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Deleted the article posted yesterday – “What’s plagiarism?” A blogger pointed out that the facts were wrong hence the whole article was based on nothing. Our apologies.

An Open letter from Concerned DFA Officers

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Uniffors is posting this letter from DFA personnel who are outraged by Davide’s illegal appointment.

“Dear Editor,

Mere words cannot describe our dismay at the sight of a former Chief Justice attempting to blatantly circumvent established procedure in the confirmation of ambassadorial appointees. Instead of tackling questions of law and propriety raised during confirmation hearings, Mr. Davide, who did not even deign to submit the required statement of assets and liabilities (to the Commission on Appointments), chose instead to take his oath of office in his home ground (Cebu City), thereby presenting a fait accompli, perhaps in the hope that the Commission on Appointments will acquisce – as it did during the recent hush-hush confirmation of another controversial ambassador – a former vice-mayor of a small town in Samar.

We ask ourselves why a person who had reached the pinnacle of the third co-equal branch of government, someone who has gone to great lengths to present an image of probity and rectitude, for indeed, outside legal circles, the man’s man’s image seems virtuous, flawless, unassailable. would now risk ending the final twilight of his years in ignominy and disgrace.

We ask ourselves how a truly distinguished and honorable man in the person of former Chief Justice Claudio Teehankee, also a former Ambassador to the U.N>, could cast such a long shadow as to make lesser men like Hilario Davide, Jr. wish to follow his footsteps, perhaps to have a chance to equal his accomplishments.

We ask ourselves, why Davide would wish to savor life in the City, at taxpayers’ expense, inspite of the odium and contempt with which he is certain to be regarded by his peers and subordinates.

Mere words? Well, how about indelicate, indecorous, disgraceful, execrable, brazen, impudent? Or quite simple, KAPAL MUKS!

Concerned DFA Officers ”

Uniffors awaits the protest letter of UNIFORS. But we’re not holding our breath.

Guest post on an abominable practice

Posted in UNIFFORS STATEMENTS by uniffors on the January 16th, 2007

We received this comment From Victor P Jose, an LA-based Filipino, who set up a blog called Foreign Service Insider. We are posting it for the convenience of those who don’t read the comment threads.

Jose reminds us of a practice that goes all the way back to the days of Kokoy Romualdez’ “Aguado” group.

Here is the comment of Victor P Jose posted on January 16th, 2007 at 7:46 am

“When Paynor was assigned as ambassador to Israel and, later, as Consul General in Los Angeles, he was hardly at his post because he was concurrent Presidential Adviser of Foreign Trips (duh?) and later King of Protocol. So he was earning dollars but living in Manila spending pesos most of the time. He would only report to post before the 120-day period is reached wherein his allowances would automatically be suspended by operation of law. GMA should be held liable for this anomalous practice. Uniffors can easily verify this. Calling Michael Macaraig…”

Bad habits die hard.

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Another political appointee

Posted in UNIFFORS STATEMENTS by uniffors on the December 19th, 2006

This is really something that should concern UNIFORS, the above -ground foreign officers union, and not us, UNIFFORS. But we were approached by a concerned foreign service officer who requested us to write about yet another political appointment to the diplomatic corps.

Gloria Arroyo appointed a certain Shirley Ho Vecario as ambassador to Papua New Guinea.

Our source was disappointed that the company union talked about the appointment and wrung its hands but did not take a stand on the matter except to say they will try to write procedures for appointments.

Who is Ms. Vecario and what are her qualifications for the post?

Her CV says she was a provincial board member, 1st Distrcit Northern Samar, from 2001 -2004. Before that she was a municipal vice mayor. 1998-2001 in San Isidro, Northern Samar.

Her previous work experience prior to politics was with the National Food Authority in Quezon City where she started out as an office clerk, (1982- 1986), and rose to Private Secretary (1986-1988) to Confidential Assistant (1988-1989) to Grains operations Assistant (1989-1990) to Executive Asst II (1990 – 1998)

She finished law in UST but there’s no mention of her taking or passing the bar. She attended two post graduate courses, a masters degree in business administration and a masters in public management but she did not submit her thesis for either course.

We recognize that ambassadorial appointments are the chief executive’s prerogative. However, because the DFA is a career service, political appointments should be few and far between and reserved only for truly exceptional individuals.

