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In the news is Senate President Drilon saying the BBL is going to be delayed because 12 senators believe it is unconstitutional. Well golly gee.

Whether the BBL is constitutional or not is for the Supreme Court to decide. Whatever the Senate – with all of its self-proclaimed constitutional experts – has to say on the constitutionality of the BBL is just an opinion, a position that only the Supreme Court can decide with finality. So don’t waste our time acting like a pseudo-Supreme Court just focus on making the BBL work.

The question the Senate should ask is not whether such and such a provision is constitutional or not but whether such and such a provision will
(1) grant the BangsaMoro powers that they are willing to grant or not;
(2) whether such and such a provision will help bring about peace and economic development to the area;
(3) whether such and such a provision is the most efficient mechanism for peace and development…

in short Congress should focus on passing a BBL that is effective. That is its job. Pass the bill and then let the SC decide whether it is constitutional as a whole or whether to only strike out certain provisions of the BBL.

Passing amendments after an SC decision that will be constitutionally compliant will be more practical than hoping to pass a law that is constitutionally perfect but will face a challenge in the SC anyway because those who are obstinately opposed to BBL/Bangsamoro will file suit no matter what.

(2) All this talk that not everybody was consulted etc makes for good news copy but what does it really mean?

Senate holds a hearing and you have resource persons who claim they were not consulted. For example, Sulu Princess Jacel Kiram shows up and claims the Sulu royals were not consulted. Actually what she is saying is their position was not given preferential treatment. The same thing applies to the Misuari faction of the MNLF and other vested groups in ARMM. Well, you can’t please them all. You talk to everybody, hold both public and private meetings, but after all is said and done you pay attention to the most powerful group with the most followers and largest general support. That’s just the way it is.
So the princess claims they were not consulted but peace negotiator Ferrer claimed otherwise. She said she talked to three of the royals and the outcome was positive. So now it comes to a question of whom do you believe?

The fact is the overwhelming majority of ARMM supports the BBL.

One must make a distinction between ARMM and the rest of Mindanao because the support of those in ARMM is what counts for more if peace and development of the region is what we want. They are the ones who rose up and wanted to secede.

If there was no widespread support for secession then the MNLF and the MILF would not have lasted as long as they have. Now the MILF and a larger faction of the MNLF have given up secession in favor of autonomy, are we now going to throw away the chance of peace because Sulu royalty is angry that the government did not send military reinforcement to their Sabah adventure?

There is a difference between listening to what everybody has to say and acquiescing to their demands. To repeat, you can’t please them all. You try to achieve a balance, you give to each what they deserve but you always exercise proportionality. Does Princess Jacel carry as much weight as the MILF or the MNLF? No. So when push comes to shove, sorry na lang Princess you cannot have everything you want. And that goes down the line, to all the competing and cooperating factions in the ARMM – Misuari, BIFF, ASG, IPs, and politicians who live adjacent to moro jurisdictions.

(3) Who appointed the MILF as the embodiment or spokespersons for all of ARMM? Nobody. But would any sane person say they are not the biggest most powerful group in ARMM? Can you have peace in ARMM without giving due weight to the MILF? Let’s talk proportionality here.

Some people bring up the idea that ASG and BIFF etc will create trouble anyway so why make peace with the MILF? Well those are bandit groups, the MILF is an organized force both politically and militarily, it engaged in secession not in banditry. Should we give as much weight to bandits as we do a real secessionist group?

The MNLF is divided between those who want to give the BBL/Bangsamoro a chance and Misuari who will not settle for less than being given supremacy over ARMM. So do we delay BBL/Bangsamoro until such time as the bandit groups and Misuari and Princess Jacel get what they want at the risk of the MILF taking up arms again because the government was not sincere about peace?

The MILF has demonstrated that it is for real, it has remained in its zones, it has not angaged in offensive military operations, it killed Marwan’s terrorist comrade, all for the success of the peace. Misuari attacked Zamboanga City to torpedo the peace. Sino ang pakikinggan natin?
The only issue is peace and development in that war torn area. The biggest headache is now willing to partner with the central government.

Let’s focus on how to make that partnership work and stop with all the nonsense issues and political posturing.

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After the Philippines said it would take in refugees

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Other countries had to reverse their policy of driving boats back to the open seaboat people

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I am not a “dummy”

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It’s called Forum Shopping

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Unsuccessful make-over by a commie

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From the Inquirer:

    Leftists come out swinging, break silence against Binay
    After telling VP Binay to face up to the allegations against him, Bayan spokesman Teddy Casiño added he believed that once Binay pulls out of the 2016 presidential race, the charges against him will quietly go away like what happened to the Nationalista Party’s Sen. Manuel Villar after Mr. Aquino won the 2010 presidential election.

Casiño conveniently forgot to mention that Bayan allied with Villar in 2010 and their senatorial candidates were included in Villar’s ticket.

Ang kapal ng mukha mo!

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Isang simpleng tanong

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Ang linya ng mga Binay at ng mga sumosuporta sa kanila ay “Everybody is corrupt anyway…”

So eto ang tanong ko sa kanila,

    “If everybody is corrupt then why are the Binaya and their associates billionaires and we are not?”

Following the everybody is corrupt logic, we should all be billionaires, right?

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Smart kid

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Senator Sexy is looking for a catfight

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Migrante wooing Mommy D

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justice for manny

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