, they should be reminded that it was the chair of the CBCP’s Committee on Public Affairs who said he invited both the whistleblowers and Binay because “we are searching for the truth.”

Of what use is the truth if it is kept hidden from everybody?

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A co-president?

Posted in Manuel Buencamino by uniffors on the November 10th, 2014
    “Why should he stoop down sa level ni Trillanes? He has an office na kailangang i-uphold,” Sen. Nancy Binay

One thing Binay succeeded in doing: he made the public, the media, and Congress believe that the vice presidency is actually a position of power, like it was some kind of a co-presidency, despite the fact that the vice president has no official powers and duties under the Constitution; that the vice presidency is higher than Congress within the scheme of things.

But fire Binay from the cabinet and what does he have besides a Coconut Palace and P200M to maintain an office whose sole purpose is to wait for the president to resign, die, become impeached, or incapacitated?

Come to think of it, why does anybody who has no official functions under the Constitution enjoy immunity, a mega-million pesos Coconut Palace as official residence, and a P200M a year official budget?

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The ultimate retirement package

Posted in Manuel Buencamino by uniffors on the November 10th, 2014

The ultimate “pang retirement natin ito” package is yet to come.

It has been said that the presidency is Binay’s get out of jail card. That’s true in a way and that’s why he is pulling out all the stops to make sure he becomes president.

But the presidency is not the only get out of jail card for the rich politician and Binay is more than rich. He can afford to pay all the justice he needs for as long as he lives.

So why is he so obsessed with winning the presidency?

Because Binay is about making money and he is going for the motherload, the deal of all deals, the one that would put real meat on his motto: “pang retirement natin ito.”

As president he will have the power to sell our West Philippine Sea claims to China. Gloria Arroyo tried to do it but her sale could never be finalized because she never took the step to file a case against China. She played the short con, “keep me happy and I won’t file a case against you.”

Well, China plays the long game so they went along and cut mutually beneficial deals with Gloria. It did not solve the problem of claims but it allowed China to keep kicking the ball forward waiting for the propituous moment.

Remember how China buttered up to Pres. Aquino when he first came to power? Unfortunately Aquino filed The Case. A strong one at that. And China was forced to state that it did not recognize the court’s jurisdiction over the case. China knows its position does not fly with the international community, specially Asean. It realizes that it needs a better solution.

Binay looms as the answer to China’s problem. He is the one who will sell out the Philippine claim once and for all.

He will lose the case, he will file a half-hearted appeal, and then he will say we must respect the rule of law. It will be perfectly legal and the international community will have to recognize it.

Consider it banked. Billions and gazillions. The utimate retirement package.

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I-subpoena na yan

Posted in Manuel Buencamino by uniffors on the November 7th, 2014

Bakit pa kasi hindi i-subpoena na si Binay at pag hindi sumipot i-cite for contempt at ikulong. Wala naman immunity ang vice president.

Meron bang executive functions o maski anong pang trabaho ang vice president other than to wait for the president to die, resign, become incapacitated, or impeached? Wala.

Spare tire lang siya. Spare tire bibigyan ng immunity?

Anything the vice president does is upon instruction from the president. He can make speeches, attend weddings, funerals, luncheons, kapihans or whatever pero lahat ‘yan have nothing to do with executive functions.

I-subpoena na yan. Posasan kung hindi sumunod sa subpoena.

Ang problema ay walang bayag ang mga senador. All Sen. TG Guingona could say when Binay did not show up today was “Sayang.”

Takot sila kay Binay. Marami daw followers sa Marines. Baka magbarikada daw.

Si Binay makikipagpatayan ‘yan, he will not hesitate to shed blood if that is what it will take for him to become president.

So if the Senate does not have the guts to go all the way, then they should just raise a white flag and shut down the hearings.

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Pang Retirement Natin Ito

Posted in Manuel Buencamino by uniffors on the November 2nd, 2014

Ever wondered why VP Jejomar Binay has kept a 20-year hold on the presidency of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP)?

Yes, there’s the political advantage of being at the helm of a 2 million-member organization. But there could be more to it than that.

A recent report by the Inquirer said

    “Vice President Jejomar Binay, through his allies in Congress, allegedly has made several attempts to acquire control of the 57.7-hectare lot on Mt. Makiling that the Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP) is leasing from the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB).”

Cited in the Inquirer’s report were HB 3005 filed in 2001, HB 4765 in 2005, and most recently by Binay’s daughter in 2012 (HB 6352).

Although Rep. Abigail Binay’s bill makes no mention of the Makiling property, HB 6352 or “Boy Scouts of the Philippines Charter of 2012” would give the BSP the power to effect the intent of HB 4765, “An act vesting the (BSP) with jurisdiction and administration over a parcel of land located at Mt. Makiling, Los Baños, Laguna, to be known as the ‘Boy Scouts of the Philippines Jamboree Site,’ and for other purposes.”

But even without the bills, the BSP has been behaving like it already owns the property it is leasing from UPLB at P1 per hectare.

The Inquirer learned from one of its sources that,

    “They’re not using it for scouting anymore. They’d bring in youths from Makati and the government employees here instead.”