Ms. Vecario’s appointment is being rammed through the Commission on Appointments.

Our source said,

“Tomorrow’s Commission on Appointment’s hearing, the last this year, is reserved for the promotion of DND personnel. But, at the insistence of some political interests, Ms. Vecario’s confirmation is being rushed. The plan is to present her at the hearing and then straight to the plenary for confirmation.

Why the rush? Her name was not even published, as all other nominations are. Her CV and other relevant papers have not even been reviewed or discussed at the committee level.

Recall that the CA hearing of journalist Amando Doronilla focused on his knowledge, or lack of it, regarding RP-Belgian relations. He was subjected to such an intense scrutiny, he decided to withdraw his nomination.

Now, the confirmation of this lady is being rushed. There has been no proper investigation of her qualifications.

Secforaf Romulo has not even signed on to her appointment. Her papers were signed by Mrs. Arroyo and forwarded to DFA for immediate transmittal to the CA.

It has been said that career ambassadors refuse to serve in Papua New Guinea because it is a hardship post and this poltician from Samar is willing to go where no diplomat will dare venture. But that’s not true.

Not one career ambassador was told that the PNG post was available. And some career ambassadors have expressed interest in the post, should it become available.

There are 23 able, experienced, and qualified career ambassadors waiting to be posted but Mrs. Arroyo decided Ms. Vecario’s broad experience in the National Food Authority and the provincial and municipal government of Northern Samar carries more weight. It’s not surprising.

She appointed a retired policeman to replace a career ambassador posted in Jakarta because the ex-cop had a unique qualification, he was a classmate of the Indonesian president. She appointed former chief justice Davide to the UN Mission. What is it that Davide knows about the UN that a career ambassador does not know? Fortunately, Davide has not been confirmed, months after his appointment papers were submitted to the CA, because he has not submitted his statement of assets and liabilities.

Well, UNIFFORS has done its part. We publicized the matter. Let’s see what the company union, UNIFORS, does to protect its members.

UNIFFORS was formed to rally the career officers into withdrawing their support for Gloria. But once in a while, we lend a helping hand to career officers whose leaders don’t have the balls to protect their own.

Whatever it takes

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Those pigs will do whatever it takes to spoil the rally on Sunday

1. Scare tactics

AFP chief Esperon – “We want to preclude some vested forces from exploiting that rally to their own designs, meaning there are forces that could infiltrate that rally or could probably agitate after infiltration or provoke or sabotage the rally itself.
And once that is done by these kinds of forces, the otherwise peaceful rally might turn otherwise.”

2, Bullying tactics

Raul Gonzalez threatens “All government employees of all government departments and agencies are prohibited from joining mass actions, rallies, protests, strikes and other activities against the government and duly constituted authority.”

PNP chief Calderon warns policemen ““We have told them that if they want to observe their religious activities, since the rally would be a Sunday, they should go to churches instead. We have to account for all our policemen. We need every cop we can get.”

3. Gagging speakers

NCRPO police chief Reynaldo Varilla “There will be no political speeches and no movie personalities onstage. The organizers will run the show. If they [movie stars and politicos] will insist and things get messy, we will do our thing and arrest them as per request of the organizers,”

4. Buck-passing

House majority leader “The rally against Con-Ass is moot. What Cory should rally about is to pray for victims of typhoon.”

5. Lying

Spokesman Bunye “There is no more reason for protest but we nevertheless respect the opinion of those who are staging the prayer rally,”


Tambakan ng retired policemen, soldiers, at mga matatanda.

Posted in UNIFFORS STATEMENTS by uniffors on the October 16th, 2006

Retired Manila police chief Vidal Querol has been appointed ambassador to Indonesia. He will displace the excellent and hardworking career ambassador, Shulan Primavera.

Querol’s qualification for the post are :
1. he was a classmate of the Indonesian president;
2. he spent his entire tenure as police chief suppressing civil liberties.

Meanwhile, Ellen Tordesillas has a few things to say about the appointment of Davide and other over-aged wannabes. Age-rule ‘violations’ have foreign service going gray.

Will the company union, unifors, have the guts to stand up and fight for what’s right? We can only pray.

Japan has a right to honor her war dead

Posted in UNIFFORS STATEMENTS by uniffors on the August 16th, 2006

Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi has paid his respects every year since he was elected in 2001 at the Yasukuni shrine in Tokyo in honor of 2.5 million Japanese war dead.

