More overreach by the Supreme Court (Updated)

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Another case of judicial overreach is the SC’s favorable decision on the appeal of Solgen Jardaleza that he be re-included in the JBC’s list of nominees to the SC after the JBC dropped him.

    “During Tuesday’s deliberations in the Supreme Court, the key argument raised by those who voted to retain Jardeleza’s name on the JBC shortlist was “due process.” Led by Justices Arturo Brion and Teresita Leonardo-De Castro, they argued that integrity should not be discussed because Jardeleza had previously gathered 4 out of 6 votes in the JBC anyway.

    “Two other justices – Sereno and Carpio – inhibited themselves from the deliberations on Tuesday, leaving Justice Marvic Leonen to argue against the inclusion of Jardeleza. Leonen, according to sources, cited “judicial overreach.”

    “The SC should presume that the JBC, an independent constitutional body, knows what it is doing. To supplant its discretion by insisting on the inclusion of Jardeleza would have been tantamount to judicial overreach. The argument however failed to convince the majority.” (Excerpt from Rappler

article http://www.rappler.com/newsbreak/66685-inside-story-jardeleza-disloyalty)

Read Art 8 of the 1987 Constitution on the JBC. Granted that the JBC is under the Court’s supervision Art 8(1) but Art 8(5) says the principal function of the JBC is to recommend appointees to the Judiciary. Note that the list of appointees is submitted to the president and not to the SC for approval. Now the Court has given itself the power to amend the JBC’s list of nominees. So what happens to the JBC? And what happens to the president’s power to choose a nominee from the JBC’s list? Do they now need the Court’s prior approval?


Power play. Both CJ Sereno and AJ Carpio raised integrity questions and the JBC dropped Jardaleza from its list of nominees.

But Jardaleza went to the Supreme Court and claimed that “he was not given due process during JBC deliberations and that the body had committed grave abuse of discretion in leaving him out of the nominees.”

Backroom politicking by Jardaleza and his backers got the SC to do another judicial overreach i.e. they voted to re-include Jardeleza in the list of nominees even if the JBC which is the body tasked by the Constitution to vet nominees to the SC dropped him from the list.

A new list including Jardaleza was submitted to the president. Aquino was torn between Jardaleza and Grace Tan of COA. Jardaleza’s backers won the president’s ear.

Another butcher

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Said the man accusing the Binays of overpricing the construction costs of several municipal buildings in Makati:

    “Tsina-chop-chop ng mga Binay ang kontrata. Walang bini-bidding na tunay na halaga. Ang pinakahalaga malalaman lang ‘pag tapos na. Mahigpit na ipinagbabawal ang pag-split ng contract, ‘di pwede chop-chopin. Lahat ng building nadaan sa chop-chop-utang.”

Eh kung puro chop-chop ang mga projects sa Makati shouldn’t Binay also be called Butcher? With apologies to Gen Palparan whose butchering was of a different messier sort.

On asking PNoy to run for re-election

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After going through six years of hell, the President deserves time to enjoy his erections rather than being put through another election. Give the man a break!

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Bayan Rep. Neri Colmenares speaks out

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Iba talaga pag busog na ang nagsasalita


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On second thought

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A lot of people who are terrified of VP Binay becoming the next president are clamoring for charter change to allow Pres. Aquino to run for another term. Okay I can understand how fear can drive people to take extreme measures.

But what if, God forbid, PNoy runs for reelection against Binay and Binay wins? We will have to live with a Pres. Binay who can run for reelection.

I guess that’s what they meant when they said the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Or as my friend says, mag on second thought muna tayo bago ma onsekantot tayo diyan.

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A Case of Mistaken Identity

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The NBI had to release “Gen Palparan” when fingerprint analysis showed that the man they arrested was not Palparan but comedian Palito who died four years ago.


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Graphic health warnings or Lucio Tan’s portrait?

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The Philippine Star reported

    The new law requiring graphic health warnings on cigarette packages takes effect today but compliance is not expected until the Department of Health (DOH) releases the necessary templates, an anti-smoking group said yesterday.

    Earlier, Senate President Franklin Drilon said the Graphic Health Warning Law along with the Sin Tax Law would dramatically reduce the number of smokers in the country, especially among the youth.

    “Studies have shown that the graphic warning can effectively discourage young people from getting into smoking. The law may not be able to significantly reduce the overall number of smokers, but what is important is the youth,” he said.

Are those pictures on cigarette packs showing the effects of tobacco going to scare people off from smoking? Some, I suppose.

But you know what is really disgusting and will make me want to quit smoking? Pictures of a smiling Lucio Tan with a “Thank you for your support” label underneath.

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Folks torturing folks

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At a recent press conference, US Pres. Barack Obama said,

    “In the immediate aftermath of 9/11, we did some things that were wrong. We did a whole lot of things that were right, but we tortured some folks. We did things that were contrary to our values.”

“We tortured some folks.” Teka..teka…”Tortured folks”? You invite folks for coffee or beer, you don’t torture folks. Never. Folks are just folks, they are regular people, they are not enemies.

And what do you call people who torture folks? Obama called them “folks who had a tough job to”. So in America folks are now torturing folks.

Mission accomplished. Bin Laden is laughing in his watery grave.

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Eets da pingger!

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BayanMuna and Friends Inc. included sexual assault in their impeachment complaint against President Aquino!

In #39 under the heading Antecedent Facts they said “President AQUINO fingered the HIghest Court…”

Sobra na iyan Mr President, pati ba naman si Justice Antonio Carpio piningger mo din? :-)

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House Bill 4477

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House Bill No 4477 will legalize marijuana for medical purposes. In other words, it will be legal for sick people to enjoy the benfits of marijuana.

My question is: What about healthy people, why can’t they also enjoy the benefits of marijuana?

Just asking.

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