The BSP built, without the explicit consent of UPLB, a cell tower and a four-story hotel on the property. Estimates of the cost of constructing the hotel range from a low of P60M to a high of P150M. Whatever.

UPLB Chancellor Fernando Sanchez Jr. who was vice chancellor for planning and development when the hotel was built said,

    “They told us they would just do some renovations to the Romulo Hall (a building being used for functions), but we were surprised that a hotel was built instead.”

The 15-year lease agreement between the BSP and UPLB on the 57.7 hectare property will expire in 2015.

Let’s suppose the BSP, through whatever ever legal machinations a certain law firm can come up with, succeeds in acquiring jurisdiction and administrative control over the property after the lease expires. The BSP will now have the power to sell or lease the property or it can go into one or more joint venture projects to develop it.

All of a sudden I am imagining terrifying pictures of a smiling Anthony Tiu with beaming BSP officials led by Jejomar Binay signing a contract turning the 57.7 hectare Makiling forest reserve into the Sunchamp Makiling Eco-Tourism Park…for the benefit of the BSP and the entire Filipino people, of course.

The presidency is only for six years but the Sunchamp Makiling Eco-Tourism Park can last forever. And as Binay has time and again told his former cohort Ernesto Mercado, “Pang retirement natin ito.”

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Ang mga empleado ng sinungaling ay sinungaling din

Posted in Manuel Buencamino by uniffors on the October 31st, 2014

Ang mga empleado ng sinungaling ay sinungaling din.

The Inquirer reported:

    “At the Senate blue ribbon subcommittee on Thursday, Navotas Rep. Toby Tiangco, United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) interim president, and JV Bautista, UNA interim secretary general, appeared to present evidence to dispute Mercado’s statement that he had not been hospitalized. UNA is Binay’s political party.

    The UNA officials said an Ernesto Mercado was treated at UERM Memorial Medical Center for heart ailment on Oct. 1 and Oct. 4, contrary to Mercado’s statement.

    They wanted Mercado’s testimonies stricken off the records of the subcommittee, citing his earlier statement that he would take back all his statements if Binay’s camp can show proof of his hospitalization.”

But a UERM hospital admission employee told the Inquirer on Thursday:

    “We have no records of a patient of that name in our system.”

I’m glad the senators kicked out Tiangco and Bautista instead of handling the piece of paper they were waving at the hearing. There’s no doubt they pulled that paper out their ass.

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The incredible JV Bautista

Posted in Manuel Buencamino by uniffors on the October 31st, 2014

First they questioned the committee’s jurisdiction. That didn’t work. So now they want all incriminating evidence presented by former Makati Vice Mayor Mercadostricken off the record.

Binay spokesman JV Bautista said Mercado lied about being hospitalized so everything Mercado said including all the documents he gathered from government offices are also lies.

    “When a witness wilfully lies on one matter of his testimony, then all the rest of his testimony will be considered to be falsehood.”

And so the great JV Bautista wants us to believe that the aerial shots of the Binay Hacienda, the land titles under the name of Binay’s close associates, the official correspondence coming from Makati City officials cannot stand on their own merits.

I guess if you believe JV Bautista then you will also take his word that a taste test is the only way to tell whether a brown tube floating in a swimming pool is a Tootsie Roll or shit.

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Coffins as soapboxes for politicians

Posted in Manuel Buencamino by uniffors on the October 24th, 2014

The president is being criticized by certain quarters for not going to Jennifer Laude’s wake and for his explanation of why he did not.

This is what he said:

    “You know, in general, I don’t attend wakes of people I don’t know. I find it—and I’m speaking for myself—I’m uncomfortable in trying to condole with people who don’t know me and… Parang how can I say that I really sympathize with their loss and have some relevant discussion with them on trying to assuage, ‘di ba, their loss at that point in time? If I know the person somehow or the person is close to me… As a general rule, I attend wakes wherein there are some connections, so that ‘yung I don’t want to be a burden but rather I want to help them at their time of grief.”

What the president said was he had no personal reason to go to Jennfer’s wake. If Jennifer’s murder was not played up in media, if the VFA and LGBT angles did not bury the tragedy that befell Jennifer as a person, then no one would be calling for the president to visit her wake just like no one is calling for the president to visit the wake of the transgender who was killed in a flower shop and the other who was just walking down the street.

Those who want the president to show up at Jennifer’s wake want the president to make a political statement i.e. to show solidarity with LGBTs and with those opposed to VFA and EDCA.

Furthermore, his not showing up the wake does not mean he has no sympathy for Jennifer or her family. It simply means he does not want to turn it into a political circus, something that certain individuals and groups seem to have no problem doing whenever an opportunity presents itself, even if it means standing on the coffin of Jennifer and using it as a political soapbox.

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Waiting for the knock-out punch

Posted in Manuel Buencamino by uniffors on the October 23rd, 2014

The Senate blue ribbon subcom had better deliver a knockout punch soon. The worst thing that can happen is for the hearings to end with a badly beaten up Binay who is still on his feet and throwing punches.

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