Since the war dead include fourteen individuals convicted as war criminals by a 1948 tribunal, some of Japan’s neighbors believe that the shrine glorifies the militaristic history of Japan and visits by Japanese leaders to the shrine manifest the country’s not having fully atoned for its past atrocities in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry stated that Mr. Koizumi’s visit to Yasukuni on August 15 “seriously harms the feelings of those victimized by Japanese militarism during World War II” while South Korea’s Foreign Ministry weighed in by expressing “deep disappointment and anger” over the visit.

The Japanese premier is unapologetic – and we believe correctly – about these visits, commenting that “I go there to remember and reflect on past wars, and renew our resolve never to go to war again.”


Constructive suggestions from Uniffors

Posted in UNIFFORS STATEMENTS by uniffors on the July 19th, 2006

Lest we be accused of not offering anything but negative criticism of an illegitimate regime, we decided to make a positive contribution this time around. We’re doing this not to help Mrs. Arroyo or anyone around her. We are simply hoping that our little contribution might go towards making life easier for our OFWs.

A feasible evacuation plan requires an organization, a definition of objectives, a detailed program for egress from the country in trouble to a safe haven then finally to the Philippines, and follow up action once the evacuees return to Manila.

Most important of all, such plan requires anticipation and a clear and objective assessment of the conditions that would warrant its activation. In emergency planning argot, this is called “early warning.”

The questions that, therefore arise are: Did the DFA, through our embassies in the Middle East, provide the early warning needed to enable Gen. Cimatu et al to prepare for the activation and implementation of the evacuation plan? Or were they caught with our pants down and their fannies high up in the air once more.

In terms of the plan itself, were there cell leaders or wardens briefed beforehand on what to do in case the plan would be implemented? Any assembly points chosen? How was communication between the overall country coordinator and the cell leaders to be effected? What would be the points of egress? To what countries would the evacuees initially be brought? For what period of time? How would the evacuees be brought out? By air, sea land? Any plans to ride piggyback on the contingency measures of other countries?

If our authorities responsible for the safety of our OFWs in Lebanon cannot answer these questions to the satisfaction of the public, then it would be better at this stage to simply instruct our workers in Lebanon to stay put and pray to Sta. Teresa de Avila.

This would be more sensible than the ridiculous gimmick of displaying RP flags all over the war-torn land.

No duty officers? Bullshit!

Posted in UNIFFORS STATEMENTS by uniffors on the July 16th, 2006

Over at “Para Sa Iyo Bayan”, a radio show hosted by Noli de Castro, Gilbert Asuque, DFA spokesman, explained why the delay on news about Bolante’s arrest. HERE. He said Bolante was arrested on July 7 which was Friday in the US and Saturday in Manila. Wala daw trabajo kung weekends.


Asuque is the only DFA employee who does not know that there is ALWAYS an officer on duty at the Home Office and officers like him who man sensitive positions are ALWAYS “on call”.

Sino ang niloloko ni Asuque ?

20,000 OFWs in Danger in Lebanon

Posted in UNIFFORS STATEMENTS by uniffors on the July 15th, 2006


The recent Israeli air strikes on Beirut Airport and the southern suburbs of the city, a known Hizbollah stronghold, has left a death toll of some 50 Lebanese civilians.

President Jacques Chirac of France said the air attacks were “completely disproportional,” while the Vatican called them an assault on a sovereign and free nation.

Even President George W. Bush, a hawkish supporter of Israel, has promised to pressure Israel to avoid civilian casualties and end its offensive.

This crisis has pushed up oil prices to $78 per barrel as jittery markets reacted to a possible slackening of supplies from Iran which is suspected of supporting Hizbollah militants.

The UN Security Council is scheduled to hold an emergency meeting today, with Lebanon pleading that the UNSC adopt a resolution calling for a ceasefire.

The Philippines has strangely remained silent in the aftermath of the upsurge of state-sponsored violence in the Middle East and in spite of the presence of some 20,000 Filipino workers in Lebanon.

What is our country waiting for? Is it not time to step forward and make our voice heard in support of a small, defenseless state whose only fault, in the eyes of Israel, is not having the resources to prevent its territory from being used as a base for attacks against Israel by Hizbollah and Palestinian militants?

And what about the 20.000 OFWs ? Are there any contingency plans for them?

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