VP Plunder floats an idea

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One’s man hero is another man’s terrorist.

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I noticed that those who keep blaming the MILF and pressing them to surrender the combatants involved in the Mamasapano encounter are the same people who complain that the peace panel did not include Nur Misuari in the peace talks.

Two years ago Nur Misuari’s group attacked the peaceful city of Zamboanga. Was the Zamboanga attack a terrorist act or not?

How many people were killed or injured in that unprovoked attack? How many lost their homes? How many businesses were ruined? What is the total economic cost of that terror attack by Misuari’s group?
Now how many times since the MILF started peace negotiations – first with GMA and now with PNoy – has the MILF launched an attack on a peaceful city? And yet…

Contrast the MILF’s behavior with Nur. He signed a peace agreement with FVR in 1996, as a reward he was made ARMM governor and given billions of pesos to spend on ARMM. In 2001, five years after signing the peace agreement, he staged an uprising in Jolo that left 100 people dead. He attacked Jolo because he wanted the ARMM elections postponed so he could remain ARMM governor.

Nur has staged two uprisings that left hundreds dead since signing the 1996 peace treaty and yet a well known rabid anti-MILF anti-BBL personality wrote that Nur can be trusted and the MILF not.

Nur the man who can be trusted attacked 2 peaceful cities even after he had signed a peace agreement with the government. In contrast, the MILF has not launched any major attacks since peace negotiations started with GMA, a period of almost ten years now. So which one is the terrorist organization, which one cannot be trusted?

When will those anti-MILF people hold their hero Misuari to account? When will they lay down his surrender and the surrender of his men as a pre-condition to having them at the peace table? Ano ba ang batayan nila sa terrorist?

One’s man hero is another man’s terrorist.

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Kanino ka maniniwala?

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toby vs sevilla

UNA/Binay spokesman Toby “Swordfish because he looks like one” Tiangco claims that Customs Comm. John P Sevilla resigned because of pressure from the LP.

    “Masyadong malaki ang pressure ng LP kay Sevilla na mag-contribute ng P3 billion. He and others have felt the political atmosphere in the bureau. Mukhang hindi nasikmura ni Commissioner Sevilla yung mga gustong ipagawa sa kanyang ahensya ng mga pressure groups na ito, kaya nagresign na lamang siya,” he said.

But Sevilla himself told Rappler.com that he resigned because of interference by INC in Customs appointments.

    “I said, ‘What is this? Why are we appointing people at the behest supposedly of Iglesia ni Cristo? That just goes against my own principles…So I tried to resist that appointment for as long as I could. I learned fairly recently that the appointment is going to come through. I said, ‘Look there is something that is not right about this and I think it is something that’s important enough to the future of Customs and to me personally to take a stand against.’”

Kanino tayo maniniwala, dun sa spokesman ng mga magnanakaw o dun sa public servant na bumitiw sa pwesto dahil sa prinsipyo?

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Binay went to Jakarta to try to save a convicted drug smuggler from the death penalty.

“What the fuck?” said the Indonesian president, “a plunderer pleading mercy for a drug smuggler?”


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“Time is on my side…yes, it is”

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“Time is on my side…yes, it is”

Ang preventive suspension order ay ang sandatang panlaban sa mga tiwaling opisyal na ibinigay ng batas sa Ombudsman. Oras naman, panahon para makapagtago ng ebidensiya, ang panangga o shield na ibinigay ng mga korte kay Binay.

To date, the Supreme Court has spent two days on oral arguments. After the oral arguments, the SC is giving the contending parties 30 days to submit memos on issues raised at the oral arguments.

All that time given by the SC is on top of the weeks that passed since the Ombudsman issued her preventive suspension order. All that time – the barricade in City Hall, the first TRO from the Court of Appeals, and the second TRO from the same court – probable incriminating evidence has been under the control of Binay. How much time is needed to wipe fingerprints from a crime scene?

