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Kamunduhan. Redefining world class.


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Retired Archbishop Cruz strips some people of their humanity

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Creepy retired Archbishop Oscar Cruz in his weekly column in the haters tabloid, Daily Tribune, annotated some excerpts from an interview with Davao Mayor Duterte.

The Mayor, responding to a question about rumors that the president might seek another term, said,

    “This country is run by elections. If the people decide to elect a son of a bitch, then that is their choice.”

Well, Oscar had to annotate that perfectly populist comment with this:

    “Note: Democracy rooted in human freedom and social justice is an excellent form of government only when the people concerned are responsible as well as decisive in keeping their human dignity and pursuant human rights. Otherwise, they do not deserve such human attributions.”

Now, my dear pro-RH friends, how does it feel to be stripped of your humanity?

Which reminds of a dialogue between two gangsters in an old movie I saw last week.

    “They repealed prohibition because we were making so much money we started killing each other.”

    “Yeah, you’re right. We won’t make the same mistake. Let’s get prohibition back.”

Now put that into the context of the Archbishop Cruz’s crusade to keep jueteng illegal and tell me who is doing whom a favor

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Salamat po pala Bise Presidente Binay

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Which is it, Mr. Vice President?

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Either Mercado was telling the truth or you were sleeping on the job.


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VP Jejomar Binay swears to God he didn’t…

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Vice President Binay’s reaction to former Makati City Vice Mayor Mercado’s statement that Binay made money from the overpriced Makati parking building.


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Huwag mandamay, Sen. Nancy

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    “Iyon nga ho ang ikinahihinanakit ko e. Alam naman na nilang maitim na kami e gusto pa nila kaming tustahin (That’s what I’m complaining. They already know that we are dark-skinned and yet they still want to roast us),”

Senator Binay said over DWIZ on Friday when asked about the ongoing investigation being conducted by the Senate on the alleged overpriced Makati City Hall 2.

You miss the point, sweetie. The point is you’re giving all dark-skinned people a bad name. Nadadamay sila sa kalokohan ninyo! Comprende?

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More overreach by the Supreme Court (Updated)

Posted in Manuel Buencamino by uniffors on the August 20th, 2014

Another case of judicial overreach is the SC’s favorable decision on the appeal of Solgen Jardaleza that he be re-included in the JBC’s list of nominees to the SC after the JBC dropped him.

    “During Tuesday’s deliberations in the Supreme Court, the key argument raised by those who voted to retain Jardeleza’s name on the JBC shortlist was “due process.” Led by Justices Arturo Brion and Teresita Leonardo-De Castro, they argued that integrity should not be discussed because Jardeleza had previously gathered 4 out of 6 votes in the JBC anyway.

    “Two other justices – Sereno and Carpio – inhibited themselves from the deliberations on Tuesday, leaving Justice Marvic Leonen to argue against the inclusion of Jardeleza. Leonen, according to sources, cited “judicial overreach.”

    “The SC should presume that the JBC, an independent constitutional body, knows what it is doing. To supplant its discretion by insisting on the inclusion of Jardeleza would have been tantamount to judicial overreach. The argument however failed to convince the majority.” (Excerpt from Rappler

article http://www.rappler.com/newsbreak/66685-inside-story-jardeleza-disloyalty)

Read Art 8 of the 1987 Constitution on the JBC. Granted that the JBC is under the Court’s supervision Art 8(1) but Art 8(5) says the principal function of the JBC is to recommend appointees to the Judiciary. Note that the list of appointees is submitted to the president and not to the SC for approval. Now the Court has given itself the power to amend the JBC’s list of nominees. So what happens to the JBC? And what happens to the president’s power to choose a nominee from the JBC’s list? Do they now need the Court’s prior approval?


Power play. Both CJ Sereno and AJ Carpio raised integrity questions and the JBC dropped Jardaleza from its list of nominees.

But Jardaleza went to the Supreme Court and claimed that “he was not given due process during JBC deliberations and that the body had committed grave abuse of discretion in leaving him out of the nominees.”

Backroom politicking by Jardaleza and his backers got the SC to do another judicial overreach i.e. they voted to re-include Jardeleza in the list of nominees even if the JBC which is the body tasked by the Constitution to vet nominees to the SC dropped him from the list.

A new list including Jardaleza was submitted to the president. Aquino was torn between Jardaleza and Grace Tan of COA. Jardaleza’s backers won the president’s ear.

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Another butcher

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Said the man accusing the Binays of overpricing the construction costs of several municipal buildings in Makati:

    “Tsina-chop-chop ng mga Binay ang kontrata. Walang bini-bidding na tunay na halaga. Ang pinakahalaga malalaman lang ‘pag tapos na. Mahigpit na ipinagbabawal ang pag-split ng contract, ‘di pwede chop-chopin. Lahat ng building nadaan sa chop-chop-utang.”

Eh kung puro chop-chop ang mga projects sa Makati shouldn’t Binay also be called Butcher? With apologies to Gen Palparan whose butchering was of a different messier sort.

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On asking PNoy to run for re-election

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After going through six years of hell, the President deserves time to enjoy his erections rather than being put through another election. Give the man a break!

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Bayan Rep. Neri Colmenares speaks out

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Iba talaga pag busog na ang nagsasalita


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