In very clear and specific language, the Constitution and the laws of the land gave the Ombudsman the power to issue preventive suspension orders (orders that are meant to prevent incumbent officials from interfering in investigations on their alleged criminal activities) and no court in the land except the Supreme Court can stop or delay the serving of such an order.

The Ombudsman’s case is straightforward and simple. One would think the SC will decide that question quickly, not only because the language is crystal clear but specially because time is of the essence in cases like it. Unfortunately, what is crystal clear to all does not hold true for those who studied, trained, and made a profession out of muddying waters.

The fact is Binay does not care whether the SC upholds the CA or the Ombudsman; or whether it upholds or reverses the condonation doctrine. All he cares about is buying time. Because the Ombudsman caught him by surprise. Because he needs time to do what he has to do.

Do you think the Ombudsman will still find evidence when and if the SC finally allows her to conduct an unhampered investigation into those anomalous contracts?

Over at the US National Security Agency a call from somewhere in the Pacific was intercepted.

    “Boss, pasensya ka na pero magagalit ang taumbayan kung hindi namin kampihan ang Ombudsman…”

    “E pano na yung pinagkasunduan natin?”

    “Hindi ko na mapapangako yun. Pero mabibigyan ka namin ng panahon gawin ang kailangan mong gawin.”

And so it will come to pass when we will see the Ombudsman with her palms up saying “sorry wala na kaming inabutan na ebidensya” and Binay exclaiming, “See? Didn’t I tell you that all those allegations are kasinungalingan and pamumulitika lang to destroy my chances at becoming president?”

Fade out to the Rolling Stones, “Time is on my side…yes it is…”

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The profundity of Sen. Chiz “Queso de bola” Escudero

Posted in Manuel Buencamino by uniffors on the April 20th, 2015

At an interview aired over dzBB radio, Sen. Queso de Bola criticized the way the peace panel negotiating with the MILF speaks.

    “Sana naman, bawas-bawasan nila ang ere. Alalahanin natin, sila ang nakikiusap sa Kongreso at sa sambayanan na tanggapin ang kasunduang pinasok nila,” Escudero said in an interview aired over GMA’s dzBB.

    “Simula pa lang, high-pitched na ang boses nila eh, agresibo ang sagot. Maghinay-hinay naman sila. Maghinay-hinay din sana sila. Kung papasinin mo, parang sila pa ang galit,” Escudero said.

And so there will be no peace in Mindanao because Sen. Escudero was offended by the tone of the ladies’ voices. The senator who punctuates his monotone rapid fire speaking style with “Uhms” at the beginning of every sentence.

Sen Chiz, “kahit sinong tao ay ma-iirita pag ikaw ang kausap.”

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Vermiculture (Part 3)

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It may not be fit for human habitation but it’s the ideal location for the congresswoman’s vermiculture (bulate) project. Bulate will flourish in the soil and in the intestines of the residents…


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“My number one birthday wish is: May President Aquino grant house arrest to former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Her physical condition is deteriorating,” said Erap on his birthday. “As a woman we should give her compassion. We should give her a little comfort.”

Teka muna, Erap…if GMA is sick and her physical condition is deteriorating, hindi kaya mas maigi na nasa hospital siya kaysa na sa bahay? Paano kung may emergency, itatakbo pa siya sa hospital?

Either she requires hospitalization or she does not, diba? If she does not require hospitalization then she goes to a detention facility, ganun ang batas para sa mga taong may hinaharap na kaso na walang bail. Di naman pwedeng “kawawa naman” ang dahilan para ma-house arrest na lang siya kasi ang daming ibang nakakulong for unbailable offenses na kawawa naman din.

Mas maganda sana kung ang birthday wish mo ay “I hope she gets well so she can be moved to a detention facility” para you show concern for a fellow human being’s health without sacrificing justice or making exceptions to the law.

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Show and tell

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Sa ikauunlad ng Bayan

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“Sa ikauunlad ng Bayan, tae ng bulate ang kailangan” – Abi

Abi's bulate

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